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"Can be used in a Jukebox to play music!"

Music tracks are special items that allow you to play tracks of the game's OST, created by the wonderful Mothense!

Tracks can be played in a Jukebox. Most tracks can be bought directly from Mothense, but a couple are only sold by the Merchant.

Music Tracks

Item Group

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Jukebox Item.pngTrack List

These are all the tracks currently in the game, in the order listed in the OST:

Title OID Price Length
Track1 Item.png Vestalis track1 20 Rubees from Mothense 1:40
Track7 Item.png Plumpies track7 50 Rubees from Mothense 1:32
Track2 Item.png Hypnorum track2 20 Rubees from Mothense 1:37
Track3 Item.png Lucorum track3 30 Rubees from Mothense 1:56
Track10 Item.png Bicornis track10 70 Rubees from Mothense 1:46
Track9 Item.png Affinis track9 70 Rubees from Mothense 1:40
Track8 Item.png Dorsita track8 60 Rubees from Mothense 2:08
Track4 Item.png Polaris track4 40 Rubees from Mothense 0:58
Track13 Item.png Cineraria track13 100 Rubees from Mothense 2:22
Track6 Item.png Cerana track6 50 Rubees from Mothense 1:38
Track11 Item.png Rubicundus track11 80 Rubees from Mothense 1:37
Track12 Item.png Pascuorum track12 90 Rubees from Mothense 1:54
Track14 Item.png Monticola track14 100 Rubees from Merchant 1:13
Track5 Item.png Vulpes..? track5 100 Rubees from Merchant 1:30

Sign Item.pngTrivia

  • All the track names are named after the latin names for real-life bee species, with the exception of Vulpes which is the latin name for foxes.