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"Oh, nettles, you startled me. I don't get many guests - it's normally just me and my frie... my plants! N-n-not that I'm lonely, thank you, they make for fascinating conversation..."

Abbee is a botanist, her home and greenhouse are located in the Swamps, with flowers and plants as her only companions. They are having great conversations though!

She is protective of nature and initially distrusting of the player, but warms up to them as the Abbee's Folio fills up with new flower species.

Like most NPCs, Abbee can be picked up with a link={{{link}}} to be moved to other places.



Shop Bust
In-Game SpriteItem Sprite


You can buy the following items from Abbee at any time:

You can also buy the following special items from the "specials" section, that is always on a rotation every 10 minutes:


When you speak to Abbee, she'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Greeting - ...oh! Hello, beekeeper.
Default Dialogue Hello? Anyone in here? ...AH!

Oh, nettles, you startled me. I don't get many guests - it's normally just me and my frie... my plants! N-n-not that I'm lonely, thank you, they make for fascinating conversation...

Crumbs! You're not here to take them from me are you?! Take, take, take - your kind are all the same!

Oh. Oh! Really? I knew something was odd about you. Like, good odd, y'know. What are you looking for, beekeeper?
Asking about butterflies What do all these butterflies do? Oh! I'm so glad you asked! I l-l-love butterflies! They help my little babies...I mean, flowers, to pollinate. Their presence is very soothing, y'know!
Asking about Cross-Mutation Do you know anything about cross mutation? Oh oh oh! I know this one! Cross mutation is what happens to flowers that are near enough butterflies - specifically from a butterfly hotel.

This can cause nearby flowers to evolve into another version - the butterflies help them to live their best lives! How lovely is that?
6 flowers discovered I made some flowers grow! This is fun! I admit I had my suspicions about you, beekeeper - (I know, I know, I'm telling them!) - but I'm gladdened to be proven wrong. My plants were r-r-right and I should have listened. Well done on discovering six flowers!
8 flowers discovered I think I'm getting the hang of this... H-h-hang on, so many flowers discovered... are you sure you're a beekeeper? Not a botanist? Uh... have you ever considered a career change? We could use a friend like you!
10 flowers discovered Look, I found a strange new species! Where did you find them all... was it the tundra? Those poor darlings! Did you bring any back? Can... can I see?
Having met the Merchant I keep seeing a strange hooded figure in the forest... W-w-weeds and reeds, you can see them too! I thought I was about to be robbed! Gosh, all this time, we thought we were going crazy! Thank you, beekeeper!
13 flowers discovered I've discovered so many wonderful things, Abbee! Thirteen different types - crumbs! Even I didn't know so much variety existed! C-c-come in properly - ignore the stain - sit! Here...have some, er, tea. You must tell me everything!
After 500 trees planted I planted some trees to replace those I cut down. A forest owes its existence to you, Beekeeper! Not many of your kind can say that.
After 500 seeds planted I am really enjoying botany! You have planted so many of my kith and kin... Such dedication to the cause! You are always welcome here, friend of the flowers.
Hivemother's Door opened Are you okay, Abbee?
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
Oh, oh b-b-beekeeper! Nettles and thistles, did you feel that!

It was like a... wave of emotion washed over me and my plants - like Mother Nature herself breathed the biggest sigh of relief!

It felt like... like peace. Why do I get the feeling you had a hand in this? W-what are you smiling at!