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"Ferments Water and Honey into Apicola."

The Fermenter is a special machine that allows players to turn Water and Honey into Apicola, which can then be bottled in a Bottler to be sold.


Liquids Machine

Item Sprite

OID fermenter

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Fermenter Menu.png

Book1 Item.pngGeneral Info

The Fermenter is a special machine in that it has no item input or output, instead it has 3 tanks. The first 2 tanks accept water and honey, and once there's at least 10bl honey and 5bl water it'll start processing

For every 10bl of honey and 5bl of water the player will get 15bl of Apicola made.

Apicola can then be bottled or infused in a Bottler to be sold - just canisters of Apicola alone cannot be sold.

Workbench Item.pngMenu Help

Fermenter Menu Help.png

  • 1. Honey Input Slot
  • 2. Water Input Slot
  • 3. Honey Storage Tank
  • 4. Water Storage Tank
  • 5. Apicola Storage Tank
  • 6. Apicola Input Slot
  • 7. Apicola Drainage Slot
  • 8. Extra Storage

Stone Hammer Item.pngCrafting

This item can be crafted with the following recipe:

Barrel Item.png
Symbol Plus.png
Treated Planks Item.png
Symbol Plus.png
Waterproof Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

Fermenter Item.png

Mainlander Money Item.pngMoney

This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.

Sign Item.pngTrivia

  • Visually the Fermenter looks like the Barrels but on it's side, which is cute