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These are all the patch notes for the released game!

Updates are usually released on Steam first, as it's a quicker route to deploy the builds and double check everything is okay (and add hot fixes in if needed), with other platforms shortly after. Consoles will be significantly behind the latest version due to the reliance on Whitethorn Games publishing the updates for us.

Patch Notes

Game Info


4.X.X versions mark the start of the third and final major content update, "Hive Of Industry", along with related patches and fixes. You can read the initial additions that make up this update in the first 4.0.0 patch notes.


Hey Beekeepers!

Quick update to fix a crash a few of you have been getting with the picker! Also did a tweak that might help performance, or it might not so let’s roll the dice - let me know if you get any weirdness!

General Changes
  • You can now right-click with a Hive Tool to add empty frames to a hive (X/Square on gamepad) - you can still use left-click to gather frames/honeycomb
  • Beebank 'tabs' section is now 4 bees wide so its much easier to scroll through all your species
  • Tweaked "Breathing Space" quest to remind people the Lifespan+Productivity modifier settings exist for making the bee process faster or slower
  • Apicobolt/Mysterious/Netted frames will now have 20 durability instead of 10 (will only apply to new frames)
  • Crystal items + automation machines now need 24 bees unlocked instead of 14 bees to access (tools are still 12)
  • Hoppers will now prioritise targets by distance (closer wins) instead of seemingly random - they're still first come first served until full
  • Chance of honeycore seeds turning into normal crystals or the larger crystal stalagmites is now 50/50
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ploppers leaving 10bl in machines they gather from and not distributing their last 10bl
  • Fixed a crash with pickers when there are suddenly no flowers nearby (sc_picker_alarm6)
  • Fixed Beewell/Combristle seed packet sprites being swapped
  • Fixed music playing multiple times when sleeping for multiple days
  • Fixed watering can durability not going down with use
  • Fixed being able to put liquid crystal in a bottler
  • Fixed radio making it look like there were 12 special tracks added in 4.0 (there's only 11)
  • Fixed mossy/checkered fences not connected with wood fences or walls correctly
  • Fixed hoppers showing a visual of items moving to 'full' menus


Hey Beekeepers!

Quick update to fix a crash a few of you have been getting with the picker! Also did a tweak that might help performance, or it might not so let’s roll the dice - let me know if you get any weirdness!

General Changes
  • Some tweaks under the hood that may or may not help performance (this won’t fix the logger/picker/sprinkler lag yet)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the “sc_picker_alarm6” crash


Hey Beekeepers!

Couple leftover bugs that were raised over the last week or so! Thanks for all the reports, and also hello to all the new beekeepers who’ve joined us from the recent Daily Deal, I hope you’re all having a lovely time in Port APICO <3

General Changes
  • Grey twine should of been double durability instead of red, this has been fixed now for new lures made
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed mod workbench not being craftable on steamdeck
  • Fixed Fermenter not doing 1 last cycle with 10bl honey and 5bl water left
  • Fixed Fermenter/Resonator not retriggering logic with canisters
  • Fixed door unlock achievement not retriggering when entering the chamber
  • Fixed picker taking flowers from pots
  • Fixed NPC dialogue prompts sometimes being not selectable


Hey Beekeepers!

Some more fixes, including some bits that were on my backlog while I fixed the more urgent stuff

General Changes
  • Crystal chests are now valid distribution targets for hoppers, this totally won't come back to sting me
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed underwater butterfly spawning being affected by the (lack of) weather
  • Fixed mods not downloading on Linux/Steamdeck
  • Fixed not being able to place down our lord + saviour Sir Sengir
  • Fixed resonators showing a placement error when hovering over coral (even tho they could still be placed)
  • Fixed ploppers not storing their tank liquid type correctly when saving/reloading leading to being able to make milk
  • Fixed using a net on the open Hivemother Door opening the progress menu
  • Fixed "ghost" items moving to wrong chests randomly when using quick-store
  • Fixed Forge filling with an empty liquid if you drained the forge and then produced more liquid crystal
  • Fixed Forge able to continue making crystal when no honeycore is inserted
  • Fixed standard boats not showing on map after saving
  • Fixed the centrifuge propolis slot not being a valid gather target for hoppers
  • Fixed nana's bookshelf crashing if you used the scroll wheel
  • Fixed hoppers being able to pull the requirement items infinitely from donators
  • Fixed some main menu button layering
  • Fixed achievements + quit button not showing on Steamdeck homepage properly
  • Fixed not being able to move up from the resonator back to your inventory on gamepad
  • Fixed not being able to use the crystal shovel on beehives on consoles
  • Fixed "more mods!" button on PC being offscreen slightly


Hey Beekeepers!

Just some other fixes and a workaround for people who didn’t get the final achievement proc!

General Changes
  • You can now retrigger the credits (+ achievement) by clicking on the obelisks
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash post-credits if you pressed a key to continue instead of clicked/gamepad
  • Fixed respawning not resetting any sleeping/sitting status
  • Fixed Spooky Caterpiller having a cube for a sprite (spooooky)
  • Fixed Ploppers+Hoppers not targeting the corner grid squares of their area-of-effect
  • Fixed Hoppers not being able to distribute filled + empty filters
  • Fixed Hoppers not able to distribute items to Bug Hotels (bee careful what ye wish for)
  • Fixed Beebox/Beebank/Buttbox output being a hopper gather target (not intended)
  • Fixed Xmas+Halloween tracks not working in music players
  • Fixed Anvil not being able to fix spades, pickaxes and crystal tools
  • Fixed achievement menu steam function (maybe)


Hey Beekeepers!

A few little fixes for the new update, thanks for everyone who’s been submitting bug reports! <3

General Changes
  • Final achievement will now proc before + after credits incase it gets skipped for whatever reason
  • Buffed ploppers to move 10bl per cycle instead of 5bl
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Resonance meter always showing jukebox/moth resonance if a jukebox/tapeplayer/gramophone was active
  • Fixed Resonators sometimes using the wrong position for Dream + Devland crystals
  • Fixed Forge not filling into a canister if you had one in the output
  • Fixed Forge having no tank cap when filling allowing it to fill over 2000bl
  • Fixed Oracle showing stability + fertility in the wrong order (even tho functionally worked ok)
  • Fixed Condenser not merging canisters correctly
  • Fixed Ploppers not filling machines to 100% if they can and leaving the last 5bl empty
  • Fixed Butterflies not being able to be hoppered into Butterfly Hotels
  • Fixed Butterfly Eggs not being able to be hoppered out of Butterfly Hotels
  • Fixed larger honeycore items not having correct item sprites when picked up
  • Fixed Candice spice not having a name, and causing a crash when trying to view it in the beebook
  • Fixed Imposter + Candycane bees having their special produce swapped around
  • Fixed quest reward items not showing on Steamdeck + Consoles (Switch will have to wait for lotcheck)
  • Fixed menus not redrawing when you crafting something using their contents
  • Fixed marble pots being free (it was apico's birthday i guess)
  • Fixed Apicobalt Canister tooltip category
  • Fixed a crash when creating a brand new world with halloween/xmas enabled
  • Fixed a typo in Apicobalt Flooring item name
  • Fixed a typo in Imposter Bee's book entry


Hey Beekeepers!

The time has come for the final farewell, and with it the final of the three free content updates - A Hive Of Industry!

This update introduces a new process for honeycore crystals that allow you to melt them down and reform them into new crystals, which can be used to craft a whole host of new automation machines that'll do a lot of your beesywork for you - to get started check out the new quests in the book, you'll notice a few new ones added just to help new players with the newer content that's been added over the years!

Some ideas for you to try with your new arsenal:
- gather honeycombs and move to crates (or shipper to sell) using hoppers
- auto quick-queen to put offspring back into the same hive using hoppers
- auto-gather all seeds clogging up a centrifuge using hoppers
- move empty+filled frames between a hive and auto-centrifuge using hoppers
- move honey+water to a fermenter and then apicola to bottler using ploppers
- sell bottler output automatically using hoppers and shippers
- move water from raintanks/desalinator to barrels using ploppers
- auto harvest logs + replant trees using loggers
- make a steady supply of sawdust bricks using loggers, shredders, and hoppers
- supply smokers with flowers automatically using pickers and hoppers
- grow any nearby saplings/acorns faster using sprinklers
- gather resin from multiple treetaps and move to an infuser using ploppers

There's also a whole host of new things: pets, decoration, new tools, more bees, more butts, seasonal events, new music, more quests, a MP server you can host yourself, a new area through the door...

There's also lots of things that have been on the backlog or have been requested by you all, I've tried my best to keep a good balance between what I've always wanted the game to bee and what all you bees what to see - check out the patch notes below for more! Hopefully there's a lot of "oh nice!" moments. I'll still be doing bug fixes of course, but for new stuff this is finally goodbye! <3

Speaking of bugs, there's bound to be some introduced in this update - I've spent a lot of time testing everything but there is only one of me, so if you find something please report it and I'll get fixing!

Outside of that, I just want to say thank you to everyone who's beeen on this journey, whether it's been from the buggy days of the old HTML build, or just recently popped by because of a sweet sale, I'm extremely grateful to you all. APICO was the first game I ever made and I never really expected anything to happen from it, let alone have it start a full-time gamedev chapter in my life. I've learnt a lot of lessons and made a lot of mistakes but I'm very proud of my messy lil bee game, worts and all.

If you can't bear to say farewell to APICO bee sure to keep an eye on Mudborne, as it'll be a spiritual sequel of sorts with some of the stuff you love from APICO - lots of stuff in the works I've yet to really reveal and a new demo later this year, so keep an eye out for that!

Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the bees! :') <3

Honeycore Crystals
  • Changed Bobbee's stock to sell new items used in making your own crystal machines and tools
  • Changed the Forge to finally have a use, allowing you to melt Honeycore into Liquid Crystal
  • Added Resonators, which allow you to solidify Liquid Crystal into different forms based on the environment
  • Added sev- I mean six different Crystals that can be created
  • Added the Resonance Meter, which can check the resonance of the environment, try exploring different areas and sounds!
  • Added the Crystal Workbench, sold by Bobbee, which can be used to craft new automation items and crystal tools
Automation Machines
  • Changed Auto-sawmill, Auto-centrifuge and Auto-squeezer to now be craftable at the Crystal Workbench (sold by Bobbee)
  • Added 8 new automation machines, also crafted at the Crystal Workbench
  • Added Hoppers, which let you gather items from output slots and move items to input slots automatically
  • Added Shredders, which let you quickly turn logs/planks/sticks into sawdust
  • Added Loggers, which let you harvest and replant trees automatically
  • Added Pickers, which will automatically gather nearby flowers, leaving 1 of each species to still spread
  • Added Sprinklers, which use water to automatically grow nearby saplings and seedlings instantly
  • Added Condensers, which let you combine multiple canisters/frames/tools into 1 item with the durability of all items condensed
  • Added Ploppers, which let you gather and distribute liquids between machines automatically
  • Added Shippers, which let you sell items to the mainland automatically
Crystal Items
  • Added Crystal Chests, each type of chest shares its inventory with all other matching chests, no matter where they are!
  • Added 5 new late game tools, crafted at the Crystal Workbench:
  • Added the Crystal Axe, a powerful axe that can chop multiple trees down at within the same area
  • Added the Crystal Hammer, an enhanced hammer that can break the bigger honeycore crystals down to size!
  • Added the Crystal Shovel, capable of removing delicate coral beehives, as well as the coral itself once restored
  • Added the Tuning Fork, which can skip the current track playing from a Jukebox/Tapeplayer/Gramophone/Radio
  • Added the PWNHAMMER, an otherworldly hammer that can break things not meant to be broken...
  • Added the Relocator, a strange magical item that allows you to move objects with their contents intact...
Hivemother's Chamber
  • The Hivemother Door now has it's own menu similar to gates, and only requires 18 specific bees to open
  • After opening the game now lets you go to a new area by clicking on the open door...
  • This new area acts as your final checklist to beat the game!
  • If you already 100%ed the game you just need to go up to the door, go through when open, and to the center to get both the new achievements
  • Added Pets! Choose from 16 different critters you can find or buy to be your new BFF
  • Added the Donator, sold by Skipper, it lets you donate special produce to the mainland in return for cute pets!
  • Added some seasonal pets, sold by the Merchant during Hivemas and Hallowbeen (including the competition winner dino!)
  • Added the other competition finalists via the Nutcracker's special produce - 4 in total
Bees & Butterflies
  • Added the Oracle, crafted at the Crystal Workbench, it lets you foretell the outcome of a queens offspring - with scary accuracy!
  • Added Pressurised Hives, crafted at the Crystal Workbench, that allow you to keep deep sea bees above ground!
  • Added Netted Frames, bought from Abbee, these fancy frames prevent any seeds from being collected and clogging up your extractors!
  • Added Bug Hotels, sold by Sto & Codey, these allow you to use bee produce to attract bugs to eat it, leaving lots of flora for the biome they're in!
  • Added the Fragile Bee, found in large honeycore stalagmites, that produces glass shards to let you craft your own bottles (finally free of the skipper monopoly)
  • Addeda couple new bees and a butterfly for the seasonal events (see below)
  • All special produce now has either a special use, or is used for special crafting, solitary bees, bug hotels, fishing, alchemy, or getting pets
  • Hovering over a beehive/apiary will now show a mini lifebar UI to quickly see how long a queen has left without opening the menu
  • Added a small indicator to bees with the "beetrice" trait in beeboxes/beebanks
  • Added "warnings" to show on beehives if Royal Trumpet or Perpetunia is nearby to explain the effect
  • Added a "degrumped" label to the bee tooltip for degrumped bees
  • Books now show the exact amount you have repopulated for each social bee, solitary bee and butterfly
  • Beenjamin now has hints for all main bees, including coral and underwater bees
  • Beeboxes and Beebanks now have some basic filtering and sorting for the 6 main traits
  • Reef Skipper caterpillers have changed their mind and would now like seaweed instead of seashells, thanks!
  • Changed dyes to be much more saturated and colorful rather than being a weak tint (far more noticeable on flooring and marble too)
  • Added over 50 new decorative items! Who says I don't give ya nuffin
  • Added Beetrix's Workshop, sold be Beetrix, it allows you to craft lots of the new decoration items
  • Added Abbee's Atelier, sold by Abbee, it allows you to craft even more of the new decoration items
  • Added the Hive Wand, a craftable tool at the workbench that lets you turn wooden walls and flooring into honeycomb variants using honeycomb!
  • Added Plinths, craftable items that can be used to display any item on a pedestal (crafted at Workbench using walls)
  • Added new Marble Pots, sold by Skipper as part of his special items
  • Added the number of the dye being currently used by the brush to the paintbrush item slot
Seasonal Events
  • You can now celebrate Hivemas and Hallowbeen in the world of APICO, along with the NPCs!
  • Hivemas will activate during the whole month of December (in the real world)
  • Hallowbeen will activate between October 23rd and November 7th (in the real world)
  • You can manually turn these events on and off at any time of the year in the Settings > Accessibility menu
  • You can also activate these events for just a single day using the two new Apicolas (one for each season)
  • During Hivemas, look out for presents, a new social bee + solitary bee, and 6 new pets!
  • During Hallowbeen, look out for grave markers, a new social bee + butterfly, and 2 new pets!
  • Added a couple of seasonal-themed hats, try them out at the Dresser!
Misc. Stuff
  • There is a 10% chance that rainstorms will become "honeystorms" (50% when using the rain idol)
  • During Honeystorms which your luck will increase across all aspects of the game
  • Added Apise Carpet, a fancy carpet you can craft at the Workbench that you run faster on!
  • Added a smaller variant of the hydroponic pots for aquatic flowers (crafted at a Workbench)
  • Added a few Terraria references, there's 8 to find!
  • Updated the two bookshelf menus to have fancy designs to display your progress + stats
  • Updated the credits and the credit "postcards"
  • Moth has composed a final farewall to you all for the world of APICO, with 9 new tracks added to the in-game music!
  • You can purchase these new "golden" tracks from Mothense during a honeystorm
  • There is also a special seasonal song for both Hivemas + Hallowbeen, which you can get from Presents/Graves respectively
  • Added the Radio, a special machine that will play music from all the tracks + tapes you've bought/discovered (crafted at crystal workbench)
  • Added 10 new quests to help cover some of the older content update content as well as new content so things are a bit clearer
  • Tweaked some of the rewards for some quests
General Changes
  • Renamed "Acclimatiser" to "Adapter" to avoid people thinking it changed the climate bees liked
  • Increased amount of pots made when crafting them (now 4 per craft)
  • Flowers in pots now have unique sprites so they look nicer and fit better with the pots types
  • Added some visual distinctions between different frame types
  • Fishing rods now show a small icon for the color of lure you have equipped (if any)
  • Increased amount of flora gained from composters a bit (but the new bug hotels are a better source of flora if you need volume)
  • Increased smoker burn rates a little bit to help that sawdust go for longer
  • If you hold "E" while holding "R" to respawn (L+R with A on gamepad) you'll respawn at Skipper's pier instead of your respawn point (you didn't dismantle that pier, right?)
  • Captain's reward boat for completing all the fishing looks... slightly different
  • The flower book now explicitly lists the flower's trait buff or the special effect nickname shown on tooltips (if any)
  • Reduced the number of seeds got from frames in an extractor/centrifuge/seperators
  • The map now shows the other areas, including underwater, geode caves, and the dream, which also fixes issues with crystal hive markers
  • Social Bees that need honeycore crystals can now use all size crystals as well as crystal seedlings nearby
  • Pots are now under the beekeeping section of the workbench to try and help show why they can be useful (prevent flower spread from bees)
  • You can now craft empty bottles and incense bottles using the glass shards produced by the Fragile Bee
  • Repopulation targets for Solitary Bees and Butterflies has been reduced from 20/12/5 to 15/10/5, meaning you need 5 less to fully repopulate each
  • Couple buy/sell price tweaks here and there, mainly for Codey & Sto's stock
  • You can now drop a single item from a stack on gamepad by picking up the stack and pressing Y over an empty slot (X still drops half the stack)
  • Added a visual indicator of being blessed by the Hivemother (receiving Grandpa's Axe) in the top left corner
  • Added the anvil to the "use with" icon list for tools to remind people it exists
  • You can now use watering cans on seaweed/shell piles once you've restored that reef
  • You can now use watering cans on algae/kelp that hasn't grown yet (don't think about that too much)
  • Watering cans now have durability (so better save your now unlimited fancy watering can from 3.X)
  • Reduced the "hunger" of caterpillers a large amount
  • Reduced the time it takes for cocoons to hatch into butterflies by a third
  • Reduced how long butterflies last for in the butterfly hotels (you can still use Butterfly's Friend to keep it longer for buff usage)
  • Expanded the Magazine Rack so that you can fit all social bee mags in one
  • Added a small tip on the expanded flower tooltips to mention you can place them on grass walls/hedges
  • Having Pepetunia or Royal Trumpets near your beehives will now show a warning in the beehive menu
  • Mined honeycore crystals that regrow chance to grow into the "larger" variant during the next full moon
  • Paintbrush now shows the number of dye currently active in the item slot
  • You can now find books in the Lost + Found
  • You can now view achievements from the home screen in a new fancy achievements menu!
  • For non-Steam + Switch players you'll need to play a bit to see achievements you already met the criteria for unlocked here
  • For Steam players you can click on an achievement you've unlocked to force unlock it in Steam if for some reason it failed to proc
  • There's only 2 new achievements, I still wanted to make sure new players got rewarded for some of the new content, but consious of the completionists! If you already had 104%ed the game then should be easy to get these outstanding ones as you'll just be interacting with the new area and probably have a bee to hand for the 3rd one
  • The modding menu is now available on the SteamDeck
  • Updated to use latest APIs as old ones were discontinued
  • You can specify whether your custom tanks are distribute or gather tanks for Plopper purposes (distrib by default)
  • Added api_define_pet() to let you define your own pet item
  • Added api_define_preview() to let you override an object placement preview sprite
  • api_slot_set now has an additional parameter to specify if you want a menu change triggered (default false to prevent infinite loops)
  • Added a new A11Y option to remove the per-species fishing RNG chance, meaning as long as you have the right conditions + lure you'll get the species you expect rather than apicarp/junk
  • Added a new A11Y option to manually set the season to Hallobeen, Hivemas, or None. By default these seasons activate to match real-life times
  • Fixed an issue where having a lot of beehives would cause a noticeable lagging every 1s when walking around
  • Fixed an issue with beehives offscreen that the host hasn't walked near yet sometimes not ticking down when a client is near them
  • You can now enter a custom IP address to use for Beenet for people who want to host their own Beenet!
  • The main Beenet server is NOT going down anytime soon so YOU DO NOT NEED A CUSTOM SERVER!
  • You can get more info on how to host your own server here and get the source code for the server here: LINK TODO
  • Using a custom server will not change any multiplayer functionality at all, however there is some setup required
  • Client map discovery should now be saved correctly between sessions
  • Fixed smokers not being tied to the host world properly leading to mismatched smoker properties
  • Fixed nurserys + butterfly hotels not syncing visually
  • Fixed nurseries setup by clients not updating the butterfly repop counts for all players
  • Fixed habitats placed by clients not having the correc biome for the host
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed not being able to get to the dev area when using gamepad/console
  • Fixed not being able to use R-stick on gamepad to target above and below for placement when holding L or R to snap
  • Fixed special dyes not animating - not sure when this stopped working, I think probably like 2.0 :')
  • Fixed pots not showing different flower variants when placing flowers inside until the game was reloaded
  • Fixed seeds not showing seedlings correctly sometimes
  • Fixed highlight arrow on overworld objects clashing with crate/beehive/tank previews
  • Fixed music players playing on the home screen
  • Fixed the "degrumped" trait not being stored in beeboxes/beebanks correctly
  • Fixed the menu tooltips not showing which told you you can drag them and also use ESC as a close shortcut
  • Fixed not being able to place flowers on hedges when using a gamepad
  • Fixed slot highlighting not wrapping on the inventory on gamepad
  • Fixed golden fishing rod not giving higher shiny chance on caught fish
  • Fixed some dropped items not showing the correct item sprite (honeycore, shellpiles, seaweed, algae, etc)
  • Fixed Cathemeral bees not lighting up at night
  • Fixed banners not sitting on walls or fences properly
  • Fixed special flower effect names not being localised (Attractive, Caffienated etc)
  • Fixed not being able to replant the swamp trees in the shallow water with acorns
  • Fixed Abbee's Staff not planting swamp trees on shallow water
  • Fixed not being able to discover fish via the item (mainly noticeable in multiplayer when sharing fishies)
  • Fixed Composters not giving correct flora for coral/ocean biomes
  • Fixed Shipsbane description having the wrong butterfly name (Reef Skipper instead of Stippled)
  • Fixed a crash occuring if you somehow got another item into the coral slot of a coral tank
  • Fixed Glitched Bee "crash" text being offset incorrectly
  • Fixed deep water critters spawning in the white dream water
  • Fixed the issue where modded butterflies would crash the game when put in a butterfly box
  • Fixed entering dream achievement not proc'ing when playing in a hosted world
  • Fixed Perpetunia seeds not being able to be planted in water
  • Fixed clockwork machines not running when loaded offscreen on loading the world for the first time
  • Fixed Glowing Dye icon not rendering properly on the Glowing Bee entry
  • Fixed tooltip of backpack in backpack slot on gamepad showing wrong button
  • Fixed Heater/Cooler climate modifier icons overlapping other icon
  • Fixed merchant achievements sometimes not unlocking (pickup a mysterious idol or beebank to retrigger if needed)
  • Fixed appearance randomiser not always randomising the hair color correctly
  • Fixed starting a new world resetting your SFX/Music settings
  • Fixed Heater/Cooler climate modifier icons not showing properly
  • Fixed mods with custom books being hidden by the butterfly book if they were the first custom book added (BEI mod)
  • Fixed mod crash with infinite loops on slot changes (uranium mod)
  • Fixed underwater butterflies not liking the rain (even tho it was lowkey hilarious)
  • Fixed workbench craft amount buttons/display not aligning properly until you moved for the first time
  • Fixed not being able to use the golden net on the door on gamepad
  • Fixed raintanks not filling into any canisters placed inside while it rains
  • Fixed being able to sometimes select the moon icon in a random place during the day
  • Fixed smokable bee icons in flower book moving after walking and reopning the book
  • Fixed flowers being spread by bees when the game is paused
  • Fixed solitary bee attraction stats not counting for the bookshelf stat info
  • Fixed trait buffs showing in tooltips outside of just queens in hives
  • Fixed the titles of some menus + bees being the wrong way round in italian/german/spanish/french
  • Fixed being able to highlight beebox/beebank GUI outside the top of the menu
  • Fixed Reef Skipper not liking Sea Cauliflower so when it mutated Shipsbane it made itself sad
  • Fixed Sunset Butterflies not liking Pondshine so when it mutated Mothlight it also made itself sad
  • Fixed getting stacks of honey hives or wax canisters when using Seperators
  • Fixed Barnabee being immune to Charmed Incense and not giving you a sweet discount
  • Fixed rubber ring sprite showing when walking on ice
  • Fixed A11Y bee labels overlapping beebox/beebank output slots
  • Fixed recipes with flowers that dont have hybrids not using up flowers when crafting (no more freebees 4 u)
  • Potentially fixed an issue where the open inventory menu sometimes became inactive until you reopend it, keep ya keen bug-seeing eyes open!
Crash Fixes
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you scrolled the mouse wheel as soon as the game started (why tho)
  • Fixed the "sc_beebank_change local bid not set before reading it" crash in MP
  • Fixed the "sc_gui_press" crash that could occur in both SP + MP when using beeboxes/beebanks
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when putting modded butterflies into a butterfly box
  • 3.X.X

    3.X.X versions mark the start of the second major content update, "What Lies Beeneath", along with related patches and fixes. You can read the initial additions that make up this update in the first 3.0.0 patch notes.


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Beeeen a busy bee working on the demo for Snacktorio but now that's finishing up I had some time to work through the backlog of various bugs and some MP fixes - thanks for all your patience!!

    • Updated Steam Achievement descriptions to say 'half' rather than specific numbers as the numbers are now outdated
    • Increased the pickup range of dropped items
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed "Variable unknown_object.species(100014, -2147483648) not set before reading it" (sc_beehotel1_change)
    • Fixed "Unable to find instance for object index 129284" (sc_slot_shift_click SLOT_LDOWN)
    • Fixed "Variable unknown_object.oid(100032, -2147483648) not set before reading it" (sc_util_get_obj_at HIGHLIGHTER_STEP)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed salinity level of coral tanks being set to the ph level in multiplayer games
    • Fixed sludge + coral achievements not unlocking when playing in a friend's game in multiplayer
    • Fixed a duplicate boat being made in multiplayer when a client player dived back to the surface near a boat
    • Fixed butterfly mutation cuases duplicate flowers
    • Fixed Cultivator Bee entry showing the wrong sprite for the required Honeycore item
    • Fixed Coral Flower items saying you could place them on grass, the liars
    • Fixed Ashthorn not being able to be used to calm Stubborn Bees
    • Fixed "Tier 3" label in the flower book overlapping chapter icons
    • Fixed a couple of rogue PLAYER.NAMEs in magazines instead of showing your own lovely name
    • Fixed Coral Tanks trying to process Prismatic Slivers
    • Fixed beehives sometimes keeping the grumpy status after a queen ends its lifecycle
    • Fixed time not going back to normal if you click a gate or boat while sleeping/benching (and in MP)
    • Fixed being able to open the Butterfly Book by clicking the empty book slot before its unlocked
    • Fixed being able to place Ocean Lanterns underwater in the cave walls
    • Fixed footstep sound for grass playing when using the rubberring in deep water


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Couple more bug fixes including a bunch of minor stuff I was putting aside in favour of more breaking issues!
    Thanks again as always to all your reports <3

    • You no longer get sent back to your spawn after the credits, and remain in front of the (now open) door (could this be a setup for the 4.0 update I wonder)
    • Updated steam cloud mapping, should now sync the saves+modsfolders between all OSs properly
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed SteamDeck not using the full height of the screen
    • Fixed new bee produce being disgustingly undervalued by those ungrateful NPCs (x10 sell price)
    • Fixed the new idol not being able to be used in the dream shrine
    • Fixed the beehive breeding slot not being fully hidden when a queen was inside
    • Fixed Filtration Hives filling sludge filters when not underwater
    • Fixed lag on beebox/buttbox/beebank with lots of friends inside
    • Fixed Filtration Hives filling sludge filters when no sludge tiles were nearby
    • Fixed some NPCs getting ahead of themselves and congratulating you on finding all bees/butts early
    • Fixed some rogue {PLAYER.NAME}s showing in dialogue instead of your own beeautiful name
    • Fixed not being able to pick up flora with most tools (exception being nets on flowers for obvs reasons)
    • Fixed being able to set your spawn point with a bed underwater or in caves
    • Fixed being able to use the rubbering in the dev/dream areas
    • Fixed coral species not generated hives when fully restored
    • Fixed fishing then using a gate or divespot causing a weird ghost fishing menu
    • Fixed not being able to dive back down a spot on gamepad when no shallow/boat nearvy
    • Fixed heater/cooler icons overlapping with the moon icon in the top-left
    • Fixed corrupted players.json files causing issues on start-up
    • Fixed Shipsbane showing "thorny" butterfly as the req when it's "stippled"
    • Fixed some fishing achievements being locked+relocked when changing between saves
    • Fixed not being able to open non-beehives with a hivetool equipped
    • Fixed being able to use the pencil on a backpack
    • Fixed coral restoration not immedietely being detected in some situations
    • Fixed coral that was pincered not counting as needing to be restored in that session
    • Fixed Golden fishing rod having no tooltip info
    • Fixed TDRAW hook being broken with modding


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Some more bug fixes and a couple a tweaks, hopefully this should be all of the major stuff sorted out!
    I’ll still be doing patches but less frequently now as things have got more stable (especially after the influx of new bees, welcome all!!)

    If you’ve been enjoying the new content and want to see more don’t forget to leave a nice review for the game!
    There’s still one last big free content update to come next year - if you’re interested in knowing more you can check out the roadmap here:

    • Added a check to make sure frosty/fiery beehives get spawned properly
    • Changed solitary bee item tooltip to show the beehotel/habitat rather than beehive/hive
    • You can now hammer glitched beehives (especially ones that rudely spawn in your beeautiful base)
    • Removed "hydrophobic" from prismatic bee's hint as it caused confusion (myself included)
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed selling to Bobbee with JP or CN language set crashing
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed being able to use the shovel underwater
    • Fixed coral tanks not being able to go back down to 0% salinity
    • Fixed butterfly hotels not picking up nearby algae/kelp preventing sunken admiral usage
    • Fixed the beebank being a bit wonky in multiplayer
    • Fixed butterfly box setting lifespan to 0 when removed. You can put 0 lifespan butts back in buttbox if you want to reset the lifespan back
    • Fixed shell scaffold in calcified bee entry always showing as discovered
    • Fixed coral tanks not being able to go down to 0% salinity
    • Fixed bug hotels in the caves saying the native flora used was wrong
    • Fixed prismatic bee magazine showing "$magazine_prismatic_b" instead of the second paragraph
    • Fixed cultivator bee entry in book crashing once you'd discovered Honeyed Root
    • Fixed sea cauliflower not applying the +2 lifespan
    • Fixed tidewort not applying the +2 stability
    • Fixed honey visual on hives not disappearing after using a hivetool
    • Fixed tooltip for kelp + algae flora items being the wrong way round and saying they come from shrubs
    • Fixed walking near the hivemother's door after opening it retriggering the opening sequence
    • Fixed being able to move stuff into an invisible backpack/trash slot on steamdeck when opening another menu
    • Fixed being able to see the quick queen button on steamdeck (you just use the r-stick control as displayed to QQ on gamepad)
    • Fixed butterfly box UI going weird when removing butterflies on steamdeck/gamepad


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Continuing to crush these (not nice) bugs as they come in, keep 'em coming >:)
    The game goes on sale today at some point for a whole week (valve are being all cool and mysterious and won't tell me what time), so if you've been waiting to grab the game at a nice discount you won't have to wait much longer!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed adding/removing bees to a beebox/beebank not syncing up in multiplayer
    • Fixed buttboxes just not working at all in multiplayer
    • Fixed buttbox layout for large numbers of butts
    • Fixed rehabeelitator not working generally after restoring any of the underwater bees
    • Fixed queen lifespan not counting down in a certain golden location
    • Fixed Captain just giving away striped walls until he went out of business
    • Fixed ocean butterflies not showing a tooltip when highlighting the right panel in the book
    • Fixed kelp/algae not showing their discovered sprites for sunken admiral page
    • Fixed degrumpifyer drones not potentially passing that onto the queen they make
    • Fixed degrumpifyer not using up honey
    • Fixed Beenjamin's hints being for the wrong species in the later tiers
    • Fixed some of the hotbar bee icons being offset slightly
    • Fixed habitats not working for coral/underwater bees
    • Fixed habitats not showing correct environment sprites for the new species
    • Fixed conditions for Crystalfin being wrong


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Few more fixes and tweaks, hope you’ve been enjoying all the new content so far :D

    • Increases the radius of the lure's grab area
    • Decreased the speed of some of the fish slightly
    • Fixed "variable co_core.working not set before reading it" on some quick-queen hotkey presses
    • Fixed "sc_button_press unable to find instance for object index" when closing a pencil re-naming menu
    • Fixed game crashing when trying to drop a fish back in deep water with right-click
    • Tweaked api_slot_fill and api_slot_drain to prevent issues
    • Fixed NPCs not having the correct slot position to account for the multiplyer buttons
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Prismatic Fragment item missing a tooltip
    • Fixed Coral Scaffold having no lore in the bee book
    • Fixed open menus not updating position & GUI after resizing the window until you move


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Couple quick fixes while you explore the depths, thanks for all the reports!! <3

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed being able to hammer sludge or seaweed underwater (oops)
    • Fixed hammer highlight showing when hovering on coral or sludge
    • Fixed some 3.0 achievements automatically unlocking (you gotta work for that)
    • Fixed Bumblemore item spawning in the lost+found on new 3.0 worlds
    • Fixed not being able to place scaffolds on damaged coral near coral beehives
    • Fixed Captain just GIVING away lamps, what is this a charity???
    • Fixed Sunken Admiral book entry not showing kelp/algae items
    • Fixed coral/ocean/geode solbees & butts having wrong background in the books
    • Fixed "Lost" Butterfly just saying "lost" (he like me foreal)


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Well here we are gang, the 3.0 update, aka “What Lies Beneath”, is finally here!

    It’s been a long time planned and lot’s of things got in the way but here it is! As I’ve mentioned before, while the 1.0 is a finished game in it’s own right there was lots of things I still wanted to do with APICO. One of them was focus on the “empty” ocean areas, as well as play with the idea of “underwater” bees! “What Lies Beeneath” is the second of the three (free) content updates, and covers a whole host of stuff including:
    - New NPCs! Skipper’s Dad, who loves to fish, and Director Bumblemore himself from MPCO arrive!
    - Fishing! Make your own fishing flies and fish for 15 different species across the islands!
    - Coral Reefs! New coral reef areas with their own bees and butterflies that need to be restored!
    - Coral Restoration! Restore the coral through the power of bees and get some awesome rewards from Bumblemore!
    - Deep-sea Diving! Head down to the sea-floor to discover a whole host of underwater friends
    - Ocean Clean-up! Help Bumblemore clear the seabeds, and discover some forgotten areas in the process…
    - Butterfly Upgrades! New butterfly related machines so you can hoard to your hearts content!
    - More Friends! 11 new social bees, 5 new solitary bees, 10 new butterflies, 15 fish to
    - QoL Stuff! Quick store, trash slot, a tool that lets you gather honeycomb/frames without opening menus???
    - More Music! The wonderful SEA-sides by Mothense have been added <3
    - More decoration! Lots more decoration items, tiles, walls and more!
    - More achievements! 15 more achievements to ruin your 100% achievement score!
    - Even more freakin’ bugs because there’s just one developer!!! (me) :D

    That’s just the high-level stuff, strap in for the changelog below as there’s a LOT to cover…
    I can’t wait for you to all experience the new content and I hope you enjoy playing as much as I did making it <3

    N.B.: Same as 2.0, you do NOT need to make a new world to experience all the new content! (Unless you want to!) The new areas and NPCs will be added to existing worlds automagically

    • The phase of the moon has been added, and is shown next to the night icon at night (top left)
    • Moon phase moves forward 1 phase with each in-game night (I like accuracy but I'm not that mean)
    • Added Tom's Pocketwatch, given by the new moon quest, which displays the time, weather forecast (if any), and moon phase
    • Tom's Pocketwatch counts as a key item so can also be got from the Lost+Found if you lose it
    • You will have better luck generally during a Full Moon
    • Lunar Bee now requires a Full Moon to appear
    • Honeycore now only re-grows during a Full Moon (weird I wonder why)
    • You'll find other things that rely on a Full Moon too...
    • Introducing The Captain, aka, Skipper's Dad, found on his pier to the south-east of Port APICO!
    • Added the Fly Workshop, bought from The Captain, this allows you to craft your own fly fishing lures
    • Added Fishing Rods, bought from The Captain - use with a lure to fish in deep water!
    • Added the Fishing Board, used to keep track of the fish you've discovered, and their bumbly variants
    • Birbs can now drop feathers when scared off!
    Coral Reefs
    • Introducing Director Bumblemore, head of MPCO & ocean conservationist, found near the Tundra!
    • He'll arrive after you've unlocked the Forest and Swamp gates
    • Added various coral related items, sold by the Director
    • You'll now discover 3 different coral reefs scattered around the oceans, in various states of restoration
    • Gather fragments of coral and restore them in Coral Tanks
    • Use Coral Scaffolding along with nearby bees to help regrow your coral
    • Once you restore a coral reef new flora and flowers will grow, letting you attract coral butterflies and solitary bees
    • Restore each of the 3 coral reefs to get some very cool items from Bumblemore!
    Ocean Depths
    • Speak to Director Bumblemore to learn about ocean diving and all the strange bugs down there...
    • Added the Diving Helmet which lets you dive to the ocean depths (can buy from Bumblemore after 1 reef is restored)
    • Added Sludge, a strange run-off from the mainland collecting on the ocean floor (gross!)
    • Added the Filtration Hive, that allows you to use Filters instead of Frames to clean-up the mess
    • Added the Sludge Extractor, that allows you to clean Filters and gather items from the sludge
    • Cleaning up Sludge might reveal secrets that have been hidden a long time...
    • Added 11 new social bees, who make their homes across the reefs and the ocean floor
    • Added 5 new solitary bees, who can be found nesting in the reefs and deep underwater
    • Added the Hive Tool, a craftable tool that lets you harvest honeycomb + filled frames from beehives without having to open them (ikr!!!)
    • Apiaries now have a special visual when the frames inside are filled to save you looking (a throwback to the original concept art for APICO!)
    • Added the Degrumpifier, a machine that allows you to remove grumpiness from bees (bought from Bumblemore)
    • Bees buzzing around now match the color of the species in the beehive! (so many pretty colours!)
    • Beehotels + Habitats will show a bee visiting on the overworld alongside the notice bubble when a visitor is near (for vibes)
    • You can now use "R" to quick queen when a hive menu is hovered on PC
    • Repopulating a species entirely will spawn some natural beehives of that species in their preferred biome (if you've already repopulated a bunch of species just put a random bee in a rehabeelitator to retrigger all of them)
    • There's a couple of new colors of natural beehive that will spawn (you can also use Dye Station to get them - pink, lime, brown)
    • Added 10 new butterflies, who flit about the coral and the sea bed
    • This includes the competition butterfly, designed by Holli! (Congratulations again!)
    • Added the Butterfly Box, a mass butterfly release machine, sold by Sto (doesnt affect conservation)
    • Added the Lepidoterarium, a mass butterfly storage machine like the Beebank, sold by Sto
    • If there is no room for new flowers, butterflies in hotels will mutate existing flowers instead
    • Hovering a flower with a butterfly with a net now shows a preview of the butterfly species
    • Added 8 new strange types of flowers, found out to sea as well as deep below
    • Variant flowers can now spread and mutate back into their original variants
    • If there’s no room for new flowers, butterfly hotels will mutate existing flowers instead
    • Added 15 new achievements to cover all the new areas of content!
    • Added 6 new amazing music tracks - the Sea-Sides! Moths gone and freakin done it again gang
    • 3 of these tracks you'll hear as part of the normal day/night cycle, 3 you'll only hear underwater...
    • You can now use the quick-store button to the right of your hotbar to move inventory items into nearby crates (you can also press "Q" when not highlighting a menu to do the same thing, or "R3" on a gamepad) Quick-store will move all items in your inventory (not hotbar) into nearby crates as long as the crate has that item (and room)
    • When opening your inventory, you now have a separate trash slot and backpack slot, free of charge!
    • (on gamepad, use triangle/Y while highlighting the backpack slot to open it)
    • Pressing "Delete" on MKB over an inventory slot will send that item to the trash slot for you
    • Added new ocean-themed decor: fishing crates, worn crates, water buoys, water lanterns, new pier tiles, striped wall, and new banners
    • Added new critters to the world, not just birds! Frogs, fish, snails, dragonflies - oh my!
    • Character Creation & the Dresser now have a Randomise button, get ready for some crazy combinations
    • Also added some new hat/hair options to pick from, including your own Skipper Hat!! (check the Dresser!)
    • Gates are now visible on the map alongside the boats + NPCs
    • On MKB you can now remap the R key (respawn + quick queen hotkey), as well as Y (butterfly book)
    • Item stack size has now been increased from 99 to 999 (ur welcome)
    • Alchemy Bench now shows a hint in the UI for number of recipes found vs total recipes to find (spoilers, it's 11)
    • Banners placed on fence posts now sit slightly higher to look "correct"
    • NPC hitboxes have been increased to make them easier to talk to / bonk
    • Added beehotel icons to items that can be used in beehotels to help hint at what can be used/saved
    • NPCs now have multiplyer buttons above their stock allowing you to quickly buy 1x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 99x of any stackable item
    • You can now shift-click buy items if you have inventory room (for quick buying singular items like frames) - works for gamepad too
    • The game will now store a backup save in "/backup" before saving (same root folder as your "/saves")
    • Basic, treated, and honeycomb frames have an extra use each - now 4, 6, and 3 respectively (this will only apply to newly created frames after updating to 3.0)
    • Achievement unlocks for the "3-tier" type achievements have been adjusted to compensate for the new bees/butts
    • Flowers and sawdust bricks will now give 80s of time per item in a Smoker (used to be 60s)
    • Multiplayer has been changed so that when you join a host game you'll be able to pick from all your multiplayer characters You can make up to 5 different multiplayer characters. (before only one multiplayer character existed per host and you couldn't pick it)
    • Revamped the UUID system to fix the issues some people were seeing with not being able to see friends
    • Fixed butterfly restoration status not being synced to the client
    • Fixed not being able to use the shrine or door in the dream as a client
    • NPC dialogue progress should now be saved for clients properly
    • The accessibility menu has been redesigned, with each option having a proper description
    • A new accessibility option has been added to help distinguise between similar bee items (“Bee Labels”) This will add the first 3 letters of the species name to any slot a bee is in.
    • A new accessibility option has been added to allow you to modify bee lifespan/productivity values GLOBALLY This allows you to make all bees live longer/slower or work faster/slower depending on your preference Remember that if you make bees lifespans extremely short they might not produce anything! (Both these options will be inherited from the host when playing in multiplayer)
    • Made sure PS5/Dualsense controllers can be used with a PC
    • Made sure PS4 controllers can be used with a PC
    • Fixed "SELECT" button not working as a menu button on PS3 controllers
    • Fixed "VIEW" button not working as a menu button on Xbox One controllers
    • Fixed using up on the DPAD to open the quest book also moving up 1 chapter (finally)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bunch of butterfly effects not working properly in butterfly hotels (princess, marsh, wtempest, faded)
    • Fixed a bunch of typos, and added a bunch of new ones I'm sure!
    • Fixed delay of highlighting GUI elements like time of day or weather icons in top-left
    • Fixed using a bed in a certain "special" area setting your spawn position thus softlocking, doomed to be stuck with me forever
    • Fixed "Not enough money" error not taking into account any discounts
    • Fixed being able to place grass in the devland (sorry)
    • Fixed blank/empty/corrupted save files causing the game to never be able to start
    • Fixed some button states not updating immedietely after being clicked
    • Fixed picking up shiny butterflies not counting as unlocking the shiny butt
    • Fixed the messenger bees not being shown flying away when using an altar
    • Fixed being able to click on the Hivemother Door through menus/buttons
    • Fixed Beenjamin asking for a "Behaviour Behaviour" when really he wanted a "Cathemeral Behaviour" (what a joker)
    • Fixed Royal Trumpet not working on beehives that are offscreen
    • Fixed the bee book intro chapters having "bee" added the chapter hover tooltip
    • Fixed the solitary bee book overview chapter not staying stickied to the top
    • Fixed Hivemother Door opening sequence having a yellow bg instead of a grey one
    • Fixed a crash caused when trying to drain a raintank with a canister containing any non-water liquid
    • Fixed credits not being visible when high contrast text is enabled
    • Fixed guidebook scroll not scrolling enough when enough modded quests got added
    • Fixed nana's postcard text not being visible when high contrast text is enabled
    • Fixed NPC dialogue prompts not showing a visual highlight if you close an NPC menu mid conversation (how rude)
    • Fixed slight delay of the "Set Sail" text not showing immedietely on character creator screen
    • Fixed beehives that are left during the 5s of breeding and go offscreen not making the queen until they're back on screen
    • Fixed not being able to catch Greater Dreamers or Moth(ense) when using a golden net
    • Fixed shiny bees not doing their lovely shine animation
    • Fixed lanterns not having any shadows
    • Fixed "Press ESC to close all windows" showing all the freakin' time
    • Pre-emptively fixed the fact that you could equip the rubber ring and then sail a boat through solid land (it was super fun soz)
    • Purple dyed beehives in the Dye Station are now actually purple


    2.X.X versions mark the start of the first major content update, "I Can't Beelieve It's Not Butter(flies)", along with related patches and fixes. You can read the initial additions that make up this update in the first 2.0.0 patch notes.


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a few fixes to get out the way so I can focus on the 3.0 build!

    I’ve mentioned it before but really appreciate all the peeps who let me know issues in the bug report form, and a big shout out to the beekeeper who gave me some super detailed steps on the infinite item dupe in MP that helped me put some fixes in place for it <3

    • Finally found the cause of the infinite item duplication that would occur with dropped items on certain frames (wahoo!)
    • Fixed nurseries not seeming to incr. pop levels for butterflies for clients (again?)
    • Fixed canisters duping when moving input/output canisters in barrels rapidly
    • Fixed when clients bought multiple backpacks at the same time some of those backpacks no longer worked - this will not fix existing bugged backpacks im afraid :(
    • Added some changes to make sure players get a valid UUID when playing online if the server has gone down
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed the "sc_slot_uncache: unable to find instance for object index" crash
    • Fixed the "sc_world_add_missing_bees: index out of range" crash that occured rarely during worldgen
    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed dropping butterflies on gamepad just dropping the item rather than releasing them
  • Fixed pinned menus staying pinned for gamepad players
  • Fixed backpack item in the slot not visually updating to be open when clicked initially
  • Fixed placeable items being placed when equipped and clicking the close buttons of menus (finally)
  • Fixed Candlemaker menu help popup labelling the beeswax + log slots wrong
  • Fixed NPC shops not showing slots for a second when opening them sometimes
    • Fixed modded recipes that use flowers not using up any flowers when crafting at the mod workbench
    • BDRAW hook added which is the counterpart to PDRAW, BDRAW is drawn right before the player itself, then PDRAW is drawn ontop


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Some more small fixes and a few multiplayer tweaks - thanks to the people who reported these!

    I’ll be off on a short break with my partner for the next week, so catch ya soon <3

    • Fixed some issues with beehives offscreen of the host acting up for the client
    • Fixed host Rehabeelitators sometimes clearing client slots before the client recieved the repopulation points
    • Fixed an issue with nurseries not always giving the client the repopulation points
    • Fixed clients not getting "beetrice" points from the offspring of host hives
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed camera issue still ocurring at the bottom of worlds when not in a boat
    • Fixed some tooltip transparency issues
    • Added a check to respawn jurassic hive if RNG of the worldgen somehow missed it


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a few small fixes for the last update, including the weird camera bugs at world’s end!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed inventory highlight not updating when scrolling the mouse wheel
    • Fixed the weird camera shenanigans when at the edge of the world
    • Fixed predictor/beebox/beebank card chars overlapping too much


    Hey Beekeepers!

    A small update to celebrate the Lunar New Year by adding Chinese as a new language option to the game!
    Plus a few little fixes while I was there.


    • Added Chinese! 新年好 <3
    • Various performance tweaks, mainly for consoles, but PC should also benefit
    • Moved shop button on NPCs to be more gamepad friendly
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed the "Unable to find instance sc_butterfly_despawn" crash
    Multiplayer Fixes
    • Fixed changing a habitat's species not syncing with other players
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed not being able to use the net on the computer when using a gamepad
    • Fixed not being able to interact with Moth(ense) when using a gamepad
    • Fixed not being able to use the net on the Hivemother's door when using a gamepad (r u sensing a theme)
    • Fixed pinned menus still using their pinned position if you switch to a gamepad
    • Fixed custom menu change event not firing on standard change event triggers


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a small patch to cover a few little bugs in advance of any new players who might pick up the game over Hivemas, as a little butterfly did tell me that the game + OSTs will be on sale over Xmas! <3

    • Productivity values have been changed so that "sluggish" - "normal" (1) (4) bees take a little bit more time to fill a frame
    • Added a warning to natural beehives when breeding two different bees to make sure it's clear these will not crossbreed
    • Nearby or active Jukeboxs & Tape Players will now show on the map so you can hunt them down and silence them
    • Reduced the speed of NPC dialogue menus
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed crash "sc_button_press variable .unlocked cannot be resolved"
    Multiplayer Fixes
    • Fixed a multiplayer bug where a player joining for the first time couldn't use the butterfly/solitary bee books without crashing
    • Fixed a multiplayer bug where the backpacks created by the client could merge/override with player backpacks
    • Fixed a multiplayer bug where the joining player couldn't click on anything (but could still move) until you interacted with a menu
    • Fixed a multiplayer bug where the controls/accessibility menu GUI moved with the player
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with beehives not onscreen when the game loaded not getting their flower list set properly
    • Fixed an issue with Royal Trumpet effect only working once for beehives offscreen
    • Fixed clicking a gate marker triggering a mouse click in the place the marker was before you teleport
    • Fixed Nana not remembering what you talked to her about when you speak to her in the dream (bless her)
    • Fixed Hermit Bee not being calmed by the flowers that say they calm it in the flower book
    • Fixed Glitched Bee counting to total for Barnabee/Beenjamin dialogue options
    • Fixed Cargo Boat going invisible when sailing far enough away from it's own menu
    • Fixed typo with Royal Trumpet
    • Fixed crash when using the player menu as a target for api_add_slot_to_menu()
    • Fixed api_get_zoid_from_inst() and api_get_inst_from_zoid() giving an error when trying to use them


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a small patch to cover a few little bugs in advance of any new players who might pick up the game over Hivemas, as a little butterfly did tell me that the game + OSTs will be on sale over Xmas! <3

    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed corrupted butterfly items causing a "gml_Script_sc_butthotel_alarm0" crash when used in hotels
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Lunar Magazine not being in the dictionary so not spawning
    • Fixed Sto's location being wrong in the Full-Beetal Alchemist quest
    • Fixed the last two butterflies' "flowers" staying blackin the butterfly book when discovered
    • Fixed a certain bee not showing any special produce info or having a completed heart post-it
    • Fixed Frostips not showing their special effect in the tooltip
    • Fixed seeing "ghost" butterfly icons on lilypads (icon but no butterfly)
    • Fixed some non-flower butterfly spawning issues
    • api_add_slot_to_menu() and api_use_item() should now trigger the menu's change event


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just one last update to polish off some remaining bits and bobs!
    Thanks again to everyone who’s been reporting bugs as well as giving us all the lovely feedback on the butterfly update, it’s so wonderful to hear how much you’ve all been enjoying the new content!

    Things will be winding down now a bit for Christmas, I’ve got some optimisation stuff to do for the Switch builds, and our other game Feed The Beasts is feeling a bit left out, so there won’t be any new patches aside from breaking stuff for a while now! Then in the new year I can start working on the plans for the next content update - “What Lies Beeneath”… >:)

    • Magazines should show in the Lost+Found if they're lost / never spawned correctly
    • Updated the bee hotel explanation quest pics to show the shrub cuttings IN the hotel
    • Bee hotel input slots will now show the biome-specific flora needed (rather than showing generic flora icon)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed not being able to use the magnifying glass on a solitary bee in bee hotels/habitats on gamepad/deck
    • Fixed not being able to fully move the mouse to the left of the home screen after starting the game in fullscreen
    • Fixed chapter highlight tooltips in the solitary book not having a name
    • Fixed some of Sto/Codey dialogue being available before actually talking to them for the first time
    • Fixed running making a new world in the same slot as one you just deleted visually showing the same chapter completion badges
    • Fixed Mothlight flowers not producing light as their description implies
    • Fixed Pondshine in hydroponic pots and Mothlight in normal pots not lighting up
    • Fixed Candles in Workbench not showing the correct sprite
    • Misc. locale changes
    • You can now pass an optional "title" key in your menu definition for the title bar text - if not specified will be blank
    • Fixed not being able to use customX: slots with other validations or other customX: slots


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Well here we are 2 weeks in from the butterfly update, and things are mostly stable (as stable as a game about bugs can be anyway!)
    As things calmed down I had a chance to start working on the Modding API, and so this update adds in a whole host of new modding methods that you can use to interact with the new content - hopefully we can all look forward to seeing some new mods that bring us all new butterflies, solitary bees, and incense!

    There’s also a few different fixes and some minor stuff I was putting off until there was literally nothing left on my TODO list, plus a couple tweaks.

    As a side-note, not sure what’s happened but recently there’s been a large influx of reviews and they’ve been so wonderful to read - thanks so much to everyone who’s been taking to time to write such lovely things about bee game! It really does mean a lot. <3

    Hot Fixes
    • HF1: Fixed modded npcs crashing when loaded/spoken to
    • Reduced general net durability (when buying new nets)
    • You can now pick up lilypads regardless of whether you have tools equipped (like flowers can be)
    • If you didn't get a magazine for Lunar Bee when conserving it, one should now spawn when you load the world (maybe)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed butterflies in butterfly hotels visiting all flowers, rather than the ones they like (also led to weird cross-mutation)
    • Fixed butterflies in butterfly hotels visually not visiting the flower accurately
    • Fixed butterflies in butterfly hotels not matching the range shown by the hotel
    • Fixed achievement for getting all bee-sides not unlocking
    • Fixed Dreamshards selling for honeycore instead of rubees
    • Fixed Pots, Compost Bin, Altar, and Shrine having missing input tooltip item icons
    • Fixed butterfly nets not losing durability when catching butterflies
    • Fixed axes losing durability when used on things that can be picked by hand
    • Fixed incense7 (yellow-green) not having a name
    • Fixed /gimme butterfly crashing when not specifying a species
    • Fixed mined honeycore regrowing offset from it's original position
    • Fixed chrysalis slots staying "locked" for clients during multiplayer when the butterfly hatches (hopefully)
    • Fixed some languages having NAME BUTTERFLY instead of BUTTERFLY NAME
    • Fixed new flowers not showing their effect name in the tooltip
    • Fixed Beenjamin having the jurassic prompt before you find the species if you found enough bees
    • Fixed plushie items not having a tooltip title
    • Fixed NPCs not updating their "!" when you clear their dialogue but close using ESC
    • Fixed clients not getting solitary bee repopulation updates (also hopefully)
    • Fixed api_get_menu_objects() not respecting no co-ordinate being passed in (was supposed to default to player if none given)
    • Added two methods that use "zoids", unique ids that are used to identify objects across games in multiplayer. By using zoids you can avoid the issue of instance ids changing every session and store links to zoids to get the correct instances back on reboot.
    • Added api_get_zoid_from_inst(), which returns a unique id value (zoid) for the given instance id
    • Added api_get_inst_from_zoid(), which returns the instance id for a given zoid, both these methods allow you to store
    • Added api_define_solitary(), which lets you define your own solitary bee for people to discover in bee hotels
    • Added api_define_butterfly(), which lets you define your own butterflies for people to catch
    • Added api_describe_butterflies(), which will get the metadata for all butterflies
    • Added api_define_incense(), which lets you setup a new incense and alchemy recipe (you need to implement the effect yourself though!)
    • Added api_has_incense(), which will check if a specific scent is affecting a given position
    • Added api_create_butterfly(), which lets you manually spawn a butterfly inst onto an object (flower, generic obj, menu_obj...)
    • Added api_get_progress() method that returns the players current progress (i.e. bees found, butterflies repopulated etc)
    • Added api_define_npc2() method that takes into account new menu sprite changes and new dialogue changes for NPCs - you can still use api_define_npc() but you should upgrade when you can!
    • Added api_define_menu_object2() method that takes into account the menu sprite changes (you now only need 2 frames and dont need to add the tab title) - same as above RE the old method
    • Added api_game_state() method that returns various game state bools (paused, game loading, world loading etc)
    • Added basic _field values to the destroy hook when a menu object is destroyed (limited to basic datatypes)


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just another little update to cover a few more fixes!
    Thanks again for everyone who has been reported these issues.

    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed "gml_Script_sc_nursery_alarm0" when removing butterflies on the frame they form
    • Fixed "gml_Script_sc_centrifuge_alarm0" when removing a frame on the frame (nice) it's extracted
    • Fixed crash when clicking on flower book flower icon links
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed flower book showing total flowers as 24 instead of 23
    • Fixed MacOS having some case sensitivity issues causing problems with uncapping/extracting frames
    • Fixed the "flora" for a certain solitary bee
    • Fixed Lunar Bee not being able to be used in a Habitat
    • Fixed Lunar Bee's special product being just normal water lmao
    • Fixed bee hotels not counting down guests when there's an error (i.e. not enough flora)
    • Fixed bee hotels having all guest slots filled when spawn proc'd
    • Fixed bee hotels not immedietely showing a bubble when a guest is visiting
    • Fixed butterfly hotels counting down ALL butterflies at the same time, rather than 1 by 1 (this was not intended)
    • Fixed being able to spawn solitary bees / eggs / caterpiller / chrysalis using the computer (leads to bugs)
    • Fixed other biome tracks playing in the hallow
    • Fixed gamepad being able to click on "locked" slots (solitary bee, chrysalis etc)
    • Fixed chrysallis slots not being reset to "locked" when save+reloading
    • Fixed butterfly book not fully getting translated when changing language
    • Fixed bee-sides achievement triggering from just track discovery


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a small update to cover the common bugs/crashes that have been seen - thanks to everyone that’s been reporting these issues.
    Also a couple small changes, including the ability to release butterflies by dropping them, in future I’ll look into some sort of larger storage for the hoarders amongst you (so basically all of us lol)

    I hope you’ve all been enjoying the new content!
    If you have, and you have a spare minute, please drop a nice review if you can - it really helps out APICO’s visibility on Steam <3

    • You can now hammer candles to pick them back up!
    • You can now release butterflies by dropping them (right-click on MKB, hold and close inventory on GP)
    • Made flora tooltip mention it can be found in shrubs
    • Increased drop rate of flora from shrubs
    • Removed sort button from nursery (oops)
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed "sc_library_draw" crash on gamepad/deck when getting having 1 but not the other of the bee books (this is the same as 2.0.0 HF1)
    • Fixed "co:core Variable .talkbuttons not set before reading it" when scrolling the mouse on NPC shops
    • Fixed "ds_map_find_value argument 1 incorrect type expecting a Number" when clicking a butterfly icon in the flower book
    • Fixed "sc_nursery_alarm1 .species not set" occuring in certain situations (maybe)
    • Fixed "ob_butterfly:unable to find instance for object index" when removing / emptying flowerpots (or flowers occasionally)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed menus not having their highlight when hovering/dragging
    • Fixed achievement trigger for "Moth to a flame!"
    • Fixed achievement trigger for first butterfly/first bee (and first repopulations) for both having the wrong value so these should pop now
    • Fixed nursery pupa going into negative if the "no food" error was showing
    • Fixed various "use with" and "valid item" tooltips showing pink cubes instead of things, might have missed some tho!
    • Fixed couple typos in the cross-mutation quest
    • Fixed a prompt option for Beetrix being "$npc2_P_JA" - she didn't have a clue what you meant but just played along anyway bless
    • Fixed butterfly population restored notification not cleared when opening the butterfly book
    • Fixed a certain butterfly not picking up it's "flower" when in a hotel


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Welcome, finally, to the 2.0 update, A.K.A. the “I Can’t Beelieve It’s Not Butter(flies)” Update!

    It’s been a while and we’ve been working very hard on lot’s of new things for you all to enjoy, and I hope you do!
    As I’ve mentioned before, although the 1.0 is a finished game in it’s own right there was lots of things I still wanted to do with APICO and lots of other things I wanted to add.

    This 2.0 update is the first of three planned content updates (Terraria / MC style), and covers lots of new things including:
    - New NPCs! Meet new friends Codey & Sto, research partners from the Mainland (!)
    - Butterflies! Beeautiful flapping friends to find and discover
    - Solitary Bees! Bees that don’t work in hives but live alone??
    - New Flowers! More fancy flowers, each with their own new effects on the environment!
    - More books! We know you love reading, otherwise why are you playing APICO? <3
    - Improved Dialogue System! Now you won’t miss all the wonderful writing Jamie has done, plus some new dialogue!
    - Incense! Finally you can make candles, plus your own incense through the magic of Alchemy!
    - More Music! The wonderful bee-sides by Mothense have been added <3
    - More decoration! Lots more decoration items, tiles, walls and more!
    - More achievements! 16 more delicious achievements to get hold of!
    - Loads more freakin’ bugs I am sure because I am just one person!!! :D

    There’s more than that too but that’s what the changelog below is for, and buckle up cos it’s a doozy!
    We both can’t wait for you to all experience the new content and to see what you all make of it <3

    (N.B. You do NOT need to make a new world to experience all the new content! The new NPCs will be added to existing worlds automagically!)
    (N.B.B. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A NEW WORLD TO EXPERIENCE THE NEW CONTENT - you know people will still ask me this 100 times lmao)

    Hot Fixes
    • HF1: Fixed "sc_library_draw" gamepad crash
    New Content
    • Added new NPC, Sto! Sto is a researcher from the Mainland who will introduce you to Butterflies and give you her journal to learn more! You can find Sto to the west of the first forest island.
    • Added butterflies! Butterflies spawn randomly based on their preferred flowers and conditions. There are 15 butterflies to discover, along with “golden” variants! Buy a net from Sto to start catching them.
    • Added 10 new flowers! Through cross-mutation of butterflies you can discover these strange variants and their new flower effects.
    • Added Butterfly Hotels! Butterflies in hotels can cause all sorts of strange effects to the nearby environment, as well as mutate nearby flowers.
    • Added Nurseries! Used to help repopulate butterflies by taking their eggs through the natural lifecycle
    • Added new NPC, Codey! Codey is a researcher from the Mainland who will introduce you to Solitary Bees, and give you her notes to learn more! You can find Codey to the east of the second forest island.
    • Added solitary bees! Solitary bees don’t live in hives, and will only appear through Bee Hotels under the right conditions! There are 12 solitary bees to discover.
    • Added Bee Hotels! Bee hotels let you create small ecosystems that can attract different solitary bees for you to discover, along with “golden” variants!
    • Added Habitats! By building specific habitats for solitary bees, you can help repopulate that species! They’ll even leave you little gifts!
    • Added new NPC, Moth(ense)! A moth??? Where are they? What do they sell? That’s for you to discover…
    • Added two new glorious books, Sto’s Butterfly Journal (open with Y when discovered), and Codey’s Notes (accessed from the bee book via Tab when discovered)
    • Added more actual lore (oh my god), and a chance to learn more about (and help) the Mainland!
    • Added some new quests to cover candle making and incense, plus cross-mutation of flowers
    • Added new flora items found by picking shrubs, used with butterflies & solitary bees
    • Added new decoration tiles, including variants of edging + pier tiles, marble tiles and giant lilypads
    • Added two new carpets, a green and a white variant
    • Added a new plain shrub wall to go with the marble and wood shrubs
    • Added Mothense’s “Bee-sides” to the in-game music rotation, meaning 11 new tracks will now play
    • Added the bee-sides in-game as collectables, but where might you find them I wonder?
    • Added a bookshelf item that can store your books, changes appearance based on how many books are in it
    • Added a new watering can item, that can instantly grow any placed flower seed
    • Added a couple more hair styles (including Abbee’s sweet do)
    • Added a couple new colours to the character customisation & Dresser (pink & purple wahoo!)
    • Added some new decoration banners that can be placed on walls, 5 to collect in total!
    • Added the Desalinator, an alternative source of water unlocked from Skipper after 10 social bees are discovered
    • Added the Candlemaker, which lets you create candles from beeswax (finally)
    • Added the Alchemy Bench, sold by Sto it let’s you create different types of incense based on different combinations of items - there’s 11 to discover!
    • Added the Incense Burner, sold by Sto it lets you burn the various incenses, each with their own unique effect
    • Added new ambient background noise for other biomes for both day and night!
    • Added 16 new achievements!
    • Added some secret things to discover!
    • Added a new accessibility option to remove RNG from butterfly spawns (so only conditions need to be correct, does not affect completion/achievements)
    • Added a new accessibility option to remove RNG from solitary bee spawns (again so only conditions need to be correct, does not affect completion/achievements)
    • Added a new accessibility option to remove all “buzzing” sounds from hives / lone bees
    • Added a new accessibility option to override the recommended zoom level (use at your own risk, you’ll get overlap/cutoff of menus if you use a zoom level higher than your screen can fit
    • Dialogue system has been overhauled - instead of having them only show the latest “trigger”, they now show all triggers along with a prompt for each one. There’s probably a lot of dialogue you missed, plus new dialogue to enjoy!
    • NPC shops have been changed, with some NPCs having entirely new stock (notably Abbee!).
    • NPC shops now have two special slots so it’s easier to get the special you want.
    • You can now pick up flowers when using tools rather than need to change to a non-tool item to interact with them
    • You can now place flowers onto shrub walls for decoration (note: they do not function as flowers for butterfly/bee purposes)
    • You can now use shrub saplings in the Squeezer
    • You can now create deep water by using a Honeycore Shovel on a shallow water tile
    • You can now dye natural beehives in the Dye Station, allowing you to get the rarer coloured natural hives you find in the wild.
    • You can now hammer the smaller honeycore crystals with a Honeycore Hammer to pick them up and move them
    • Shrub walls now change appearance based on the biome they are used in (both the 2 existing shrub walls and the new one)
    • General menu drawing optimisation to reduce texture page sizes + reduce texture swaps which should buff performance on slower devices
    • Improved current highlighted object with an arrow symbol above it
    • Made the “target” menu a little bit clearer with an arrow symbol above it
    • Magazine rack now changes appearance based on how many magazines are in it
    • Changed overall progress level to account for new content, max is now 105% (sorry Cornflower!!! <3)
    • Every 5th noticeboard quest completion now gives you a decorative plushie for that NPC! There’s 11 to collect, some found in other places! :D
    • Composter now also produces the new “flora” items of the biome it’s in, along with grass as normal (you can also get flora from shrubs)
    • Lights now use candles (new item) to craft instead of just beeswax!
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed painted walls not showing their windows
    • Fixed in-game controls remapping keys not being selectable the first time it’s opened
    • Fixed treetop produce arrow not having a highlight
    • Fixed treetop menu not visibly selecting after being placed until you move for the first time
    • Fixed snow infinitely creating snowballs when using a spade
    • Fixed the healthbar of big rocks being off-centre (yes someone reported that)
    • Fixed the Chaotic Bee not correctly showing as being calmed by it’s flowers in the flower book
    • Fixed flower icon tooltips in the overview chapter of the flower book
    • Fixed menus getting deactivating if their top-left corner went offscreen on the left or top
    • Fixed not being able to separately hammer windows + walls (originally would hammer both together)
    • Fixed some buttons not showing highlights when invalid (like the workbench craft button)
    • I made sure I didn’t break stuff which is as good as we gunna get for 2.0, however with the next set of bug fixes for this update I’ll be adding new modding and changes for stuff like the new NPC dialogue system, and custom butterflies/bees etc, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for custom butts!!


    1.0.0+ marks the start of the initial public release along with related patches and fixes.


    Hey Beekeepers!

    It’s been a hot minute - welcome to all our new pocket beekeepers reppin’ on the Switch <3

    This update is mostly to cover a bunch of stuff that has come from our handheld friends, although anyone who plays with a controller or on Steam Deck will also benefit from the changes and fixes!
    As you might have seen on Twitter we’ve started work on all the new goodies for the Butterfly Update - it’ll be a while before that update is out though as there’s a lot of stuff coming with it!

    Hot Fixes
    • HF1: Fixed Grandpa's Axe spawning immediately and infinitely
    • You can now drop half of a stack of items when holding them into an empty slot using Square/X/Y (quick move button) on gamepad/console
    • When closing a menu while still holding an item on gamepad/console, the dropped item will now be further from the player so it's not picked up immedietely
    • Increased retrigger speed for holding down slot movement/chapter selection dpad/analogue stick on Switch
    • Added the ability to sort your backpack by R stick clicking an empty slot (like crates) on gamepad/console
    • Added a visible autosave message on gamepad/console
    • If it hasn't rained in 3 days in a row after Day 4 then the chance of rain will be doubled (swamps still remain 100% chance)
    • Grandpa's Axe will now appear in the Lost+Found if you didn't look after it (single tear cry emoji)
    • Changed a lot of the slot selection in machines on gamepad/console so things should feel more "correct" moving around slots (instead of moving the cursor to the bottom storage bar)
    • Made it clearer in the guide you can use triggers or R stick to change tile/wall placement
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed "ds_map_find_value argument 1 incorrect type (undefined)... at sc_get_tooltip()" crash
    • Fixed "ds_map_find_value argument 1 incorrect type (undefined)... at sc_centrifuge2_add()" crash
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed joining player progress not being saved on Switch due to a file mounting issue
    • Fixed some slower particle effects on Switch
    • Fixed boat + mead buff speed not being 2x base speed on Switch (boo, hiss)
    • Fixed Bobbee's shop showing your Rubee total underneath instead of your Honeycore total on Switch
    • Fixed not being able to use the right stick click to gather honeycomb in beehives on gamepad/console
    • Fixed Honeycore Shovel not digging up grass properly on gamepad/console
    • Fixed not being able to place down grass properly on gamepad/console
    • Fixed microscope notification message being empty on gamepad/console
    • Fixed GUI tooltips showing on top of the GUI element on gamepad/console
    • Fixed not being able to dig up snow with spades on gamepad/console
    • Fixed not being able to close the backpack if you opened it while traveling in a boat on gamepad/console
    • Fixed changing recipe in the workbench not visibly updating requirements until you click on it on gamepad/console
    • Fixed seeing a tooltip for a backpack instead of the cute player tooltip when highlighting the player
    • Fixed not seeing a visual for the tile you are hammering underneath you if you had a backpack on gamepad/console
    • Fixed being able to select an invisible "production" meter in Swarmers on gamepad/console
    • Fixed not being able to place windows on selected walls on gamepad/console
    • Fixed menu objects not hammering in 2 hits (to prevent accidents) on gamepad/console
    • Fixed book-based notifications not opening to the correct page when opening the corresponding book on gamepad/console
    • Fixed sometimes getting a Verdant Bee from an Uncommon X Forest cross if you hadn't discovered the Verdant Bee yet
    • Fixed joining player saving in a boat not returning in a boat when rejoining the same host's world


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just some more bug fixes as well as a couple bits to feed the insatiable modders!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed beehives placed offscreen by joining players sometimes not reactivating after a queen finished their cycle
    • Fixed the raintank gathering rain while the game is paused
    • Fixed Beenjamin being able to ask for an "Inheritence Bee", clearly losing the plot in his old age bless
    • Added api_create_lightweight() - lightweights are efficiently drawn instances that you can use for batch draw calls. They're also Skipper's least favourite type of person
    • Added api_measure_text() which returns the height + width of a given sentance when drawn (including when a max-width is set)
    • Added some new api_multiplayer_* methods which should let you handle being able to store mod data for joining players when they join a hosted game
    • Fixed modded menu change scripts not being triggered with right-click changes
    • Fixed modded NPCs having a third invisible row of sell slots


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just some more bug fixes for ya, happy weekend!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed general slowdown issues on Switch
    • Fixed an issue with the bottler duplicating canisters/bottles when working in Multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue with items sometimes not being picked up in Multiplayer
    • Fixed being able to duplicate canisters by rapidly clicking in a few different liquid machines (bottler, barrel)
    • Fixed seeds not showing when placed in flower pots (no they don't grow its just to look cute)
    • Fixed buying Honeycore from The Merchant showing a tooltip error
    • Added a new hook tdraw() which is called above tiles but below objects and draw()
    • Fixed api_define_flower() not respecting shop_buy / shop_key
    • Fixed api_define_flower() using the variants sprite for the item sprite
    • Fixed api_set_ground() not updating the last set tile properly
    • Removed modded bees from Beenjamin's hints getting him all confused bless him


    Hey Beekeepers!

    So we’re coming up on nearly a month since the game has been released!
    We’d had thousands of people playing APICO and all round it’s been a wild time - thanks so much for everyone that’s been playing and leaving us the most wonderful reviews <3

    In the last 4-6 weeks I think I’ve maybe had 3 whole days where I haven’t been in GameMaker for some reason and now that things are mostly stable it’s definitely time to take a break. I was already burning out from console porting earlier this year so the last month or so hasn’t helped!
    This will be the last update for a while now barring any urgent bug fixes / crashes - there’s a few changes, a bunch of stuff to keep the mod creators quiet (for a few days at least), and also I updated GameMaker’s Steamworks Extension!

    They have promised me that this update will fix the issues some people were having with some MacOS users crashing, and some users just not able to unlock achievements - but I won’t get my hopes up.
    At the very least let’s hope it still works normally even if it doesn’t fix those issues! If you do still have issues with Steam please let me know ASAP.

    Once I finally have a proper break I’ll be starting on the first proper content update for APICO, “I Can't Beelieve It's Not Butter(flies)”. This will bring in butterflies, solitary bees that don’t work in hives, and all sorts of pollination/flower madness. If you want to read more about the content updates you can check the roadmap here:

    • Visually show the "Respawn in 5s" countdown when holding R / L+R
    • You now need to equip mead before being able to drink it - meaning you can now right-click to split a stack of infused mead
    • Notice bubbles are now hidden while in Photo Mode
    • Mods are now listed alphabetically and show the total number of downloads globally
    • Mods now each have a banner in the description when clicked on
    • Highlighting tabs/recipes on gamepad now automatically selects them
    • On gamepad when holding triggers and highlighting a beehive you can now see the range radius
    • On gamepad you can now hold the dpad on slot and book chapter selection
    • Hammering a crate / menu object will now drop that as an item first before the contents of the menu
    • Added the Mod Workbench, which will store all crafting recipes for all installed mods, per mod
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed "Cannot delete buffer, it's in use by 1 others at gml_Object_co_mods_Other_72" with mods that use api_get_data()
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed boats being deleted in multiplayer when clicked rapidly
    • Fixed bottler liquid type not reset when draining the tank
    • Fixed the "instance queen end" glitch with slot clicking/dragging
    • Fixed bottler giving 2 bottles per 50ml in multiplayer
    • Fixed closing noticeboard quests on gamepad meaning you had to close the whole menu before being able to select a quest button
    • Fixed uncapping bench / uncapper having incorrect help labels
    • Fixed Swarmwort seeds not saying they should be placed on water
    • Fixed Beenjamin asking for a "behaviour behaviour" (what a rascal)
    • Fixed Raintank menu highlight sprite not having the right outline
    • Fixed not being able to drink Apicola on gamepad (you poor thirsty bees)
    • Fixed ";" not being usable for a mapped key
    • Fixed menus staying open when Save+Quitting, which could sometimes cause issues with the home screen buttons
    • Added the Mod Workbench, which will store all crafting recipes for all installed mods. Recipes define with api_define_recipe() will be put here instead of the vanilla workbench - you can use this as your hub crafting station as there is section for each mod. This means you can define 100 recipes for your mod (5 tabs, 20 recipes per tab)
    • Added api_define_workbench(), which lets you set your mod's name and tab names in the Mod Workbench
    • Added a description "banner" to in-game mod descriptions (you'll need to add this to your mod file if submitting, see the mod loader for info)
    • Added a few missing item sprites for larger scenery items
    • Added api_define_item_stats() which lets you define a "default" set of stats to apply to a given item when it's created (i.e. having a canister start with 9001 max)
    • api_define_gui() has now been modified to correctly cache sprites rather than register a new one for every machine - this means you will need to ensure your gui_key's are unique per menu object define (i.e. you can't use "progress_bar" for 2 different defines if they're different progress bar sprites)
    • Added "has_lighting" to the flower_definition in api_define_flower()
    • Added api_define_window() which lets you define a custom "window" (essentially just an item that has a special frame drawn on a wall)
    • Added a create() hook, called whenever a generic object, tree, flower, menu object, or item is created
    • Added api_define_liquid() which lets you define a custom liquid - these can be used in canisters, barrels, and your own custom tanks (not the bottler)
    • Fixed game load hanging when leaving a mod in settings but there being no actual mod folder
    • Fixed game load hanging when having an empty mod folder for a mod that is being loaded
    • Fixed obj_definition with variants specified being limited to 4 frames
    • Fixed ready() being called early during new world creation (and being called twice)
    • Fixed modded quests being required to complete to get Grandpa's Axe


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a couple quick fixes on MP games, and a tweak for modders!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed "new" hives found or placed by clients not activating until the host walked nearby
    • Fixed clients not visibly seeing the progress bar of a host started machine even tho input+output of the machine was fine
    • Fixed being able to use pickaxes on trees and have them be just as effective (lol)
    • Mod console is now toggled through "CTRL"+"." instead if just "."
    • Mod logs are now added to the "mod-logs.txt" file in real-time so you can view logs outside of the mod console in-game


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a few little bits in this one, some tiny QoL tweaks (including a pencil that lets you relabel things!), some balancing and a couple fixes for multiplayer.

    There’s also a bunch of new stuff and some API fixes for modding! There’s been some really cool mods in progress, including an APICO version of Minecraft’s NEI, so hoping these new modding help encourage more people to get stuck in!

    • You can now craft a Pencil (on PC) that lets you relabel menu objects! i.e. you could relabel your trash can to say "Wasp Storage" >:)
    • Smokers now have their own icon bubble, that also matches the one shown by Empress bees
    • Targeted menus now have the extra label highlight like when you drag them
    • Beeboxes/Beebanks no longer show traits until you've microscoped the species
    • Standard honeycore crystals now sell for $2 rather than $3, and Crystal Bee honeycore shards sell for $5 instead of $1 - there's a bigger piece around honeycore processing planned!
    • The good news is Barnabee is looking to buy a house of his own! The bad news is the deposit was huge and they have to put their prices up soz
    • Rocky Bees now spawn in a hive when mined, and there's now a 50% chance of a hive vs 100% always getting a bee (after your first hive)
    • Sorting menus now orders bees by their bee book order - same for magazines
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed machines giving duplicate items when the progress bar finished in multiplayer when host should have "won" (sawmill, beehive, centrifuge etc)
    • Fixed being able to pause while in multiplayer as pausing your time meant time desynced
    • Fixed newly placed items not being interactable until the player moves (in multiplayer + while modding)
    • Fixed right-clicking to split stacks and dropping items on an existing stack not syncing in multiplayer
    • Fixed being able to get infinite cargo boats in multiplayer, putting Skipper out of business (and making him sad)
    • Fixed game crashing on gamepad when highlighting a non-menu object and pressing Y / Triangle
    • Fixed The Merchant not showing their post-credits dialogue (im so sorry over how not worth it this is now you can finally read it lmao)
    • Fixed Sacred Idol showing as the wrong sprite in the Altar overworld sprite
    • Fixed Beehive Lamps not having an item sprite in your inventory
    • Fixed acorns planted in hallows not showing as the correct sapling sprite (at least SOMEONE has been replanting)
    • Fixed NPCs not remembering that they already told you something and eagerly telling you again next time you booted up the game
    • Fixed Beebank tabs not showing the species name on hover
    • Fixed being able to hammer beds/benches while in them (why did you even try this)
    • Fixed music layering when sleeping through several nights
    • Fixed birbs not flapping when flying away (high quality stuff gang)
    • Fixed species with "Any" climate not showing in the beebook or stat cards
    • Added a new set of methods, api_describe_*, which get various game metadata (both base game and modded)
    • Added a new set of methods, api_all_*, which gets all instance IDs in the map of trees/flowers/objs/menu objects (super dangerous, don’t make me regret it :D)
    • Added api_refresh_tooltip() to refresh to tooltip cache (i.e. when updating tanks / gui)
    • Added api_get_language() to return the players chosen language (i.e. "en", "jp", etc)
    • Added a new destroy() hook, called when objects/trees/flowers/machines are destroyed
    • Added a new scroll() hook, called when the mouse wheel is scrolled up/down
    • Added "hp" as a new property to obj_definition's so you can make objs with "health" (like trees, shrubs, rocks etc)
    • Added a "claim_script" parameter to api_define_quest(), called when the quest is claimed
    • Changed ready() to call when the player is directly in the game (after intro cutscene)
    • Changed worldgen() to call both before all objects are created (post-tiles) and after all objects are created
    • Fixed api_get_definition() returning some properties as ds_ GM ids rather than values
    • Fixed loading a different file than the preloaded save not calling ready() properly (and not having a splashscreen)
    • Fixed api_define_flower_recipe() not working
    • Fixed api_blacklist_oid() not affected player movement keys
    • Fixed api_define_bee_recipe() not returning the menu object inst. in the mutation script
    • Fixed "durability" on obj_definition showing as "health" in tooltips


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Think we are starting to iron out most the major bugs now! Nothing like having 1000s of people play your game to find the most niche little issues eh? :’)

    I’ve also added a few different QoL stuff in this update, notably a new item (Queen Cells) that acts as an automatic “Quick Queen” button, a way to get new grass tiles with Abbee’s Compost Bin, the ability to “pin” menus, as well as a way to dye backpacks in the new Dye Station!
    I think Queen Cells is p. useful but let me know what you all think! (too expensive, not expensive enough etc)

    Then there’s also a bunch of bug fixes including preventing the corrupted pink bee being able to be made in MP which then caused a bunch of issues, as well as the cargo boat just not following you after reloading the game.
    Of all the things in the game I think the Cargo Boat was probably the last thing I expected to give me so much grief lol

    There’s also a bunch of various modding related changes in this one (for mod creators - docs will be updated very shortly with some of the new stuff not yet put there!)
    Please enjoy! I’m going to go to sleep now lmao

    • Added a new craftable item, Queen Cells! These can be put in the middle of beehives/apiaries to trigger an automatic quick queen when the queen lifecycle ends. Give it a whirl and see what ya think!
    • Upgraded the microscope to show the HD species image, the dom+res species letters (like in beeboxes), and show grumpiness/beeatrice traits
    • Abbee now sells the Compost Bin, which turns seeds+flowers into grass tiles
    • Jukebox can now store all 14 tracks, and will automatically pick a new track to play from it's storage when the current track ends
    • Added a new "pin" button to menus when playing with MKB that when active will save the menus position on re-open rather than reset it!
    • Backpacks now have an extra row and column of storage (dont say i dont ever give ya nuffin)
    • Added the "Dye Station" which you can craft - currently used to dye backpacks different colors!
    • Now indicate a "grumpy" icon on the bee book page to save having to hove the book's trait info section to check if a species is grumpy
    • Now indicate a special icon on the bee book pages for empress/arctic/blazing to represent their special effects
    • Gates now have an extra marker to get you back to THAT place if you've been there before
    • You can now retrigger the credits by clicking on the door (when already opened)
    • Changed the visual of capped frames to be a different pattern to uncapped for visual clarity
    • Removed the larger honeycore crystals from having collision
    • Added a seperate "inverse hotbar scroll" option now please stop asking lmao
    • Added a "More Mods!" button to modding menu to link to the master mod list on the wiki!
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed ERROR in action number 1 of StepEvent0 for object ob_menu:animcurvechannel_evaluate() first parameter is not valid
    • Fixed ERROR in action number 1 of StepEvent0 for object co_gamepad:Variable unknown_object>.open(100464,-2147483648) cannot be resolved
    • Fixed ERROR in action number 1 of DrawEvent for object co_renderer:Variable unknown_object>.honeycore not set before reading it
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed being able to make corrupted bees with the beebox/beebank in multiplayer which then caused a bunch of issues by it existing
    • On a similar note, any pink corrupted bees will be deleted or turned into “safe” cubes when loading a save now
    • Fixed not being able to load mods when joining someones game
    • Fixed the host's midnight weather report not syncing to joining players making weather go out of sync
    • Fixed Cargo Boats just refusing to come with you and loading in without them
    • Fixed not being able to use Cargo Boats on gamepad
    • Fixed the Muggy beehives not being able to be placed back on water
    • Fixed fences being able to be sold when you can craft them for nothing
    • Fixed being able to steal things from shops with middle click (you rascals)
    • Fixed using middle mouse button on a stack when there are 2 full stacks available deletes half of the merging content
    • Fixed bee lanterns not being able to be picked up
    • Fixed hitbox of 3rd recipe middle bee icons being offset
    • Fixed beehives losing their notification popup icons when painted
    • Fixed book not showing all behavior icons lit up for cathermarl bees
    • Fixed using exactly 50ml of fluid giving you a messed up bottle
    • Fixed a heater-related error when using a gamepad
    • Fixed not being able to shift-click the Glitched bee (lowkey hilarious)
    • Fixed Abbee's Staff spawning Honeydrop and Frosteria in the Swamp instead of Hivesbane
    • Fixed clicking Glitched bees in the dream triggering the "discovery" for glitched bees again
    • Fixed requirement info for Stubborn bee's stat card hover showing the wrong recipe
    • Fixed photo mode not turning off when you press ESC or open settings
    • Fixed being able to place nature items on ice (rip ice trees)
    • Fixed not being able to press "Join" after hosting then saving+quiting
    • Fixed beebanks in multiplayer not showing all the dropped bees for the other player when hammered
    • Fixed not being able to use the honeycore shovel with a gamepad
    • Fixed not being able to place grass tiles with a gamepad
    • Fixed book overview notifications not going away until clicked even when you claimed the reward (go away omg!!!)
    • Fixed backpack in the shop not showing the level required to buy when expanding the tooltip
    • Fixed clicking on the Door with a gamepad crashing the game
    • Changed how CTRL+SHIFT+R works, now mod files will get reloaded without a game restart - this can cause some jank but at least you can hotload minor changes quicker! Sprites will reset but placed items will need to be picked up to get the updated sprite (same for your menu define logic!). Textures don't get reset so eventually you'll get mem leaks if you have lots of sprites in a mod.
    • Added "api_define_wall" which lets you define your own walls (see Sample Mod for an example)
    • Added a "bench" property for "api_define_object" that will allow the object to function like a bench when clicked
    • Added a "bed" property for "api_define_object" that will allow the object to function like a bed when clicked (requires a 5th sprite frame, see Sample Mod)
    • Added a "has_lighting" property for "api_define_object" that will make the object act as a light source
    • Added a "bee_lore" property for "api_define_item" that will show in the bee book if it's the special produce for that bee
    • Added the pressed button instance ID as a second parameter to button click scripts in "api_define_button" buttons
    • Added "api_http_request" which lets you send a standard HTTP req that will callback to the new "http()" hook
    • Fixed the obj draw script in "api_define_menu_object" not being called for custom obj draw overrides
    • Fixed "api_get_sprite" not returning standard oid items or items during "init()"
    • Fixed "flowerX", "seedX", "dyeX", and "trackX" not being usable in menu definitions
    • Added the ability to set a custom input restriction with "customX:{oid}", i.e. "customX:axe" would only allow items with an oid containing "axe"
    • Added "api_define_validation_icon()" which lets you set the custom icon shown for custom input restrictions
    • Fixed mod items loading twice (maybe?)
    • Fixed modded quest/bee/flower progress not being kept (claimed, discovery, etc)
    • You can now bin modded items that no longer have their mod loaded (blank pink cubes)
    Modding Docs
    • Updated "Sample Mod" with an example bench, bed, and lighting item
    • Added a new sample mod, "Sample Workbench Mod" to show how you could approach a workbench-style menu
    • Made it clear that shop_key is optional on definitions
    • Made it clear that api_define_tank does need you to save the 3 tank props to menu._fields
    • Added buttons to instance props
    • Added image_xscale + image_yscale to instance props


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Just a quick one for today to cover some changes that went alongside the server changes made last night when the server was restarted!

    • Made some changes to BeeNet to help prevent desync
    • Updated some client-side socket stuff to help prevent desync
    • Added Steam Cloud links for mapping between Windows > Linux, Mac > Linux etc so that saves on PC should now be visible on SteamDeck


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Wow what a release, thanks so much for everyone who's been playing, leaving us the most wonderful reviews, and helping us clean up some of the less friendly bugs!

    This update is pretty much just various fixes that seemed urgent, including a fix for rejoining your friends MP game crashing / clearing your progress. NOTE: if it's still not loading (from somehow getting corrupted during a crash) you'll need to clear your "players.json" file in %localappdata%

    Also I've tried a slight change to GameMaker's SteamWorks extension that I'm hoping helps the few of you seeing that weird "Steam Not Connected" screen when you're literally in Steam - let me know if it helps! HOWEVER, achievements won't unlock for you - I've had to raise a support request with GameMaker directly. But it's the lesser of 2 evils, either your steam won't initialise and you can't play the game, or no achievements but you can play the game :')

    I'm still looking into the "desync" issue that can sometimes occur for a few of you, usually it would be from bad/busy internet connection but I think there might be something in-game thats triggering a big flow of packets that is overwhelming the other player's socket. If you think you've been able to replicate this desync by doing something specific please come ping me in Discord!

    Hot Fixes
    • HF1: Fixed benches/beds/boats not being hammerable
    • HF2: Fixed tapped trees being INVINCIBLE smh
    • Added a clear warning on demo saves to not be used in the full version of the game (I’m so sorry)
    • Holding R to respawn while in a boat will bring your boat with you
    • Holding R to respawn with a boat nearby will also bring your boat with you
    • Honeycore + Mysterious frames now have a durability of 10 instead of 5 (this will only affect new frames)
    • Reduced Eternal Lifespan trait from 1200s to 720s (what was I thinking with this)
    • Canisters with liquid can no longer be sold to prevent you losing money
    • Updated Mothense’s Twitter handle in-game (sorry moth <3)
    • Adjusted the hitbox of the LHS buttons on menus so there’s no gap between to highlight things behind
    • Changed the Spanish language icon
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_util_draw_item - variable .d_traits not set before
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_crate1_change - variable .d_traits not set before
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_item_step - .species cannot be resolved
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_util_struct_clone - variable_struct_get_names incorrect type
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_util_draw_item - variable .d_traits not set before
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_slot_draw - unable to find instance
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a major issue in Multiplayer where desyncing could be caused by picking up too many items
    • Fixed a major issue in Multiplayer where desyncing could be caused by placing/removing too many walls/tiles
    • Fixed a major issue in Multiplayer where hosting a newly created world would cause a desynch with friend actions
    • Fixed an issue where if you joined your friends game, save+quit, then loaded your own world it would be your friends world still (which could
    • then lead to losing your save if you “saved” the game after loading that world)
    • Fixed an issue where certain Steam Achievements would not get unlocked if Steam API hadn’t been called correctly
    • Fixed an issue where no Steam Achievements could be unlocked (for people who originally saw the “Steam Not Connected issue in 1.0.0)
    • Fixed an issue where corrupted MP saves of joining friends would remain corrupted
    • Fixed the game crashing when hammering a gate while another gate menu was open
    • Fixed the hotbar getting sorted when sorting the inventory (oops)
    • Fixed the weird “mouse off to the left of the actual mouse” position thing (you know the one)
    • Fixed the water bottle sprite having some junk on it
    • Fixed being able to put a backpack inside itself and then closing itself and having your backpack disappear into itself for eternity
    • Fixed some longer languages overlapping with the Postcard “Set Sail” button
    • Fixed Hivemother Gate items showing as pink cubes
    • Fixed the tooltip button icons of the map + bee book being the wrong way round
    • Fixed the Bottler tank not resetting the liquid type if you used exactly 50bl to empty the tank
    • Fixed the Smoker scent not resetting when the scent timer hit zero
    • Fixed some menu objects being able to become immortal and permanently messing up your perfect lil base layouts
    • Fixed being able to drag a menu with a hammer and cause the menu object to get picked up
    • Fixed Magazines not having their high contrast variants for high contrast text mode
    • Fixed being able to get infinite grass on tiles that have stuff on them (maybe?)
    • Fixed Barnabee somehow managing to give you an impossible bee quest
    • Fixed noticeboard visuals going wrong after > 5 quests completed
    • You can now use Control + Shift + R to hard restart the game, allowing you to quick reload for LUA text changes (LUA files are only read when you actually select a save)
    • Added a new method, “api_is_game_paused()” - you can guess what it does
    • Fixed an issue where modded items would not appear after saving + restarting
    • Fixed the “Hopper” mod from not working correctly with closed menus
    • Fixed the “Uranium Bee” mod where the mod would not load
    • Fixed being able to reduce money to negative
    • Fixed “api_define_flower()” not working correctly
    Modding Docs
    • Fixed sc_define_button not showing that the button click handler has the menu_id as a property


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Wow what a release, thanks so much for everyone who's been playing, leaving us the most wonderful reviews, and helping us clean up some of the less friendly bugs!

    This update is pretty much just various fixes that seemed urgent, including a fix for rejoining your friends MP game crashing / clearing your progress. NOTE: if it's still not loading (from somehow getting corrupted during a crash) you'll need to clear your "players.json" file in %localappdata%

    Also I've tried a slight change to GameMaker's SteamWorks extension that I'm hoping helps the few of you seeing that weird "Steam Not Connected" screen when you're literally in Steam - let me know if it helps! HOWEVER, achievements won't unlock for you - I've had to raise a support request with GameMaker directly. But it's the lesser of 2 evils, either your steam won't initialise and you can't play the game, or no achievements but you can play the game :')

    I'm still looking into the "desync" issue that can sometimes occur for a few of you, usually it would be from bad/busy internet connection but I think there might be something in-game thats triggering a big flow of packets that is overwhelming the other player's socket. If you think you've been able to replicate this desync by doing something specific please come ping me in Discord!

    • Removed wasps (or did I? dun dun dun....)
    • Increased chance of rain each day in the forest from 30% - 35%
    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_slot_set (CENTRIFUGE_ALARM1)
      instance_exists argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_slot_draw (MENU_DRAW)
      Unable to find instance for object index
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_util_discover_item (MENU_CHANGE)
      Variable <unknown_object>.shiny(100020, -2147483648) cannot be resolved.
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_util_create_item (BUTTON_CLICK)
      ds_map_find_value argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
    • Fixed gml_Script_sc_slot_validate (MOD_CLOCK)
      Variable <unknown_object>.uncapped(100359, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    Bug Fixes
    • Potentially fixed the "No Steam Connected" issue some people were seeing?
    • Fixed an issue where rejoining a friends hosted game would crash you as your player save wasn't read correctly
    • Fixed removing SirSengir Statue (how dare you) leaves a "Dev Wall" item you can't remove (Unfortunately for now you'll be stuck with this if you already hammered him!)
    • Fixed shift-clicking beebox output messing up the counts
    • Fixed in-game MP menu not having an overlay
    • Fixed in-game MP menu not pausing the game when opened via the hosting notification
    • Fixed high-contrast text mode showing invisible noticeboard quest text
    • Fixed high-contrast text mode showing invisible postcard text
    • Floored some cropped text on the modding, multiplayer, and controls menus


    Hey Beekeepers!

    Yeah yeah I know, bit late posting but we got there in the end!! I hope you've all been enjoying your visit to Port APICO :D

    If you've got the time, we'd really appreciate if you can leave us a review! It's the best way you can help us out as indies <3

    Without further ado, here's the patch notes for 1.0!

    • The game is out now (durr)
    • Added High Contrast Text mode (experimental!)
    • Increased shiny chance from 5% to 8%
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed world lagging for a few minutes when starting a new world until a restart due to every beehive in the world being active (oops)
    • Fixed gamepad device selection button on PC flickering a lot
    • Fixed beeboxes not working with a gamepad
    • Fixed being able to paint NPCs on gamepad (poor Green Skipper)
    • Fixed in-game settings/controls/access menus having their close button hidden (ESC still closed them)
    • Fixed crash "gml_Object_ob_slot_Alarm_1 - Unable to find instance for object index"
    • Fixed crash "gml_Script_sc_button_press - Unable to find instance for object index"
    • Fixed crash "gml_Script_sc_beebank_draw - ds_map_find_value argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number"
    • Fixed Backpacks sometimes close themselves with no apparent cause.
    • Fixed lag between clicking button amount and box update in Workbench
    • Fixed birbs facing right when flying left (oh god)
    • Fixed showing an extra chapter in the bee book
    • Fixed unread quests not showing the "!!!" icon
    • Fixed beehive preview not showing on hover, same for crates
    • Fixed holding hammer in slot 0 and using backpack can give player a HP bar (you couldn't kill the player tho boooo)
    • Fixed hive noises play when hive is sleeping
    • Fixed focus mode not selectable on PC
    • Fixed beebox preview is pink cube when no species
    • Fixed bin text button off by 1px (it was annoying me)
    • Fixed boat wake sprite slightly offset
    • Fixed magazine tooltip not showing right-click to open
    • Fixed backpacks not being able to be selected the first time they're opened (maybe they're just shy)
    • Fixed that if you try and hammer the hallowed gate/altar you can’t then remove them once you unlock the axe
    • Fixed dropped gate item is pink for a sec
    • Fixed opening a menu object near the top of the window on PC opens the inventory twice
    • Fixed Lost+Found giving you loads of noticeboard (why do you need that many)
    • Fixed bottler always says "bottling Apicola"
    • Fixed eebank scrolling buttons not active
    • Fixed buzzing sound on errored hive
    • Fixed hives with errors still charging honeycore machines
    • Fixed backpacks not opening after saving
    • Fixed Flower1 seed tooltip having the wrong name
    • Fixed mods not loading if you save+quit and reload the same world with the same mods on
    • Fixed mod icons not showing properly