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"Used to acclimatise bees to like certain types of weather."

The Acclimatiser is a special machine that can directly change the Traits of a given bee, specifically it can changes the "rain-loving" and "snow-loving" traits.


Beekeeping Machine

Item Sprite

OID acclimatiser

Buy 300 Rubees | Sell 250 Rubees

General Info

The Acclimatiser allows any bee to be modified directly to change it's "rain-loving" or "snow-loving" traits. Using a Water Bottle with a bee will cause it to like the rain, and using Snowballs with a bee will cause it to like the snow.

This is a permanent change that will modify the trait directly, meaning the bee can pass this trait on to it's children.

Menu Help

  • 1. Bee Input
  • 2. Modifier Slot
  • 3. Modified Bee Output
  • 4. Empty Bottle Slot
  • 5. Extra Storage


This item can be bought for 300 Rubees from Dr Beenjamin BhD.

This item can be sold for 250 Rubees.

Before being able to buy this item, the player needs to have discovered at least 12 bee species.


  • It's Acclimatiser not Acclimatizer you american rascals