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"Help out the people of APICO!"

The Town Noticeboard is a special machine that allows the player to do quests for various NPCs that live in the world of APICO, with various item rewards available.


Quests Machine

Item Sprite

OID noticeboard

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General Info

The Noticeboard is made up of 3 main sections, Beenjamin's Tests, Help Wanted, and Captains Orders. Beenjamin's Tests involve trying to get different species of bees with Traits they don't usually have, and will reward the player with various beekeeping items and Special Produce. Help Wanted cycles through various NPCs all after different things, each with different rewards. Captains Orders revolves around various amounts of Apicola being produced for Skipper, with Mainlander Money being rewarded.

You can find a full breakdown of all noticeboard quest requirements and rewards on the Quests page.


This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.


  • There's a whole bunch of references within the noticeboard image itself!
  • In the bottom-left we can see a photograph of Nana with Grandpa, currently the only place that Grandpa is shown in the game - although he is referenced by a couple of different NPC dialogues
  • To the right of Beenjamin's quests there's a small diamond icon that's actually the GameMaker logo, the engine APICO is built in
  • To the right of that is a small miniture of what looks like the introduction postcard
  • Underneath that is a music poster showing a music track with letters spelling out "BRO DUX", Mothense's old artist handle
  • To the left of Skipper's quests is a small TNgineers logo
  • To the right of Skipper's quests is a small map of the world, with roughly accurate biome locations and small dots roughly where the main NPCs are
  • Underneath that is a small fox icon that's actually the profile photo of Bitfox - one of Ell's friends
  • On top of that is a small version of the Whitethorn Games house, APICO's publisher
  • Finally to the bottom right of Skipper's quest is a poster that appears to be advertising the Merchant's wares, with the text "BUY MY STUFF" on it