Bottled Liquids

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"Now we've got honey we can start putting it to good use and make some Apicola!"

If it fits in the Bottler, it can be turned into a bottled liquid! Most commonly used with Apicola, but Water, Resin and Honey can all be packaged into Bottles.

Bottled Liquids

Item Group

Item Sprite


Liquid Result Tooltip Info
Refreshing Water, plastic free! Can be sold for money. Used in crafting, or can be sold for 1 Rubee.
Sticky resin, so gloopy! Can be sold for money. Sells for 2 Rubees.
Glorious Honey! Can be sold for money. Sells for 10 Rubees.
Delicious Apicola! Can be sold or drank when infused. Apicola can be infused with different Spices when being bottled to give it special effects when drunk. Bottled Apicola sells for 15 Rubees, while infused Apicola sells for 20 Rubees.