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"It was jolly good to have yah aboard again matey... takes me back! Do yah still remember yah way around the place?"

Even though each world is randomly generated when created, there are a few fixed locations that can be found in the world! There are also some randomly generated structures in each Biome that have various crates that can contain useful items or bees.


Game Mechanics


This is the starting location, the titular port APICO! Here the player can find a lot of the starting NPCs and some useful machines to get them started.

Skipper's Docks

Within Port APICO Skipper can be found down at the docks. Skipper sells an assortment of useful items, including a Standard Boat when you have discovered enough species, which allows the player to travel to other Biomes

Nana's House

Within Port APICO Nana Beelia can be found at her house to the south-west. Unlike most NPCs Nana doesn't sell anything, although she does provide encouragement to the player as they progress.

Inside Nana's house the player can find a Bookshelf that shows them all of their in-game stats, as well as a crate that contains the first 3 Magazines.

Beetrix's Workshop

Within Port APICO Beetrix can be found at her place to the north-west. Beetrix will sell a variety of different crafting related items, and will comment on the players progress as they progress to clockwork and then honeycore machines.

Inside Beetrix's house are a few useful machines like the Sawbench and the Anvil.

Beenjamin's Study

Within Port APICO both Dr Beenjamin BhD and Barnabee can be found at Beenjamin's place to the north-east. Beenjamin sells different beekeeping related items and can give hints on undiscovered species, Barnabee will sell any bees that the player has discovered.

In the garden of Beenjamin's place the player can find a Basic Apiary, Uncapping Bench, and an Extractor which makes it a useful point to get started.

Sto's Shack

The the west of the initial forest island, the player can find Dr Sto Beelit BhD, along with a Butterfly House. Talking to Sto will give the player Books#Sto's Journal and let them start playing with the Butterfly mechanics in the game.

Codey's Outpost

The the east of the second main forest island, the player can find Dr Codey Mathive BD, along with a Bee Hotel. Talking to Codey will give the player Books#Codey's Notes and let them start playing with the Solitary Bee mechanics in the game.

Mothense's Camp

Out to the top north-east of the world Mothense can be found on a small island. Mothense will sell the player various Music Tracks as well as the Jukebox.

Whenever the player is nearby Mothense will play the track "Vulpes" on loop.

Abbee's Greenhouse

Out in the Swamps towards the south Abbee can be found in her greenhouse. Abbee will sell any flowers the player has discovered as well as a few decorative items. She will also comment on the player's flower discovery progress.

Due to the amount of crates and raintanks, her place can be a good place to find useful items and water.

Bobbee's Forge

Out in the Biomes#Tundra towards the south Bobbee can be found in their forge. Bobbee will sell the player special honeycore tools and machines in exchange for Honeycore - unlike most other NPCs that will use Rubees. They will comment on the player's various progress with honeycore items.

Read ahead at yer own risk!

Dev's Hideout

The Dev's Hideout is a secret area that can only be found after three Hivemother Gates have been activated. After 3 are active there is a 10% chance the player will be teleported to the Dev's Hideout instead of their intended destination when using a gate if the player has not discovered the Glitched Bee.

Here the player can find the devs, ellraiser and metakitkat, who will comment on their appearance. To leave the player either needs to pick up the Glitched Bee or respawn by holding R / L+R.

Hivemother's Dream

After unlocking all four Hivemother Gates in the world, a 5th location will become available on the gate map to teleport to. Using this teleport marker will take the player to the Hivemother's Dream and start a dialogue with Nana who is also there.

The dream is similar to the Hallows except all the water is white and Time stays stuck in the same position.

Grandparent's Workshop

In the Hivemother's Dream the player comes across Nana sitting outside their grandparent's workshop. There isn't many items here but both Bookshelf items are present to help the player check progress

Hivemother's Door

To the north of the Hivemother's Dream if the player follows the path they will come to the Hivemother's Door, a large door etched with a bee icon for all species in the game. In front of the door is a Hivemother Shrine that the player can use to get the Sacred Bee by placing all 6 of the Idols in it.

When coming to the door the bee icons will light up for each bee discovered.

If all bees are discovered then the ending sequence will beging, followed by the credits.

After opening the door once, the door will stay open. All bees created when the door has been opened will be blessed, and visually will show as white bees in the overworld that glow, instead of the usual yellow.

All NPCs will have new dialogue after opening the door.