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"If yah need anything, just holler - I've got a few trinkets yah might find useful. Now, off yah go - luck of the Hivemother be with yah - and remember, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, hoho!"

Skipper is a seasoned sailor that travels between the mainland and Port APICO. He's a jolly fellow who likes a drink (or two), and says HOHO a bit too much. Skipper is the first NPC the Player meets, as the game introduction starts with him talking to you as you arrive.

Like most NPCs, Skipper can be picked up with a link={{{link}}} to be moved to other places.



Shop Bust
In-Game SpriteItem Sprite


You can buy the following items from Skipper at any time:

You can also buy the following special items from the "specials" section, that is always on a rotation every 10 minutes:


When you speak to Skipper, they'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Introduction - Hoho! We made it {PLAYER}! And just as yah were getting yah sea legs, hoho! Here we are, Port APICO, and what a luverly day it is!

It was jolly good to have yah aboard again matey... takes me back! Do yah still remember yah way around the place?

Hoho! No problem, here have my map, I know this place like the back of my boat!

Anyway, yah best go see the old girl - she's just at the end of the pier and down to the left. She's been a'buzzing ever since yah letter!

If yah need anything, just holler - I've got a few trinkets yah might find useful. Now, off yah go - luck of the Hivemother be with yah - and remember, a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor, hoho!
Greeting - Well met!! What can I do for yah?
Default Dialogue ...where do I go from here? Hoho! Yah look like yah compass is spinnin' - did yah Nana give yah Old Tom's journal? Yah can check it at any time with X
After discovering 3 bee species I found some bees! They're so friendly! Looks like yah settlin' in just fine, matey!! You'll be a beekeeping master in no time!
After discovering 6 bee species I've found so many bees I can't carry them anymore... Hoho!! Feel like you need to be able to carry more bees? I just got in some mighty fine backpacks from the Mainland that'd do just the trick!
After discovering 7 bee species Are there any other islands I can explore? Hoho!!! I think you're ready for a new adventure, matey! I've just finished a little gift for yah - she may be small, but she's got spirit! I daresay she should help yah get around the other Islands!
After getting the Swamp Idol I found this Idol in the Swamps! Someone's been explorin', I haven't seen that Idol before! I know yer ol' Nana mentioned something about there being six of them - six is the magic number after all!
After discovering 10 bee species Do you know of a better source of water? Than the sea? Purest of the pure, sweet nectar, matey! ...oh...drinkable, yer say? I might have just the thing to sell yer...
After meeting the Merchant I keep seeing a strange hooded figure in the forest... Geoff? Ho ho, what's he doing in the woods, the daft plank...

...glowing eyes, yer say? Listen close, {PLAYER.NAME}, whate'er yer do - and this is very important - don't buy anything they offer yer, no matter how enticin'...

...their prices are bloomin' ridiculous, ho ho!
After discovering 12 bee species Is there an easier way to transport things between islands? I reckon by now ya probably gettin' mighty tired lugging all your stuff across waters! I've been working on a new boat and boy is she a beaut.

She's got just as much grace as her sister but plenty of room to hold all your stuff!
After 2 or more Hivemother Gates have been activated What's wrong, Skipper? I have to say matey I haven't seen yah sailing as much as usual - don't tell me you've found a better way to travel than with the mighty waves beneath ya feet, hoho!
[Skipper Talking] Hivemother's Door opened I've been on such an adventure, Skipper!
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
Ho, matey! Did ya see that blinding flash? It went all the way to the horizon and back! Crumbs, I've never did see nothing like that in all my time on the seas.

And did ya see all the bees? They're all glowing now!! I haven't the foggiest what's going on... did what? saw WHAT???

Oh, {PLAYER}. Never have I heard such a tale of adventure - just you wait till the mainlanders hear this! You're a living, breathing legend!


  • Skipper was the first NPC designed and has been in the game since the very earliest demos.