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"Different species of Bees can be found in different areas, try having a look around for Bees flying around - eventually they'll head back to their hive."

Bubbles are a part of the game responsible for showing various statuses or issues with different objects or machines. They appear as small white speech bubbles above the thing they're showing a status for.

There are currently 16 different bubbles that can appear in the game.


Game Mechanics

Screenshot Bubbles.png

Book1 Item.pngBubble List

These are all the tracks currently in the game, in the order listed in the OST:

Title Usage
Bubble01.png Heart Appears rarely on bees when they interact with flowers or the player
Bubble02.png Grump Appears on Grumpy beehives that haven't been calmed with a Smoker
Bubble03.png Exclamation Appears on machines that have an "error" or NPCs when they have something new to say
Bubble04.png Rain Appears when raining on beehives that contain bees that don't like the rain
Bubble05.png Elipsis Appears on beehives that contain bees currently asleep
Bubble06.png Cog Appears on clockwork machines when they have "power"
Bubble07.png Resin Appears on the Infuser while it's working
Bubble08.png Tap Appears on Tapped Trees while they are working
Bubble09.png Tropic Appears on the Heater while it's working and has fuel (also shown on Blazing Bee hives)
Bubble10.png Polar Appears on the Cooler while it's working and has fuel (also shown on Arctic Bee hives)
Bubble11.png Snow Appears when snowing on beehives that contain bees that don't like the snow
Bubble12.png Bee Appears on beehives when the queen has finished her cycle
Bubble13.png Power Appears on honeycore machines when they are powered by enough beehives
Bubble14.png Smoker Appears on the Smoker while it's working and has fuel (also shown on Empress Bee hives)
Bubble15.png Butterfly Appears on flowers or other objects visited by butterflies when the player is holding a Butterfly Net
Bubble16.png Bee Alt Appears on Bee Hotels or Habitats when a solitary bee is visiting