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"A magnificent hybrid flower, the Goldenrod is said to bring good fortune to those near. Favoured by the more 'royal' bee families, the pollen from this flower increases the lifespan of bees."

Goldenrod is a Tier 2 flower found through Cross-Pollination.

It is usually one of the first hybrid flowers found. Like all hybrid flowers, this flower has a special effect.

Virga Flava


Normal SpriteSeeds Sprite

Beehive Item.pngEffects

This flower increases the lifespan of bees, increasing the life of Queens.

This means that any working queens near this flower will have their Lifespan trait boosted by +1.

Book3 Item.pngHints

When the player has not discovered this flower, Abbee's Folio will give the following hint:

A golden orange flower that can be cross-bred from Hydromela and Apiara.

Paintbrush Item.pngDye

This flower can be crafted into Orange Dye Item.png at a Workbench Item.png