Royal Jelly

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"A food only fit for queens, literally! When fed to bees it turns them into royalty."

Produced by Regal bees, can be used in Apiaries to turn a single Bee into a Queen or sold for Rubees!

Royal Jelly

Special Produce Item

Item Sprite

OID royaljelly

Buy 10 Rubee | Sell 2 Rubee

General Info

One of the most useful items while Cross-Breeding, it allows to produce a Queen from a single bee when Jelly is inserted in the bottom slot of an Apiary or Beehive. Queens made with Royal Jelly are genetic clones of the top input slot bee, preserving all of their Traits.


This item can be bought for 10 Rubee from Barnabee.

This item can be sold for 2 Rubee.