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Read ahead at yer own risk!

With hard work and ingenuity you too can be famous!

Conserving Bees is of course a main goal of beekeeping within the game - but what's wrong with a bit of a reward for your efforts? Magazines are an item that is used to celebrate the conservation efforts you make within the game. When a species changes to the "Thriving" status, you will consequently receive a magazine on said species, with a small blurb about your accomplishment. Below is a list of each of the magazines and their contents.



Magazine Rack Item.pngMagazines

Icon Bee Species Magazine name Article Text
File:Magazine Common Item.png Common Bee The Beeconomist Issue 1 Beekeeping legend, Beelia Keeper, brings Common bees back to the APICO islands!
Apiarists all over excited for her return, and the future of Apiculture!
File:Magazine Forest Item.png Forest Bee The Beeconomist Issue 2 Renowned beekeeper, Beelia Keeper, is at it again! Forest bees at an all-time high!
Pah that's nothing!!' - grumbled Beenjamin, local grumps and beekeeping star.
File:Magazine Verge Item.png Verge Bee The Beeconomist Issue 3 Third times the charm! Beelia Keeper single-handedly restores the Verge bee population.
The Apicademy ain't got nothing on our Beelia' - exclaimed Skipper, resident scallywag.
File:Magazine Uncommon Item.png Uncommon Bee The Beeconomist Issue 4 Budding beekeeper, {PLAYER.NAME}, helps restore Uncommon bees into the wild!
You never wrote about me when I did it!' - Beenjamin, local apiarist and known grumpy face.
File:Magazine Verdant Item.png Verdant Bee The Beeconomist Issue 5 Amateur beekeeper, {PLAYER.NAME}, is the talk of the town after having restored the Verdant bee.
Tributes and warm welcomes pour in for the latest member of the apicultural community.
File:Magazine Vibrant Item.png Vibrant Bee The Beeconomist Issue 6 New kid on the block, {PLAYER.NAME}, demonstrates their natural talents by restoring the Vibrant bee.
Oh, they grow up so fast!' cooed beloved local celebrity, Nana.
File:Magazine Drowsy Item.png Drowsy Bee The Beeconomist Issue 7 {PLAYER.NAME}, beloved rookie bee-wrangler, charms the community by restoring the secretive Drowsy bee.
Whoops, I missed that one!' admitted one bashful beekeeping apprentice.
File:Magazine Misty Item.png Misty Bee The Beeconomist Issue 8 From droughters to bee-lievers: Misty bee population is on the rise - all thanks to {PLAYER.NAME}!
We'll be... drowning in bees! Ho ho ho' - Skipper, failed comedian.
File:Magazine Dream Item.png Dream Bee The Beeconomist Issue 9 Living the dream: {PLAYER.NAME} releases substantial Dream bee population to the wild, stunning scholars and beekeepers alike!
I grew up with {PLAYER.NAME}!' declared Beetrix, local carpenter.
File:Magazine Murky Item.png Murky Bee The Beeconomist Issue 10 Not just blowing smoke: Record numbers of Murky bees spotted in swamps - Apicademy warns against unprepared travel!
Well, that's my holiday plans scuppered, ho ho!' - Skipper, self-described scallywag.
File:Magazine Muggy Item.png Muggy Bee The Beeconomist Issue 11 Fearless explorer, {PLAYER.NAME}, braves the foul waters of the Swamps and restores the Muggy bee!
What do you mean FOUL waters?!' - hissed one disgruntled botanist.
File:Magazine Glowing Item.png Glowing Bee The Beeconomist Issue 12 Better light than never: Glowing bee population soars thanks to {PLAYER.NAME}!
That's all well and good, but who's paying for all the blackout curtains, eh?' - scolded a sleep-deprived citizen.
File:Magazine Rocky Item.png Rocky Bee The Beeconomist Issue 13 Igneous is bliss: Apis Petra restored by efforts from amateur miner, {PLAYER.NAME}!
Don't they eat houses? said Skipper, part-time village idiot.
File:Magazine Regal Item.png Regal Bee The Beeconomist Issue 14 Rising star, {PLAYER.NAME}, continues to impress by coaxing the rare Regal bee out of scarcity.
The Queen politely declined our request for an interview.
File:Magazine Worker Item.png Worker Bee The Beeconomist Issue 15 We're in bees-ness now! Booming worker bee populations cause a spike in profit margins.
Industry leaders praise efforts of local legend, {PLAYER.NAME}: 'They're alright in our books!'
File:Magazine Stubborn Item.png Stubborn Bee The Beeconomist Issue 16 Stubborn by name, abundant by nature: Avant-garde apiarist {PLAYER.NAME} coaxes the Stubborn bee from extinction.
Spending the noisy hours in a protective cell? Honestly, same.' - said one local from behind a closed door.
File:Magazine Domesticated Item.png Domesticated Bee The Beeconomist Issue 17 The house swarming of the decade as {PLAYER.NAME} restores the Domesticated bee.
What if we don't want a damn pet?' - Beenjamin, known party-pooper.
File:Magazine Hermit Item.png Hermit Bee The Beeconomist Issue 18 A force to bee reckoned with: archaeologist and beekeeper, {PLAYER.NAME}, breathes new life into the rare Hermit bee.
Oh, but I'm so proud of them! That's my grandchild!!' - Nana, beloved local celebrity.
File:Magazine Twilight Item.png Twilight Bee The Beeconomist Issue 19 Hivemother confirmed! Widespread confusion amongst the scientific community as {PLAYER.NAME} restores Twilight bee.
Blood pressure of local naysayer and killjoy Beenjamin said to be at an all-time high.
File:Magazine Frosty Item.png Frosty Bee The Beeconomist Issue 20 An ice day for beekeeping! Tundra residents rejoice as Frosty Bee numbers rise to record highs!
I might even visit the Tundra now!' - Abbee, respected botanist and frigophobist.
File:Magazine Fiery Item.png Fiery Bee The Beeconomist Issue 21 Bright spark {PLAYER.NAME} has rekindled another species, with the Fiery bee making its triumphant return to the Tundra.
Local fox and (EDITOR: Fred check this again) composer had this to say - '...'
File:Magazine Jurassic Item.png Jurassic Bee The Beeconomist Issue 22 Local legend and miracle worker, {PLAYER.NAME}, astounds all by restoring the previously extinct Jurassic bee.
Preposterous! They're just an amateur!' - Anonymous, cranky.
File:Magazine Crystal Item.png Crystal Bee The Beeconomist Issue 23 Hive heavyweight, {PLAYER.NAME}, delights smithing community by restoring the Crystal bee - theorised source of Honeycore.
Locals sighted the Blacksmith dancing wildly in the street.
File:Magazine Ancient Item.png Ancient Bee The Beeconomist Issue 24 In defiance of tradition, bold beekeeper {PLAYER.NAME} restores the Ancient bee, ending years of exclusive Apicademy ownership.
A spokesperson declined to comment but advised '{PLAYER.NAME} would be hearing from their lawyers shortly.'
File:Magazine Bohemian Item.png Bohemian Bee The Beeconomist Issue 25 A fine day for apiculturists: {PLAYER.NAME} restores the Bohemian bee.
They only drink the best! Ho ho - hic! My spirit bee!' - Skipper, amateur bon vivant.
File:Magazine Prolific Item.png Prolific Bee The Beeconomist Issue 26 Apicademy issues dire warning as maverick beekeeper, {PLAYER.NAME}, restores the Prolific bee.
What have you done!' - Spokesperson, wild-eyed.
File:Magazine Industrial Item.png Industrial Bee The Beeconomist Issue 27 Introducing the Industrial Bee: {PLAYER.NAME} ushers in a new industrial age by improving upon the Worker Bee!
They took our jobs!' - definitely not a swarm of bees in a trenchcoat.
File:Magazine Chaotic Item.png Chaotic Bee The Beeconomist Issue 28 Cult numbers are on the rise as the Chaotic Bee returns: {PLAYER.NAME} - hero or villain?
It's just a bee, not the herald of the Ending Times!', scoffed a local sceptic.
File:Magazine Arctic Item.png Arctic Bee The Beeconomist Issue 29 Borderline supervillain, {PLAYER.NAME}, restores the Arctic Bee to the Tundra, raising concerns of an impending Ice Age.
They stole my idea!' See inside for exclusive interview from wannabee local professor.
File:Magazine Blazing Item.png Blazing Bee The Beeconomist Issue 30 Baptism of fire: The Blazing Bee born again, thanks to {PLAYER.NAME}!
This will change the way we live in the Tundra forever!' declare locals.
File:Magazine Empress Item.png Empress Bee The Beeconomist Issue 31 Noble prize: {PLAYER.NAME} discovers true heir to the throne and restores the Empress Bee.
Royal spokesperson declares: 'There can only be one Queen!'
File:Magazine Melodic Item.png Melodic Bee The Beeconomist Issue 32 The Hives are alive - with the sound of the Melodic Bee!
Local fox and (EDITOR: No, Fred, seriously, check this) composer had this to say - '...'
File:Magazine Lightning Item.png Lightning Bee The Beeconomist Issue 33 Amped Honeycore?! Legendary beekeeper, {PLAYER.NAME}, boosts cutting edge technology with the Lightning Bee.
Amidst cackling laughter, Blacksmith Guild declares the beginning of a revolutionary new age!
File:Magazine Hallowed Item.png Hallowed Bee The Beeconomist Issue 34 Closer to God: {PLAYER.NAME} reintroduces the mythical Hallowed Bee to the Archipelago.
I've sailed many seas and seen many marvellous things - but nothing like this! - Skipper.
File:Magazine Sacred Item.png Sacred Bee The Beeconomist Issue 35 Praise the Hivemother! The Sacred Bee has returned!
Is {PLAYER.NAME} the Hivemother in disguise? See inside for exclusive, outrageous and unfounded speculation!
File:Magazine Glitched Item.png Glitched Bee The Beeconomist Issue 36 01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01110101 01110000 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110
00100000 01110011 01110000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 01110011