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In APICO, you can add mods to expand your game and add new mechanics and features not available in the base game! If you're interested, you can even start modding the game yourself!

Here you can find all the general information and resources around mods and modding.
You can find a list of all mods on the Mod List page.


Mods for APICO!

Downloading Mods

If you're playing APICO and want to download mods, you can do it right from inside the game! From the home screen you can click on "Mods" and the game will retrieve all the approved mods that are available. Once downloaded you can choose to activate or deactivate any of your mods before starting your game. Mods are not available in the Demo.

You can also install mods not from the approved list by downloading them from the main Mod List, and using the Sideloader.
We cannot recommend these mods for security reasons so install unapproved mods at your own risk!

Creating Mods

If you want to start creating mods, you can read our Getting Started and get stuck in!
To make your mod "official" you will need to upload it to via our APICO Modloader tool and get it approved. Although players can choose to side-load APICO with any mod they download, they will get shown a warning around the mod when activated.

Modding API

If you've read out Getting Started guide and are eager to get modding, check out our API Reference which details all API methods along with example LUA code for a bunch of different use-cases.

You can also check out our APICO Modders Github for ideas and inspiration!