Wax Canister

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"Made by workers to store excess honey, they just happen to work great for humans too!
Used to transfer various liquids. Produced by Worker Bees"

Canisters let you move Liquids around and this one has the capacity of 800bl, double that of Wooden Canister.

Despite being a substantial upgrade, it's available to buy from Barnabee's "specials" section from the start of the game. It is also a Special Produce item, able to be extracted from Frames filled by Worker Bees in Apiaries.

Wax Canister

Tools Item

Item Sprite

OID canister2

Buy 10 Rubees | Sell 2 Rubees

General Info

Can be used with Treetaps, Rain Tanks, Barrels and various Machines to transfer liquids. Liquid input and output slots are marked with an outline of the canister icon and the liquid flowing direction is indicated by an arrow.


This item can be bought for 10 Rubees from Barnabee.

This item can be sold for 2 Rubees.