Rocky Bee

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"Apis Petra secretes a highly acidic saliva which it uses to mulch out great warrens through bedrock. Curiously, however, they leave manufactured stone untouched - a relief to the homeowners of the Archipelago."

The Rocky Bee is a Tier 2 Social Bee species found naturally in Large Rocks when mined.

Although readily available, Large Rocks require a Stone Pickaxe, and so are not attainable straight away.

Apis Petra

Rocky Bee

Normal SpriteBlessed Sprite

Special Produce

Stone Item.png

Microscope Item.pngTraits

These are the different Traits that the Rocky Bee can spawn with.

When a trait has multiple values one is picked randomly when the bee is created.

Rocky Bee Card.png

Lifespan Short, Normal

Productivity Slow, Normal

Fertility Fertile

Stability Normal

Behaviour Nocturnal

Climate Temperate

Book2 Item.pngHints

The Apiarist's Almanac gives the following hint:
A noxious species that melts rock to build hives deep within stone formations...

When asking Dr Beenjamin BhD for a hint he says the following:
Rocky bees? Are you deliberately wasting my time? You're as dense as the rocks they live in!

Frame1 Item.pngSpecial Produce

When a Rocky Bee is used in a Basic Apiary and fills Frames, they can produce Stone Item.png when extracted.

Sign Item.pngTrivia

  • This is the only bee that produces a naturally available resource from as it's special produce.