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"APICO is a game about breeding, collecting, and conserving bees!"

In the game you come across over 30 different species of bee - some naturally found in different Biomes, others can only be found by Cross-Breeding species together to form new ones under different conditions, as well as ones found through Bee Hotels!

Bees are split into two types - Social Bees that live and work in beehives, and Solitary Bees that live alone and can be found in hotels


Game Categories

Beehive Item.pngSocial Bees

Social Bees are bees that work in Beehives and Apiaries. They are discovered either naturally in beehives, or through Cross-Breeding different social bees to form new species.

All social bees produce honey, as well as other sorts of Special Produce when used to fill Frames

Large Bee Hotel Item.pngSolitary Bees

Solitary Bees are bees that live alone, and can only be found through Bee Hotels. They are attracted to hotels via different items and Flora, each species having it's own preferred set of items as well as preferred environment.

When using Habitats to attract specific solitary bee species, they will leave their own Special Produce when they finish visiting the habitat.

Visually in-game solitary bees are a lot "thinner" than social bees, and each have their own colour across the whole of their body (rather than just coloured markings like the social bees).

Common Bee.pngTier 1

Tier 1 is made up of are all bees that can be found in the Forests.

Social Bees

Common Bee.png
Forest Bee.png
Verge Bee.png
Uncommon Bee.png

Solitary Bees

Cutter Bee.png
Scrapper Bee.png
Delver Bee.png
Feller Bee.png

Verdant Bee.pngTier 2

Tier 2 is made up of social bees only found through Cross-Breeding Tier 1 bees together, as well as some bees found natively in the Swamps.

Social Bees

Verdant Bee.png
Vibrant Bee.png
Drowsy Bee.png
Misty Bee.png
Dream Bee.png
Murky Bee.png
Muggy Bee.png
Glowing Bee.png
Rocky Bee.png

Solitary Bees

Lounger Bee.png
Preserver Bee.png
Burrower Bee.png
Borrower Bee.png

Regal Bee.pngTier 3

Tier 3 is made up of social bees only found through Cross-Breeding Tier 2 bees together, as well as some bees found natively in the Tundra.

Social Bees

Regal Bee.png
Worker Bee.png
Stubborn Bee.png
Domesticated Bee.png
Hermit Bee.png
Twilight Bee.png
Frosty Bee.png
Fiery Bee.png
Jurassic Bee.png

Solitary Bees

Freezer Bee.png
Igniter Bee.png
Excavator Bee.png

Crystal Bee.pngTier 4

Tier 4 is made up of social bees found through Cross-Breeding Tier 3 bees together, as well as a native bee found in the Hallows.

Tier 4 introduces social bees that have traits at the absolute limits (i.e. 1 and 7).
Tier 4 also introduces social bees that have special Area of Effects that will effect other bees, such as the Arctic Bee which acts as a Cooler.

Social Bees

Crystal Bee.png
Ancient Bee.png
Bohemian Bee.png
Prolific Bee.png
Industrial Bee.png
Chaotic Bee.png
Arctic Bee.png
Blazing Bee.png
Empress Bee.png
Melodic Bee.png
Lightning Bee.png
Hallowed Bee.png

Solitary Bees

Slumberer Bee.png
Lunar Bee.png

Sacred Bee.pngTier 5

Tier 5 contains special bees found as part of the story or through secrets.

Sacred Bee.png
Glitched Bee.png
Hacker Bee.png