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"Got some rare things on sale, stranger!"

The Merchant is a mysterious individual that appears somewhere on the map after midnight each night. After a few hours they will disappear in a cloud of bees if not near the player.

The Merchant sells a lot of interesting and rare items not found anywhere else in the game.

Unlike most NPCs, Merchant cannot be picked up with a hammer.



Shop Bust
In-Game SpriteItem Sprite


You can buy the following items from Merchant at any time:

You can also buy the following special items from the "specials" section, that is always on a rotation every 10 minutes:


When you speak to the Merchant, they'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Greeting - What're ya buyin?
Default Dialogue What are you doing here? Got some rare things on sale, stranger!
Hivemother's Door opened I think we saved the Hivemother!
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
Stranger, stranger... now THAT'S some beekeeping


  • The Merchant is based off of the Merchant in Resident Evil 4, one of the TNgineers favourite games that they used to play together when they were younger, with all dialogue being taken from the game
  • The Merchant sells 2 tracks not sold by Mothense, rewards the player with tracks when completing their noticeboard quests, and is the only seller of the Mothense Plush so clearly if anyone is Moth's no. 1 fan it's the Merchant
  • The effect shown when the Merchant appears or disappears is the same as the one seen when the player uses a gate - make of that what you will