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"A natural marvel, Pondshine is a bioluminescent flower that grows in the shallows of the swampa. The light it provides at night keeps nearby bees active much later that they would naturally."

Pondshine is a Tier 2 flower found naturally in the Swamps.

It is an extremely common flower found in abundance.

Lux Lacuna


Normal SpriteSeeds Sprite


This flower keeps non-nocturnal bees up for a few hours longer into the night.


When the player has not discovered this flower, Abbee's Folio will give the following hint:
A remarkable luminescent lotus that can be found in shallows near the swamps.


This flower can be crafted into at a


When bees visit this flower while working, it can cause Cross-Pollination based on the other flowers that it visits.

When you extract produce from frames, there's a chance of getting a new flower mutation based on what flowers were visited.

Calming Effect

This flower helps calm the following species: