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"Many plants produce bitter chemicals to discourage wildlife from eating them. Not so Hivanium, which secretes a potent stimulant from its flowers. Some islanders have even taken to brewing Hivanium tea to give them a little 'boost'!"

Hivanium is a Tier 3 flower found through Cross-Pollination of Honeybriar and Pondshine.

Floris Alveare


Normal SpriteSeeds Sprite

Beehive Item.pngEffects

This flower keeps nocturnal bees up for a few hours longer into the day.

Book3 Item.pngHints

When the player has not discovered this flower, Abbee's Folio will give the following hint:
A bright lime-coloured aquatic flower with roots in Lacuna and Mela families.

Paintbrush Item.pngDye

This flower can be crafted into Lime Dye Item.png at a Workbench Item.png