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These are all the known/reported bugs that have got sent to me through forms or forums and are either pending a fix or minor enough that they're not a priority right now (or can't be replicated in any useful way to help me fix it!)

If you want to report a bug you can do so here.

~ Ell

Known Bugs

Game Info

Not Bugs

These are things that are not bugs please stop reporting them:

Category Description Notes
General Taking out a queen resets it's lifespan This isn't a bug, queens do not store their lifespan "progress" - stop interrupting them!
General You can get infinite propolis by resetting frames when uncapping Yes I know, no I don't care go wild get that bread yo
General Hives "use-up" my whole stack of royal jelly! No, they don't - when a queen is made the second slot is "hidden" (as there's no need to have a secondary input while you have a queen. If you remove the queen you'll see your stack of royal jelly is still there (-1 used by forming the queen)
General When swapping a queen in an apiary with another queen the time countdown for life cycle stays the same Not really bothered by this, probably also some abuse you could do with it for speedruns so I'm keeping it in.
General You can use gates while in a boat, teleporting you and the boat Won't be fixing this as it's quite fun to use for transporting yourself and boats quickly cos you can remove the ground under a gate so it's floating on water!


These are all the bugs that I am aware of:

Category Description Status
Demo Microscope chapter not rendered text properly Will get fixed when I finally update the demo
General Cannot access dev area when using gamepad / playing on consoles Fix pending, to be released with 4.0
General Currently you cannot bind "Home", "End" or Numlock keys Currently not high priority
General Beeboxes don't store blessed queens correctly (blessing is lost) Currently not high priority
General Sometimes the map goes full white when it loads Unknown on the cause of this but seems to only be on Windows, fully closing the game and restarting fixes it though
General Ultra-wide displays can sometimes show the game weirdly and you need to Alt+Enter first to resize Jamie has an ultra-wide display and it's been fine for him so need more information on this one
Modding Mods won't unload until you quit and restart properly This I can live with for the time being as there's a lot of complexity with how mods are loaded that won't make it as easy to "unload" them
Modding Sprites loaded in via modding do not respect transparency This has been raised with GameMaker who have added it to their list, but whether they fix it is another matter!