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"I was looking through Grandpa's old things and found the Guidebook he was writing. There seems to be quite a lot missing so maybe you can fill in the rest! It would mean a lot to us both."

Quests are missions the player can complete for rewards. There are two types of quests, chapters in Grandpa's Guide and tasks at the Noticeboard. Both types grant the player a reward when the requirement item/s are met.

To meet the requirement the player needs to have the items in their inventory or any open menus when trying to hand in the quest. Book quests do not use up the requirement items, however Noticeboard quests do.


Game Mechanics

Screenshot Quests.png

Book1 Item.pngBook Quests

These are all the quests found in Grandpa's Guide, as well as what further quests are unlocked, if any:

Overview Icon Quest Name Category Overview Requirement Reward Unlocks
Book1 Item.png

Welcome to APICO

Introduction Explains the guide book and closing menus None 1
Common Bee.png
with Beeatrice active
Getting Around
Book4 Item.png

Getting Around

Introduction Explains movement and interaction None 1
Wooden Axe Item.png
Gathering Resources
Wooden Axe Item.png

Gathering Resources

Introduction Explains equipping items and the hotbar 10 Logs Item.png 1
Workbench Item.png
Resource Management

Resource Management

Introduction Explains inventory and slots None 1 Crafting
Workbench Item.png


Introduction Explains crafting with the Workbench 1 File:Sawbench Item.png 20
Logs Item.png
Next Steps

Next Steps

Introduction Explains the rest of the book None 1 Wooden Axe Item.png Carpentry 101, Finding Bees, Flower Power, Menu Magic, and Tapping Trees

Carpentry 101

Crafting Explains how to get sticks and planks 10 File:Wood Planks Item.png and 10 File:Wood Sticks.png 50 Basic Tools and Get Building
Wooden Pickaxe Item.png

Basic Tools

Crafting Explains the main 4 types of tools 1 Wooden Axe Item.png, 1 Wooden Spade Item.png, 1 Wooden Pickaxe Item.png, and 1 Wooden Hammer Item.png 50
Stone Item.png
Wooden Hammer Item.png

Get Building

Crafting Explains walls and tiles 16 File:Wood Flooring Item.png and 16 File:Wood Wall Item.png 1
Stone Hammer Item.png
Paint The Town
Paintbrush Item.png

Paint The Town

Crafting Explains dyes and painting 1 Paintbrush Item.png 32
Red Dye Item.png

Like Clockwork

Crafting Explains clockwork machines 1 File:Sawmill Item.png 5 None

Sweet To The Core

Crafting Explains honeycore machines 1 File:Sawmill2 Item.png 10 None

Menu Magic

Tips and Tricks Explains help overlays and moving menus around None 1 Advanced Controls and Keeping Organised

Advanced Controls

Tips and Tricks Explains shift-clicking and target menus None 5
Beepollen Item.png

Keeping Organised

Tips and Tricks Explains sorting for menus None 1 Picture Perfect
Sign Item.png

Picture Perfect

Tips and Tricks Explains photo mode None 5
Sticky Pearl Item.png
Waiting Around
Bed Item.png

Waiting Around

Tips and Tricks Explains using benches and beds None 1 None
Common Bee.png

Finding Bees

Beekeeping Explains how to get bees 1 Common Bee.png, 1 Forest Bee.png, and 1 Verge Bee.png 1
Beehive Item.png
Beekeeping 101
Book3 Item.png

Flower Power

Beekeeping Explains how to get flowers 1 Honeyrose Item.png, 1 Beekeeper's Delight Item.png, and 1 Swarmwort Item.png 1
Book3 Item.png
Beehive Item.png

Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping Explains how to use beehives and make queens 10 Common Bee.png and 10 File:Honeycomb Item.png 10 Pimp My Hive

Pimp My Hive

Beekeeping Explains man-made apiaries and frames 1 File:Basic Apiary Item.png and 1 File:Wooden Frame Item.png 1
Book2 Item.png
What's In The Box?, Crossbreeding, and Uncapping Frames

What's In The Box?

Beekeeping Explains beeboxes and what they're for 1 File:Beebox Item.png 10 None
Book2 Item.png


Beekeeping Explains cross-breeding and mutations 1 Verdant Bee.png and 1 Predictor Item.png 2 Rehabeelitate


Beekeeping Explains the Rehabilitator and conservation status 1 File:Rehab Item.png 1 None

Uncapping Frames

Beekeeping Explains uncapping frames and propolis 10 File:Propolis Item.png 2 Extracting Honey

Extracting Honey

Beekeeping Explains extracting frames and getting honey 5 File:Beeswax Item.png 1 The Need... For Mead and Making Money

The Need... For Mead

Beekeeping Explains how to make mead from honey 1 Bottler Item.png and 1 File:Fermenter Item.png 5
Bottle Item.png
Skipper Item.png

Making Money

Beekeeping Explains NPC shops None 5 Give Me Space, Microscope It Out, More Resin, Less Mess, Set Sail!, and Demo Challenge (in the Demo only)
Microscope Item.png

Microscope It Out

Beekeeping Explains using a microscope to see traits 1 Microscope Item.png 5
Honeydew Item.png

Smokey Eyes

Beekeeping Explains using smokers to calm down grumpy bees 1 File:Smoker Item.png and 20 File:Sawdust Bricks Item.png 20
Honeyrose Item.png
Heater Item.png

Climate Control

Beekeeping Explains using heaters and coolers to affect climate 1 Heater Item.png and 1 File:Cooler Item.png 30 None

Tapping Trees

Liquids Explains how to get resin from trees 1 File:Treetap Item.png 1 Keep It Flowing and Quests#It Rains, It Pours

It Rains, It Pours

Liquids Explains how to gather rain to use for mead 1 File:Raintank Item.png 2 None
Barrel Item.png

Keep It Flowing

Liquids Explains crafting canisters and barrels 1 File:Wooden Canister Item.png and 1 Barrel Item.png 1
Barrel Item.png
Cold Infusion

Cold Infusion

Liquids Explains using an infuser to make treated planks and sticks with resin 10 File:Treated Planks Item.png and 10 link={{{link}}} 2 Getting An Upgrade and Like Clockwork

Getting An Upgrade

Liquids Explains advanced apiaries and swarmers 1 File:Advanced Apiary Item.png and 1 File:Swarmer Item.png 2 None

More Resin, Less Mess

Liquids Explains how to use a squeezer to get resin from logs / acorns 1 File:Squeezer Item.png 5
Waxy Pearl Item.png
Backpack Item.png

Give Me Space

Exploration Explains backpacks 1 Backpack Item.png 5
Comb Fragment Item.png
Boat Item.png

Set Sail!

Exploration Explains boats and other islands 1 Boat Item.png 5
Hivedust Item.png
Sweet To The Core, Blessed Bee, Swamp Thing, The Icebee Cometh, Smokey Eyes
Swamp Idol Item.png

Swamp Thing

Exploration Explains the swamp biomes 5 File:Muggy Bee.png, 5 Hivesbane Item.png, and 5 Pondshine Item.png 10 None
Polar Idol Item.png

The Icebee Cometh

Exploration Explains the tundra biomes 5 File:Frosty Bee.png, 5 Frosteria Item.png and 5 Honeydrop Item.png 2 None
Forest Idol Item.png

Blessed Bee

Exploration Explains altars and idols 1 Forest Idol Item.png, 1 Swamp Idol Item.png, and 1 Polar Idol Item.png 1 Forgotten Paths

Forgotten Paths

Exploration Explains gates and gives a hint towards the 5th marker None 5 None

Demo Challenge

Challenge A final "challenge for the demo 5 Uncommon Bee.png, 5 Verdant Bee.png, 5 Vibrant Bee.png, 5 Drowsy Bee.png, 5 Misty Bee.png, and 5 Dream Bee.png 1 None

File:Noticeboard Item.pngNoticeboard Quests

Noticeboard quests are accessed by the Noticeboard in town, and are split into 3 categories. Each category has 5 quests that are predetermined, after which the player can choose to keep doing the quests indefinitely and new ones will be randomly generated.

After the 5th quest the player will unlock an Achievement, but can still choose to carry on indefinitely.

Beenjamin's Tests

Set by Dr Beenjamin BhD, these quests ask for a bee with specific traits that are not found naturally on that species, encouraging the player to experiment with cross-breeding and inheritence

Quest No. Set By Dialogue Requirement Reward
1 Dr Beenjamin BhD They say you have a gift for beekeeping - pah! You may have them fooled, but you have yet to impress me. Pass these tests and maybe I'll recommend you to the Apicademy. A Common Bee with Nocturnal Behavior 1-5 of a random Special Produce
2 Dr Beenjamin BhD This one should be child's play to someone of your... skill. If you solve this one, maybe you'll stop wasting my time and be able to help me with some real research! A Verdant Bee with an Unstable Stability 1-5 of a random Special Produce
3 Dr Beenjamin BhD Here. This particular problem was the subject of my Thesis, the basis of my research - if you can't get your head around this, you're no use to me! No shortcuts! A Regal Bee with a Rapid Lifespan 1-5 of a random Special Produce
4 Dr Beenjamin BhD Your research has proven adequate thus far, {PLAYER}. Hmm. Barnabee has been working on this particular problem and has yet to solve it - perhaps you should take a look with your... unique perspective? A Twilight Bee with a Fastest Productivity 1-5 of a random Special Produce
5 Dr Beenjamin BhD Right, {PLAYER}, take a look at this - do you see the issue? It's a tricky one, for sure. Honestly, I'm at an intellectual stalemate on this one and I'm tired of wasting my tenure on it... A Crystal Bee with a Swarming Fertility 1-5 of a random Special Produce
6+ Dr Beenjamin BhD What more do you want from me! You have my recommendation! What do you mean you're doing this for fun? Is my life's work fun to you! Fine, if you insist, here are some of my unsolvable problems. A random bee species with a specific trait 1-5 of a random Special Produce

Beenjamin will never ask for a specific Climate, instead Barnabee will ask for this in their quests in the "Help Wanted!" noticeboard quests

Help Wanted!

Set by various NPCs, these quests ask for a variety of items, some crafted, some bees. Each NPC has a different pool of things they want and a different pool of rewards. After the 5th quest the order of NPCs is kept, but the requirements and rewards are randomised.

Quest No. Set By Dialogue Requirement Reward
1 Beetrix Hey, {PLAYER}, are you busy? Someone from the Mainland has placed a huge online order and... I don't think I can fill it! Look, this would really help my business grow, {PLAYER}, could you help me out? 4, 8, 16, or 20 of one of the following items: File:Wooden Cog Item.png, File:Wooden Sticks Item.png, File:Wooden Planks Item.png, File:Treated Sticks Item.png, File:Treated Planks Item.png, Waterproof Item.png, File:Glue Item.png, File:Sawdust Item.png, or File:Sawdust Bricks Item.png A random stone tool (axe, hammer, spade, pickaxe)
2 Bobbee Hello {PLAYER}, I hope this finds you well. Skipper informed me (very loudly) that he is looking to trade some of our machines to the Mainlanders, would you be able to help make some? 1 of the following machines: File:Sawmill Item.png, File:Uncapper Item.png, Heater Item.png, File:Cooler Item.png, File:Extractor Item.png, File:Sawbench Item.png, File:Uncapping Bench Item.png, File:Centrifuge Item.png, File:Squeezer Item.png, File:Fermenter Item.png, or a Barrel Item.png 1, 3, 5, or 10
3 Abbee Uh, beekeeper? My plants and I need your help! I'd do it myself but I can't leave them unsupervised... you understand! 4, 8, 16, or 20 of a random Flower or Seed 8, 16, 24, or 32 of a random Dye
4 Barnabee Hey, hotshot! Say - are you busy? Got a real doozy from the Professor and I just can't seem to solve it! You wouldn't mind taking a shot would you? You'll get a kick out of it, I swear! A random bee species with a climate other than what it naturally spawns with 1, 2, or 3 of a random Frame
5 Merchant Fancy doing a fella a solid, stranger? No discounts, mind... 1, 2, or 3 of a random Bottled Liquid A random Music Track
6+ One of the above NPCs but in the same order, i.e. 6 is Beetrix, 7 is Bobbee etc Same as above Same as above Save as above

The Merchant's quests are a great way to get tracks for cheap, as bottles are usually a lot cheaper / easier to produce, however the tracks are random and ignore if you have already received that track before.

Captains Orders

Set by Skipper, these quests ask for increasingly higher quantities of mead. Based on the amount of mead handed in the player is give an equal amount of Mainlander Money which sells for the most out of all items in the game. By making mead and handing it in through these quests the player can easily make a lot of money

Quest No. Set By Dialogue Requirement Reward
1 Skipper All hands on deck, {PLAYER}! Got a business proposition fer yah - see, our secrets out and the Mainlanders have caught wind of APICO mead. What say you and I show ‘em what a legend tastes like, eh? Ho ho ho! 1 File:Mead Item.png 1
Mainlander Money Item.png
2 Skipper Oh boy, oh boy, that batch went down a treat. A proper shot across the bows to that Mainland dishwater they call mead! How abouts we make a lil more, eh? 3 File:Mead Item.png 3
Mainlander Money Item.png
3 Skipper {PLAYER}! Yer famous matey! Mainland's been a'buzzin with talk of the new Brewmaster - that's you, mind. Fancy doing me a few barrels this time? Don't tell yah Nana. 5 File:Mead Item.png 5
Mainlander Money Item.png
4 Skipper Neptune's beard matey, that last batch - hic! - knocked seven bells out of me... them! What else you got up your sleeve? 1 File:Mead1 Item.png 1
Mainlander Money Item.png
5 Skipper Right, {PLAYER}, no mucking about this time - let's make some waves. Mainlanders are having their annual fete, and we've been asked to provide the provisions - let's show ‘em what APICO mead is made of! 3 File:Mead2 Item.png 3
Mainlander Money Item.png
6+ Skipper Ho ho ho! I like the cut of your jib, {PLAYER}! It's time for the real challenge; mead enough to satiate the Krakenbee - if she even exists! Just t'warn yah though matey, there's no end to this one and yer doing it fer the joy of it. 1-5 of a random type of Bottled Liquids A matching amount of
Mainlander Money Item.png

Sign Item.pngTrivia

  • Quests in the book used to originally give XP that would level up the player. XP was also gained from breeding new bees and was used to unlock items in the shop before it was changed to use the number of bees discovered for gating items.
  • Skipper's dialogue makes it questionable if the mead actually reaches the mainland or not