Alchemy Bench

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"Used to experiment with different items to create new types of incense."

The Alchemy Bench is a special machine that allows the player the create Incense by combining various items alongside an Incense Base.

Alchemy Bench

Incense Machine

Item Sprite

OID alchemybench

Buy 50 Rubees | Sell 40 Rubees

General Info

The Alchemy Bench is split into two functions. Firstly it can make Incense Base by combining an Incense Bottle, Liquids, and Salt together. Once the Incense Base is made it can then be turned into Incense by combining different ratios of different items.

Each item is counted as one of 5 elements - nature, flower, bees, man-made, and hallowed. You can view a full breakdown of all recipe combinations over on the Incense page.

Menu Help

  • 1. Empty Bottle Input
  • 2. Salt Input
  • 3. Resin Input Slot
  • 4. Resin Storage Tank
  • 5. Alchemy Input
  • 6. Incense Output
  • 7. Extra Storage


This item can be bought for 50 Rubees from Dr Sto Beelit BhD.

This item can be sold for 40 Rubees.

Before being able to buy this item, the player needs to have discovered at least 8 bee species.