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"With its deep purple hue, Beesknees certainly stands out in the crowd. It's scent affects queen bees, making them produce more offspring than they would normally."

Beesknees is a Tier 2 flower found through Cross-Pollination of Swarmwort and Beekeeper's Delight.

It usually one of the first hybrid flowers found. Like all hybrid flowers, this flower has a special effect.

Genu Apisa


Normal SpriteSeeds Sprite


This flower increases the fertility of bees, increasing the amount of offspring.

This means that any working queens near this flower will have their Fertility trait boosted by +1.


When the player has not discovered this flower, Abbee's Folio will give the following hint:
This deep purple hybrid flower is aquatic, thanks to it's mix of Turba and Apiara species traits.


This flower can be crafted into at a


When bees visit this flower while working, it can cause Cross-Pollination based on the other flowers that it visits.

When you extract produce from frames, there's a chance of getting a new flower mutation based on what flowers were visited.

Calming Effect

This flower helps calm the following species: