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"Used to let you sleep, which makes time pass a lot quicker. Also sets your spawn point in case you get stuck! Hold R for 5s to respawn."

A comfy bed for sleeping.


Tools Item

Item Sprite

OID bed

Buy 50 Rubees | Sell 40 Rubees

General Info

Placing and using a bed will set your spawn point, allowing you to respawn at the bed's location if you get stuck exploring the game world. Using a bed also greatly speeds up the progression of Time, causing 1 game hour to pass in 3s of real time instead of the standard 1 minute. The Bed can be purchased from Beetrix for 50 Rubees as part of her rotating special stock.


This item can be bought for 50 Rubees from Beetrix.

This item can be sold for 40 Rubees.