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"As you might have realised, not all bees like the rain - but some bees love it! It's also a really useful source of water, if only we had a way to collect it though..."

There are various liquids in the game that can be created or collected, including Water, Honey, Resin, and Apicola. Liquids are essentially items that can only be moved through the use of Wooden Canisters and Wax Canisters, and can be stored in Barrels.


Game Mechanics

Screenshot Liquids.png

Water Bottle Item.pngWater

Water can be collected in Rain Tanks when it's Raining. Water can either be bottled up in a Bottler to be used in crafting, or used to produce Apicola.

Water Barrel.png

Resin Bottle Item.pngResin

Resin can be collected from trees with a Treetap. Resin is an important liquid for crafting, as it can be used with an Infuser to treat wood. Infused Wood Planks and Infused Wood Sticks can then be used to craft a variety of upgraded machines, including semi-automatic clockwork machines.

Resin Barrel.png

Honey Bottle Item.pngHoney

Honey is produced by extracting frames in an Extractor. The amount of honey gained depends on the Productivity trait of the bee that filled the frame.

Once collected, honey can either be bottled in a Bottler to be sold, or used to produce Apicola.

Honey Barrel.png

Mead Bottle Item.pngApicola

Apicola is the capstone liquid that can be made in APICO that involves using water and honey in a Fermenter to be produced. Apicola can be infused with different Spices when being bottled to give it special effects when drunk:

Spice Apicola Tooltip Effect
Mead Apise Item.png
Lets you run around really fast, weee!! Doubles the players usual speed to 2, the same speed as when sailing in a boat.
Mead Calidus Item.png
Lets you see much better at night, who needs carrots? Reduces the nighttime "darkness" effect by half
Mead Roburrum Item.png
Gives you the strength of 1000 bees, trees stand no chance! Chopping trees only takes a single click regardless of tool or tree health
Mead Temperus Item.png
Makes time go faster even if you're not standing still! Time speeds up as if you were sleeping in a bed
Mead Combustus Item.png
Makes time stand still while the world goes by! Time is frozen however machines and bees continue working