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Every single item in the game has an OID - a unique ID that defines the object. Each OID has a definition (stored in the games dictionary.json file). You need OIDs when trying to do any sort of item or slot manipulation, want to give the player items, or want to

This is a quick reference for all the OIDs in the base game, potential spoilers ahoy!
TODO: fill in names for each item


OID Reference

OID Item Name
acorn1 tree acorns
acorn2 shrub "seeds"
altar hivemother altar
anvil anvil
axe1 wooden axe
axe2 stone axe
axe3 honeycore axe
axe4 grandpa's axe
backpack1 backpack
barrel barrel
bed bed
beebank beebank
beebox beebox
beehive1 beehive (yellow)
beehive10 beehive (turqoise)
beehive11 beehive (golden)
beehive13 beehive (glitched)
beehive2 beehive (green)
beehive3 beehive (light blue)
beehive4 beehive (red)
beehive5 beehive (white)
beehive6 beehive (dark yellow)
beehive7 beehive (blue)
beehive8 beehive (dark blue)
beehive9 beehive (orange)
beepollen bee pollen (made by common bees)
beeswax beeswax (extracted from frames)
bench bench
bin trash can / bin
blessedpearl blessed pearl (made by blessed bees)
boat normal boat
boat2 cargo boat
book1 guide book
book2 bee book
book3 flower book
book4 map "book"
bookshelf1 bookshelf that shows stats
bookshelf2 bookshelf that shows progress
bottle empty bottle
bottler bottler item
canister1 wood canister
canister2 wax canister (made by worker bees)
carpet1 red carpet
carpet2 blue carpet
carpet3 yellow carpet
centrifuge clockwork centrifuge
centrifuge2 honeycore centrifuge
charredpearl charred pearl (made by blazing bees)
claydust clay dust (what bee even makes this lol)
cog wooden cogs
combfragment comb fragment (made by uncommon bees)
cooler cooler item
crate1 small crate item
crate2 large crate item
cube ▲▶◀▼◓◰♉♊
debugger1 entity tracker (debug machine)
debugger2 command console (debug machine)
deep1 Forest Deep
deep2 Swamp Deep
deep3 Tundra Deep
deep4 Hallowed Deep
deep5 Hallowed Deep
discfragment disc fragment (made by melodic bees)
dye1 red dye
dye10 sparkling dye
dye11 glowing dye
dye12 gold dye
dye13 turqoise dye
dye14 lime dye
dye15 pink dye
dye16 brown dye
dye17 icy dye
dye18 hallowed dye
dye2 blue dye
dye3 yellow dye
dye4 green dye
dye5 orange dye
dye6 purple dye
dye7 black dye
dye8 white dye
dye9 shrouded dye
extractor $extractor_name
fermenter $fermenter_name
flower1 $flower01
flower10 $flower10
flower11 $flower11
flower12 $flower12
flower13 $flower13
flower2 $flower02
flower3 $flower03
flower4 $flower04
flower5 $flower05
flower6 $flower06
flower7 $flower07
flower8 $flower08
flower9 $flower09
font_map undefined
font_map_note undefined
font_map_s undefined
font_symbols undefined
font_symbols_notes undefined
forge $forge_name
frame1 $frame1_name
frame2 $frame2_name
frame3 $frame3_name
frame4 $frame4_name
frame5 $frame5_name
gate $gate_name
gate1 $gate_name
gate2 $gate_name
gate3 $gate_name
gate4 $gate_name
gate5 $gate_name
gloriouspearl $gloriouspearl_name
glossypearl $glossypearl_name
glue $glue_name
grass1 $grass1_name
grass2 Swamp Grass
grass3 Tundra Grass
grass4 Hallowed Grass
grass5 Hallowed Grass
hammer1 $hammer1_name
hammer2 $hammer2_name
hammer3 $hammer3_name
heater $heater_name
hive1 $hive1_name
hive2 $hive2_name
hive3 $hive3_name
hivedust $hivedust_name
honey $honey_name
honeycomb $honeycomb_name
honeycore1 $honeycore1_name
honeycore1_seed $honeycore1_seed_name
honeycore2 $honeycore2_name
honeycore3 $honeycore3_name
honeycore4 $honeycore3_name
honeycore5 $honeycore3_name
honeydew $honeydew_name
icyshard $icyshard_name
idol1 $idol1_name
idol2 $idol2_name
idol3 $idol3_name
idol4 $idol4_name
idol5 $idol5_name
idol6 $idol6_name
infuser $infuser_name
inventory_c $inventory_name
inventory_o $inventory_name
jukebox $jukebox_name
light1 $light1_name
light2 $light2_name
light3 $light3_name
light4 $light2_name
lightningshard $lightningshard_name
lilypad $lilypad_name
log $logs_name
magazine_ancient $magazine_name 22
magazine_bohemian $magazine_name 23
magazine_common $magazine_name 1
magazine_crystal $magazine_name 21
magazine_domesticated $magazine_name 15
magazine_dream $magazine_name 9
magazine_drowsy $magazine_name 7
magazine_fiery $magazine_name 19
magazine_forest $magazine_name 2
magazine_frosty $magazine_name 18
magazine_glowing $magazine_name 1
magazine_hermit $magazine_name 16
magazine_jurassic $magazine_name 20
magazine_misty $magazine_name 8
magazine_muggy $magazine_name 11
magazine_murky $magazine_name 10
magazine_prolific $magazine_name 24
magazine_regal $magazine_name 12
magazine_stubborn $magazine_name 14
magazine_twilight $magazine_name 17
magazine_uncommon $magazine_name 4
magazine_verdant $magazine_name 5
magazine_verge $magazine_name 3
magazine_vibrant $magazine_name 6
magazine_worker $magazine_name 13
mead $mead_name
mead1 $mead_name
mead2 $mead_name
mead3 $mead_name
mechanism_pump $mechanism3_name
mechanism_saw $mechanism1_name
mechanism_scrape $mechanism2_name
mechanism_wind $mechanism4_name
microscope $microscope_name
money $money_name
morningdew $morningdew_name
noticeboard $noticeboard_name
npc1 $npc1_name
npc10 $npcX_name
npc11 $npcY_name
npc1s $npc1_name
npc2 $npc2_name
npc2s $npc2_name
npc3 $npc3_name
npc3s $npc3_name
npc4 $npc4_name
npc5 $npc5_name
npc5s $npc5_name
npc6 $npc6_name
npc6s $npc6_name
npc7 $npc7_name
npc7s $npc7_name
npc8 $npc8_name
npc8s $npc8_name
npc9 $npc9_name
npc9s $npc9_name
paintbrush $paintbrush_name
pickaxe1 $pickaxe1_name
pickaxe2 $pickaxe2_name
pickaxe3 $pickaxe3_name
planks1 $planks1_name
planks2 $planks2_name
player {PLAYER.NAME}
pot1 $pot1_name
pot2 $pot2_name
pot3 $pot3_name
predictor $predictor_name
propolis $propolis_name
queenspearl $queenspearl_name
rack $rack_name
raintank $raintank_name
randomjelly $randomjelly_name
rehab $rehab_name
resin $resin_name
rock1 $rock1_name
rock2 $rock2_name
royaljelly $royaljelly_name
sapling1 $sapling1_name
sapling2 $sapling2_name
sawbench $sawbench_name
sawdust1 $sawdust1_name
sawdust2 $sawdust2_name
sawmill $sawmill_name
sawmill2 $sawmill2_name
scenery1 $scenery1_name
scenery2 $scenery2_name
scraper $scraper_name
seed0 $seed00_name
seed1 $flower01 $seed_name
seed10 $flower10 $seed_name
seed11 $flower11 $seed_name
seed12 $flower12 $seed_name
seed13 $flower13 $seed_name
seed2 $flower02 $seed_name
seed3 $flower03 $seed_name
seed4 $flower04 $seed_name
seed5 $flower05 $seed_name
seed6 $flower06 $seed_name
seed7 $flower07 $seed_name
seed8 $flower08 $seed_name
seed9 $flower09 $seed_name
seedling1 $flower01 $seedling_name
seedling10 $flower10 $seedling_name
seedling11 Hivanium Seedling
seedling12 $flower12 $seedling_name
seedling13 $flower13 $seedling_name
seedling2 $flower02 $seedling_name
seedling3 $flower03 $seedling_name
seedling4 $flower04 $seedling_name
seedling5 $flower05 $seedling_name
seedling6 $flower06 $seedling_name
seedling7 $flower07 $seedling_name
seedling8 $flower08 $seedling_name
seedling9 $flower09 $seedling_name
shovel3 $shovel3_name
shrub $shrub_name
sign $sign_name
smoker $smoker_name
snowball $snowball_name
spade1 $spade1_name
spade2 $spade2_name
spade3 $spade3_name
spice1 $spice1_name
spice2 $spice2_name
spice3 $spice3_name
spice4 $spice4_name
spice5 $spice5_name
squeezer $squeezer_name
squeezer2 $squeezer2_name
staff $staff_name
sticks1 $sticks1_name
sticks2 $sticks2_name
stickypearl $stickypearl_name
stickyshard $stickyshard_name
stone $stone_name
tab_beekeeping $tab3_name
tab_crafting $tab1_name
tab_decoration $tab4_name
tab_painting $tab5_name
tab_tools $tab2_name
tapper $tapper_name
tile0 undefined
tile1 $tile1_name
tile2 $tile2_name
tile3 $tile3_name
tile4 $tile4_name
tile5 $tile5_name
tile6 $tile6_name
tile7 $tile7_name
tile8 Snow
tool_reference undefined
track1 Vestalis
track10 Bicornis
track2 Hypnorum
track3 Lucorum
track4 Polaris
track5 Vulpes
track6 Cerana
track7 Plumipes
track8 Dorsita
track9 Affinis
tree $tree_name
treetap1 $treetap1_name
trophy1 Demo Champion
uncapper $uncapper_name
uncapper2 $uncapper2_name
uncappingbench $uncappingbench_name
unstabledust $unstabledust_name
wall1 $wall1_name
wall2 $wall2_name
wall3 $wall3_name
wall4 $wall4_name
wall5 $wall5_name
wall6 $wall6_name
wall7 $wall7_name
wall8 $wall8_name
water $water_name
water1 Forest Water
water2 Swamp Water
water3 Tundra Water
water4 Hallowed Water
water5 Hallowed Water
waterproof $waterproof_name
waxshard $waxshard_name
waxypearl $waxypearl_name
window1 $window1_name
window2 $window2_name
workbench $workbench_name