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"The "Worker" Bee is a strong and gentle giant and a critical part of modern industry. Without these thumb-sized behemoths, many of our modern comforts would only be the rarest of treats."

The Worker Bee is a Tier 3 Social Bee species found by cross-breeding.

Like the Regal Bee it is one of a few different species that produces as usable item as it's special produce, namely Wax Canisters.

Apis Artifex

Worker Bee

Normal SpriteBlessed Sprite

Special Produce


These are the different Traits that the Worker Bee can spawn with.

When a trait has multiple values one is picked randomly when the bee is created.

Lifespan Normal, Long

Productivity Fast, Fastest

Fertility Fertile, Fecund

Stability Normal, Stable

Behaviour Dinural

Climate Temperate


The Apiarist's Almanac gives the following hint:
A hardworking species of a Clarus and Caliginosus mix that is motivated by Honeybriar flowers.

When asking Dr Beenjamin BhD for a hint he says the following:
Misty and Vibrant bees can be cross-bred when Honeybriar is nearby, but you probably knew that right?

Show cross-breeding solutions

Nearby Honeybriar
(24% chance)

Special Produce

When a Worker Bee is used in a Basic Apiary and fills Frames, they can produce when extracted.


When Cross-Breeding the Worker Bee with the following other species there is a chance for the offspring to mutate into a new species!

As with all mutations, the offspring of the hybrid queen needs to also be a hybrid, so this can effect the chances listed below.

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Queen with a lifespan of 7
(24% chance)

3+ Honeycore Machines nearby
(17% chance)