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"Looks like yah settlin' in just fine, matey!! You'll be a beekeeping master in no time!"

In APICO there a few different accessibility options that have been added to try and make certain things easier, clearer, or less frustrating. If you have an idea for any other accessibility options we could be including please let us know!

Accessibility options can be accessed through the settings menu both on the home screen and in-game. Using accessibility options does not affect achievements in any way.


Game Mechanics


These are all the accessibility options currently in the game:

Option Description
Mechanisms move automatically Instead of having to drag the mechanisms in machines with the mouse or using arrow keys, the mechanisms will move automatically themselves
Walk through trees This removes collision from trees, allowing you to freely walk through them
Always expand tooltips Tooltips will always be expanded at all times, saving you having to hold shift/L/R
Hybrid offspring always mutates Foregoes the extra per-species chance of Mutation, meaning as long as your hybrid queen is the right species combination, and the conditions are right, any hybrid offspring will always mutate into a new species.
High Contrast Slots Adds a bright pink background to all slots to increase contrast between slots and items
High Contrast Text Updates books and tooltips to use a dark background, and changes a few text colors to have much higher contrast
Focus Mode (PC Only) Changes the game into focus mode, which is what gamepad mode uses - this is where only one menu can be opened at a time, and when opened the menu will fade out the world slightly to make the menu more visible