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Hoho!!! I think you're ready for a new adventure, sonny! I've just finished a little gift for yah - she's small, but shes got spirit! I daresay she should help yah get around the other Islands!

The islands of APICO are split into different biomes, each one having it's own unique elements, Bees, Flowers, and in some areas, a unique Climate.

At the beginning of the game you start in Port APICO, which is located in the Forests. As you progress through the game and discovery enough bees you'll unlock the Standard Boat (bought from Skipper) which lets you travel across water to the other islands.


Game Mechanics


This is the starting biome and also the most neutral biome in the game. The forests count as a Temperate climate, so any species with that climate trait will happily work here.

There are several seperate forest islands generated, all of which are found to the north of the world.

Forest islands are mostly made of large blocky shapes, with an average amount of rivers and lakes generated in them.

Rain can occur in the forests, with a 35% chance of occurring every day after the 4th day.


The swamps are found to the south-east of the world, and are usually the first other biome the player encounters. The swamps count as a Tropic climate, so unless a species likes a hotter climate they will refuse to work here (without a Cooler active).

Swamp islands have a massively increased amount of rivers and lakes generated in them, meaning a lot of the swamps will be mostly waterways.

It will always Rain every day in the swamps, although the time will vary. Rain is more intense in the swamps and lightning can also occur randomly.


The tundra is found to the south-west of the world, and is the only place that it can Snow in the game. The tundra counts as a Polar climate, so unless a species likes a colder climate they will refuse to work here (without a Heater active).

Tundra islands have a much lower amount of rivers and lakes, and all shallow water is replaced with ice that will cause the player to skid around. For the purposes of building, ice counts as a solid floor.

The tundra is one of the two biomes that will have Honeycore spawned in it.

Snow can occur in the tundra, with a 35% chance of occurring every day after the 4th day.

File:Coral Item.pngCoral Reef



The hallows are found in the middle of the world, and are unique in the fact that they cannot be accessed or interacted with until the player recieves Grandpa's Axe. Trying to chop down any hallow trees without this axe will show "Only Grandpa's Axe can chop down these trees!". Although you can still walk through these trees with the Walk Through Trees accessibility option enabled, you still can't use the Hivemother Gate until you have the axe.

Honeycore is spawned in the hallows at a much higher rate than in the tundra, and trees are much more densely populated than in other biomes.

Regardless of the time of day, the hallows will constantly have an effect similar to that seen at Dawn.

File:Coral Item.pngDeep Sea


File:Coral Item.pngGeode Caves