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Read ahead at yer own risk!

"There's nothing more left to teach you, in fact at this point you could probably teach me a thing or two eh?"

In APICO there are 39 achievements to collect covering a whole variety of different mechanics and secrets. Achievements are unlocked automatically when the required action is taken.

Achievements are currently only visibly unlocked and viewable while playing on Steam, Utomik, or PlayStation.


Game Mechanics


These are all the achievements in the game and how to unlock them! Spoilers ahead, obviously!

Locked Unlocked Name Description How To Unlock
Plant Some Darn Trees Chop down a lot of trees and annoy a lot of forest spirits Chop down 50 trees in a row without planting an acorn
Can't See The Wood For The Trees Plant so many darn trees Plant 500 trees
Ooops Forget to put away your hammer and cause an... accident Hammer a crate with some items in it
Living in Each Other's Pockets Use a hammer on something you didn't expect could be hammered Hammer any NPC
Commitment and Sheer Will Who needs tools to chop down trees when you have fists? Punch a tree down instead of using an axe
No Rest Stay up for days on end, powered purely by your love of beekeeping Don't sleep for 5 days (in one session)
Scrooge McBee Save up an eye-watering amount of Rubees Get $999 money
An Army Of Beeatrice Make an entire army of bees with Beeatrice Get at least 20 beeatrices (bees that are the offspring of the first bee given to you in the guidebook)
It Came To Me In A Dream Discover the mysterious Dream Bee Discover the Dream Bee
Life... Finds A Way... Uncover the forgotten Jurassic Bee Discover the Jurassic Bee
Fizzy Whizzy Let's Get Busy Create and bottle your very own home-made Apicola Make + bottle some Apicola
Ooh Shiny Find a blessed species variant Discover a blessed variant (shiny versions)
Hivemother's Favour Find 10 blessed species variants Discover 10 blessed variants (shiny versions)
Holy Orders Find all blessed species variants Discover all blessed variants (shiny versions)
First Steps Complete the introduction quests in Grandpa's Guide Complete the introduction quests
Following In Their Footsteps Complete 15 different chapters in Grandpa's Guide Complete 15 quests
A Keeper Through And Through Complete all chapters of Grandpa's Guide Complete all quests
Learning The Ropes Discover your first new bee species Discover your first species
Keeping Is In Our Blood Discover 15 different species of bees Discover 15 species
Master Apiarist Discover all different species of bees Discover all species (not including the Glitched Bee)
Breaking News Fully conservate a bee species by getting it's status to Thriving Conserve 1 species
Making Headlines Fully conservate 15 bee species by getting their status to Thriving Conserve 15 species
Living Legend Fully conservate all bee species by getting all their statuses to Thriving Conserve all species
What Do We Do With a Drunken Sailor Complete 5 quests for Skipper at the Town Noticeboard Complete 5 quests for Skipper at the Noticeboard
Doctors Orders Complete 5 quests for Beenjamin at the Town Noticeboard Complete 5 quests for Beenjamin at the Noticeboard
The Hero APICO Needs Complete 5 quests for the town at the Town Noticeboard Complete 5 quests for the town at the Noticeboard
What're Ya Buying? Buy something from a stranger Buy something from the Merchant
Hehehe... Thank You Buy something for an extortionate amount from a stranger Buy the Beebank from the Merchant
Music Makes Me Lose Control Play a music track on a Jukebox Play a track on a Jukebox
Number 1 Fan Collect all the music tracks Collect all music tracks
Like Clockwork Craft all 4 clockwork machines Get all clockwork machines
Powered By Bees Purchase all 3 honeycore machines Get all honeycore machines
Kiss From A Rose Discover your first flower species Discover your first flower
Flower Power Discover 5 different species of flower Discover 5 flowers
Green Thumb Discover all species of flower Discover all flowers
Who Needs Boats? Activate and use an a Hivemother Gate Use a Hivemother Gate to teleport
UNKNOWN_BEE_EXCEPTION Grab a bee that you shouldn't touch, you rascal Get the Glitched Bee from the Dev's Hideout
Lost In The Dream Teleport to the Hivemother's Dream
Truly Divine Open the Hivemother's Door Open the Hivemother's Door (after credits)
Gotta Catch'em All! Catch your first butterfly species Discover your first butterfly
Butter Me Up Catch half of all the butterfly species Discover half the butterflies
Nothing But Net Catch all of the butterfly species Discover all the butterflies
Larva Fully repopulate a butterfly species Repopulate a butterfly
Pupa Fully repopulate half of all the butterfly species Repopulate half the butterflies
Imago Fully repopulate all of the butterfly species Repopulate all the butterflies
Checking In Discover your first new solitary bee species Discovery your first solitary bee
Room Service Discover half of all solitary bees species Discover half the solitary bees
Full Board Discover all the solitary bee species Discovery all the solitary bees
Starting Anew Fully repopulate a solitary bee species Repopulate a solitary bee
A Second Chance Fully repopulate half of all the solitary bee species Repopulate half the solitary bees
Begin Again Fully repopulate all the solitary bee species Repopulate all the solitary bees
Moth To A Flame Catch something in your butterfly net you didn't expect Discover Moth(ense)
Totally Obsessed Collect all the bee-sides Buy all the Music Tapes
404_CANT_BELIEVE_NOT_BUTTER Net a butterfly that's not quite finished yet... Discover the Bugged Butterfly
ALL_YOUR_BEES_BEELONG_TO_US Discover a solitary bee that doesn't look quite right... Discover the Hacker Bee