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"Used to release bees back into the wild, adding to their conservation status."

The Rehabeelitator is a bee alternative to the Trash Can, allowing players to get rid of extra bees whilst also increasing their Conservation levels.


Beekeeping Machine

Item Sprite

OID rehab

Buy 0 Rubees | Sell 0 Rubees

General Info

As the Trash Can doesn't allow you to throw away bees (how dare you even try), the Rehabeelitator serves as a way to release "excess" bees, or bees with traits you no longer want.

When releasing a bee of a given species, this will also add +1 to the bee's conservation status. Once a bee is fully conserved the player will receive a Magazine for that species to celebrate them being fully conserved.

Menu Help

  • 1. Rehabilitation Slots


This item can be crafted with the following recipe:




This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.


  • The OID of the Rehabilitator is just "rehab" because Ellraiser consistently spelt it wrong during development and was getting annoyed
  • This the only machine with a bee pun name as it's actual real in-game name