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"Can be used with a Brush to paint tiles, walls, and objects!"

Dyes are a special item that are either crafted from Flowers or produced by special bees.

Dyes allow you to "paint" objects, tiles, and walls by using them with a .


Decoration Item

Item Sprite

General Info

Each flower has it's own corresponding dye, with the other few dyes being produced by bees as their Special Produce. For flower-based dyes, these dyes are crafted at the using 8 of the given flower.

Dye Sprite Source

Red Dye

Red Dye Sprite

Blue Dye

Blue Dye Sprite

Yellow Dye

Yellow Dye Sprite

Green Dye

Green Dye Sprite

Orange Dye

Orange Dye Sprite

Purple Dye

Purple Dye Sprite

Black Dye

Black Dye Sprite

White Dye

White Dye Sprite

Gold Dye

Gold Dye Sprite

Turquoise Dye

Turquoise Dye Sprite

Lime Dye

Lime Dye Sprite

Pink Dye

Pink Dye Sprite

Brown Dye

Brown Dye Sprite

Shrouded Dye

Shrouded Dye Sprite

Sparkling Dye

Sparkling Dye Sprite

Glowing Dye

Glowing Dye Sprite

Icy Dye

Icy Dye Sprite

Hallowed Dye

Hallowed Dye Sprite

In-Game Preview

This image shows a preview of all dyes in the order above from left to right, with the first column being no dye added:


  • The "patterned" dyes only really show their pattern on tiles
  • Originally Dyes were called "Paints" but the name was changed to feel more "natural"
  • Although called "Glowing Dye" this dye doesn't actually add any light to things dyed with it (what a rip-off)