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"Used to create an ecosystem to attract solitary bees!"

Bee Hotels are special items used in attracting Solitary Bees. They are introduced and sold to the player by Dr Codey Mathive BD.

Bee Hotel

Habitats Machine

Item Sprite

OID beehotel1-4

Buy 20 Rubees | Sell 10 Rubees

General Info

Bee Hotels are a special set of machines that allow you to create a small ecosystem using Flora and other items. Based on the items that are placed in the hotel and the general environment (which can be gleamed from Codey's Notes), conditions can be created so that the hotel is visited by certain solitary bees.

Once a bee has visited, a small Bubble will indicate that the hotel has a guest, and if the bee has not yet been discovered the player can discover it using a Magnifying Glass. Some of the placed items will be used up too. Once a bee is discovered it will then be available to use in the Habitat.

There are 3 different sizes available ( ), each larger size increases the number of slots available for placing items, the chance of attracting bees (+5% and +10% respectively), and also the amount of items used up when a guest visits (+5 and +10 respectively).

There is also a Golden Bee Hotel () that is a reward for completing Codey's Notes that increases the chance of a visiting bee being the "golden" variant from 5% to 50%.

Menu Help

  • 1. Hotel Slots
  • 2. Extra Storage


This item can be bought for 20 Rubees from Dr Codey Mathive BD.

This item can be sold for 10 Rubees.


  • Bee Hotels introduce slots that have items that cannot be removed - when solitary bees visit those slots are locked and the bee cannot be taken out. If a solitary bee is then spawned in via other methods, it can cause issues when trying to use it in beehives.