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"The Industrial Bee forms the most efficient of all the Hives, appearing to have taken inspiration from human manufacturing processes. Their honeycomb is so practical that Beekeepers can use them as frames directly."

The Industrial Bee is a Tier 4 Social Bee species found by cross-breeding.

It is the only species with a naturally occurring 7 Productivity.

Apis Magnarum

Industrial Bee

Normal SpriteBlessed Sprite

Special Produce

Honeycomb Frame Item.png

Microscope Item.pngTraits

These are the different Traits that the Industrial Bee can spawn with.

When a trait has multiple values one is picked randomly when the bee is created.

Industrial Bee Card.png

Lifespan Normal, Long

Productivity Brisk

Fertility Fertile, Fecund

Stability Normal, Stable

Behaviour Dinural

Climate Temperate

Book2 Item.pngHints

The Apiarist's Almanac gives the following hint:
this Regalis and Artifex mix has a natural affinity to honeycore technology..

When asking Dr Beenjamin BhD for a hint he says the following:
honeycore? I don't touch fancy technology, give me indigestion. I wonder if it affects bees the same way? Try a Regal-Worker cross near some of those infernal things and report back.

Show cross-breeding solutions

Regal Bee.png
Symbol Plus.png
Worker Bee.png

Nearby 3+ Honeycore Machines
(21% chance)
Symbol Arrow.png

Industrial Bee.png

Frame1 Item.pngSpecial Produce

When a Industrial Bee is used in a Basic Apiary and fills Frames, they can produce Honeycomb Frame Item.png when extracted.

Sign Item.pngTrivia

  • The frosteria flower doesn't affect the number of Honeycomb Frame obtained