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"By using an Alchemy Bench, you can combine different items to make different smells. You can get one from Dr Sto over to the West!"

Incense are a set of special items used in an Incense Burner to produce special effects and buffs.

Incense is made by combining Incense Base with other items in an Alchemy Bench. Different recipes create different types of incense, and the ratios used also cause the duration of the incense to last for longer or shorter periods of time.


Item Group

Incense1 Item.png

Leaves Item.pngElements

Each item in the game falls under one of 5 categories: Nature, Flowers, Bees, Man-Made, and Hallowed. When these items are placed in the Alchemy Bench you will see an icon appear on the slot representing the element that it belongs to. A stack of at least 5 items in one slot is needed for it to be counted.

By combining different amounts of different elements, you can create different types of incense.

Spice Information
Element Example Items
Nature Flora, Logs, Salt, Tree Acorn, Shrub Sapling Lilypad, Stone, some Spices
Flowers Any Flowers or Seeds
Bees Most Special Produce, Beeswax, or Honeycomb
Man-Made Any item that doesn't fall into the other categories, basically anything crafted or a machine
Hallowed Apise, Honeycore, Blessed Pearl

Alchemy Bench Item.pngIncense Combinations

There are currently 11 different incenses that you can create in the game. Assuming each element is shortened to a single letter like so, Nature (N), Flowers (F), Bees (B), Man-Made (M), Hallowed (H), these are the combinations and ratios needed for each type of incense:

Spice Information
Item Incense Effect Combination
Incense1 Item.png
ATTRACT Increases the chance of butterflies spawning nearby F
Incense2 Item.png
INVITE Increases the chance of solitary bees spawning nearby N
Incense3 Item.png
BLESSED Increases the chance of blessed offspring nearby (social bees) B
Incense4 Item.png
INSPIRE Increases the amount of drops when using tools nearby M
Incense5 Item.png
LUCKY Increases your luck when nearby (for social bee mutations and butterfly/solitary bee spawning) H
Incense6 Item.png
DISCOVER Increases the chance of golden butterflies nearby F & N
Incense7 Item.png
CREATE Gives a chance that nearby hives will fill 2 frames instead of 1 B & N
Incense8 Item.png
REJUVINATE Increases the repopulation speed of Bee Habitats nearby B & F
Incense9 Item.png
CHARM Decreases the shop prices of NPCs nearby M & H
Incense10 Item.png
MOMENT Freezes the time of day when nearby F & N & B & M
Incense11 Item.png
ERROR404 INCENSE NOT FOUND (causes a visual glitching effect when nearby) Any combination that contains Cube or Random Jelly

Incense Burner Item.pngDuration

When used in an Incense Burner, the incense item will have it's duration counted down each second, when it runs out the item will be used up entirely.

The duration of incense is based on the total number of slots belonging to the dominant element in the combination (i.e. 3 green slots and 2 red slots, dominant total (DT) is 3), using the following formula: Duration (s) = DT*60*2