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"By putting biome-specific flora and other items into a bee hotel, you can create a small environment that will attract solitary bees!"

Flora are special nature items found when breaking Shrubs (some NPCs sell them too).

They are used mainly in Bee Hotels to attract Solitary Bees, but are also used in Nurseries as food for Caterpillars.


Item Group

Leaves Item.png

Small Bee Hotel Item.pngAll Flora

Each of the main 4 Biomes has two different flora:

Spice Information
Flora Biome
Twigs Item.png
Twigs Forest
Leaves Item.png
Leaves Forest
Red Mushrooms Item.png
Red Mushrooms Swamp
Moss Item.png
Moss Swamp
Bark Item.png
Bark Tundra
Lichen Item.png
Lichen Tundra
White Mushrooms Item.png
White Mushrooms Hallows
Golden Leaves Item.png
Golden Leaves Hallows