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"Now it's probably about time you starting making some money from all your hard-earned produce! After all there's mouths to feed, bills to pay, forest rent due..."

Money in APICO is split into two categories - Rubees and Honeycore! Rubees are the standard currency in the game that things can be sold or bought for. Honeycore is a special currency that is gained by selling mined Honeycore to Bobbee. Honeycore can only currently be spent in Bobbee's shop.


Game Mechanics


Rubees can be made in several ways:

The most money that can be for a single item is by making Apicola and then handing it into Skipper's Noticeboard quests, as this gives the player Mainlander Money which can be sold for the most amount of Rubees.


Honeycore can be got in two ways:

As Honeycore can be mined for free, buying from the Merchant costs money but does allow you to "convert" Rubees into Honeycore if you have a surplus of Rubees.


  • Based on the Merchants selling price, the exchange rate works out as 50 Rubees to 3 Honeycore.
  • The existence of Mainlander Money implies that Rubees only work as currency around the islands of Port APICO