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"Highly sought after and rare to find in nature, Beewell has such an invigorating effect on nearby hives to almost be unnatural. Such is their value in apiculture, owning even one flower is a closely guarded secret."

Beewell is a Tier 3 flower found through Cross-Pollination of Goldenrod and Beesknees.

Apisa Bene


Normal SpriteSeeds Sprite

Beehive Item.pngEffects

This flower increases the amount of Honey a species will fill a frame with.

Book3 Item.pngHints

When the player has not discovered this flower, Abbee's Folio will give the following hint:
This pink-ish flower is a more favoured offshoot from Apisa and Flava.

Paintbrush Item.pngDye

This flower can be crafted into Brown Dye Item.png at a Workbench Item.png