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"What's buzzin', cousin? Absolutely swell to meet a fellow scholar!"

Barnabee is your cool older cousin and a fellow apicologist - a bee scientist. Although their focus is theoretical, rather than practical apiculture research, they are supportive and excited about your field discoveries.

Barnabee works under the academic guidance of Dr Beenjamin BhD, although neither of them have a glowing opinion about the other!

Like most NPCs, Barnabee can be picked up with a link={{{link}}} to be moved to other places.



Shop Bust
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You can buy the following items from Barnabee at any time:

Barnabee will sell singular Bees, picked randomly from all the bees that the player discovered, charging the Rubees amount equal to Bee Tier x 10. Hey, houses are expensive and someone keeps stealing them in port APICO.

You can also buy the following special items from the "specials" section, that is always on a rotation every 10 minutes:


When you speak to Barnabee, they'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Greeting - What's buzzin', cousin?
Default Dialogue Great to meet you! Absolutely swell to meet a fellow scholar!
4 species discovered Beenjamin isn't very encouraging... Oh, don't you mind the Professor. Four species is ace in my book, and don't let him tell you otherwise!
6 species discovered Look what I found, Barnabee! Jeez Louise, six species! You were born for this - I can tell.
Dream Bee discovered Beenjamin doesn't believe me about the Dream Bee... Nice going on the Dream bee - the Professor can't ignore the evidence anymore - She IS real!
8 species discovered Can I borrow the boat to find more bees? Get a load of you - eight species discovered already; it's EXCITING isn't it!

...Oh! No... sorry... I can't lend you the boat either.
9 species discovered (at least 1 from the swamps) The Professor sent me to the Swamp... Mud builds character, eh? I can't remember the last time HE went through the wringer...

...ah, dang nabit. I'm really sorry - it's been a long day!

Congratulations on your first adventure to the Swamps!
12 species discovered I think I'm starting to get the hang of this! Real talk, Beenjamin doesn't care for carrying torches, but I know he's impressed.

And so he should be! Twelve bees... almost as many as me and I've been doing this for years!
16 species discovered (one swamp + one polar) The other islands have some incredible bees! Say, not to pass the buck from the fuddy-duddy, but would you consider taking on an apprentice? No? A few tips then, ha ha?
All tier 1, 2, and 3 bees I think we're close to finding them all, Barnabee! Jeez {PLAYER.NAME}, now you're just gammin'! The Professor's books... I've never even heard of some of these bees!
33 species discovered I can't find any more bees - I think we found them all! Hey hotshot! You're discovering bees faster than they can write books about them. Maybee I need to give field work a shot after all!
Having met the Merchant I keep seeing a strange hooded figure in the forest... Ha! That sounds like Beetrix - she likes to work late and she has one of those silly head torches. Why don't you go ask her?
After discovering the Glitched Bee Any idea what this Glitched Bee is? Hell's Bells, that hurts my eyes to look at! Where did you find THAT?!
Hivemother's Door opened I think I found the Hivemother...
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
I knew it! I KNEW IT! The Professor can't ignore this - we need to take him to see Her!
Having taken Dr Beenjamin BhD to the Hivemother Door I took the Professor to see the Hivemother...
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
Really?! That would explain a lot... he seems different? I even saw him smile yesterday! Thanks buddy - maybee this is a fresh start!