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"You can also infuse your Apicola with spices that give a variety of special effects, like increased speed, night vision, or even a headache the following day!"

Spices are special items that can be used to infuse Apicola to give it special effects when drunk, as well as make it more valuable.

Spices can be got through Social Bees via Special Produce, or found in various crates generated in the world.


Item Group

Apise Item.png

Mead Bottle Item.pngSpices

There are currently 5 different spices available in the game:

Spice Information
Spice Bee Sell Price Apicola Price Apicola Effect
Apise Item.png
Apise Dream Bee 2 Rubees 20 Rubees Increases Movement Speed for 120s
Calidus Item.png
Calidus Hermit Bee 2 Rubees 20 Rubees Increases Night Vision for 360s
Roburrum Item.png
Roburrum Jurassic Bee 2 Rubees 20 Rubees Increases tree chopping speed for 30s
Temperus Item.png
Temperus Ancient Bee 2.5 Rubees 20 Rubees Speed up time for 240s
Combustus Item.png
Combustus Blazing Bee 2.5 Rubees 20 Rubees Pause time 120s