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"Cross-breeding flowers is easy - your bees do all the hard work for you!"

Cross-pollination is another one of the main mechanics of the game, and allows the player to discover new species of Flowers by cross-breeding different flowers together.

Based on the flowers near a hive, Frames filled by the queen of that hive will have a chance to produce seeds of hybrid species.

Hybrid flowers have various special affects that can act as Trait buffs as well as improve produce gained from frames.


Game Mechanics

Hybrid Flowers

All hybrid flowers give a special effect when near beehives:

Flower Hybrid Of Chance Effect
45% Increases Productivity by 1
44% Increases Lifespan by 1
42% Increases Fertility by 1
35% Keeps non-diurnal bees up for 2 more hours after night-time ends
36% Reduces Lifespan by 1
37% Increases Honey extracted from Frames by 2x


When a bee from a hive visits a flower while the queen is working, that flower is added to an internal list. As frames are filled in the same hive, the frame will store that list of flowers when filled.

When extracting frames, if the flowers necessary for a hybrid are present then a hybrid seed may be produced if the chance above is met. If multiple hybrid seeds can form only one will be picked at random.