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"Used to cool down the surrounding area to feel like a colder climate."

The Cooler is one of two climate modifying machines that allows the player to create a different localised Climate to the one they are currently in. This allows bees that usually like colder weather to work in warmer climates.


Beekeeping Machine

Item Sprite

OID cooler

Buy 400 Rubees | Sell 250 Rubees

General Info

The Cooler uses Snowballs as fuel, and when powered will create a radius of colder climate within 100px. When inside this radius the player will see the climate indicator in the top-left change to show that the climate within that area has been changed.

Tropic climate will become Temperate, Temperate climate will become Polar, and Polar climate will become Arctic (the only way to get the Arctic Bee).

Menu Help

  • 1. Cooler Fuel
  • 2. Extra Storage


This item can be bought for 400 Rubees from Dr Beenjamin BhD.

This item can be sold for 250 Rubees.

Before being able to buy this item, the player needs to have discovered at least 20 bee species.