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"So you've decided to come back, huh? Thought you were too good to be a humble beekeeper? Pah! Kids these days."

Dr. Beenjamin Bhd is a grumpy ol' professor who has an incredible amount of knowledge about all the different species of bees in APICO.

Beenjamin is unique in the fact that he can also give the player "hints" to specific species of bees if they're stuck on a certain one (although he'll be a lil meanie about it)

Like most NPCs, Dr. Beenjamin BhD can be picked up with a link={{{link}}} to be moved to other places.

Dr. Beenjamin BhD


Shop Bust
In-Game SpriteItem Sprite


You can buy the following items from Dr. Beenjamin BhD at any time:

You can also buy the following special items from the "specials" section, that is always on a rotation every 10 minutes:


When you speak to , they'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Greeting - Oh it's you again. What do you want now?
Default Dialogue Hello, Professor! So you've decided to come back, huh? Thought you were too good to be a humble beekeeper? Pah! Kids these days.
4 species discovered Look at these bees I found! Only 4 species rediscovered? I can SEE more species from here. Do better.
6 species discovered I've crossbred some new bees! You've brought back 6 species have you? Hmm. Maybee you do have some skill, but you still have far to go!
Dream Bee discovered I fell asleep and found this magical bee! Dream Bees? All that Hivemother stuff is just nonsense. Beekeeping is a science, not a religion!
After having met Dr Codey Mathive BD Professor, what do you know about solitary bees? Why are you wasting my time with this? Would you ask a geologist about cloud formations?

Despite this... stewardship role I find myself in, I remain the Mainland's most eminent Key Opinion Leader on Hive Bees; I have written over 300 treatises, papers and thought leadership articles - including several important statements for the Beeconomist...

*You feel your mind start to wander as the Professor continues to drone on*

...underappreciated sanctuary...are you even listening?
8 species discovered Are there any other islands I can explore? If you really want to become a master beekeeper you're going to need to explore the other islands. I'd lend you my boat but, I just don't trust you with it!
9 species discovered (at least 1 from the swamps) I found some more bees in the Swamps! Gone and got your hands dirty in the swamps huh? Good! A bit of hard work never hurt anyone, it builds character.
15 species discovered I found a bee that isn't meant to exist - look! I have to say, you're doing much better than I expected. I guess beekeeping is in your blood after all. Keep this up and I might consider taking you as a student!
25 species discovered and Jurassic Bee I brought this frozen bee back to life! A stirling effort, {PLAYER.NAME} - I know esteemed professors at the Apicademy who have done less... don't let it go to your head.
Hallowed Bee discovered I found proof of the Hivemother! A Hallowed bee? Ahah ha, this is a joke right? Show me! Ah, you certainly put the effort into this forgery. Others may be fooled, but not I! How did you make it glow like that?
33 species discovered You doubted me, but I have found all the bees. ...I knew your grandfather, worked with him once or twice. A great man, a visionary - he taught me so much. I misjudged you, {PLAYER.NAME}. He would be very proud of the Beekeeper you have become.
After having met the Merchant I keep seeing a strange hooded figure in the forest... I see. Do you often see things that aren't there? I'm sorry to say that I'm not the kind of doctor you should be speaking to.
Hivemother's Door opened You won't believe what I've seen!
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
My bees have been acting strange, it's unprecedented {PLAYER.NAME}...

What! You hardly expect me to believe that do you? And you got to this 'magical place' how exactly!?

Well. I'll be the judge of that. I'm sure there's a perfectly good, rational explanation. I'll get to the bottom of this and we can put this nonsense to rest for good!
After moving Beenjamin in front of the Hivemother Door Well, what do you make of THAT, sir?
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
...what, whu... where am I! How did I even get here? What is all this!

...n...no, I absolutely refuse! Take me home at once! This is...theological nonsense! The... the... the people that believe this poppycock... are...


...I've been such a fool. I've held this venom for so long and it's hurt only myself. Give me a moment, please, {PLAYER.NAME}, I need some time to think.


  • In the credits Beenjamin can be seen in front of the Hivemother Door - disprove that ya old grump!