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"A specialised apiary that sacrifices production to increase offspring produced. Bees in Apiaries can be crossbred."

Swarmers are a special type of apiary that sacrifice the ability to use Frames to focus instead on producing more offspring to increase the chances of Cross-Breeding.


Beekeeping Machine

Item Sprite

OID hive3

Buy 100 Rubees | Sell 0 Rubees

General Info

Swarmers function differently to Basic Apiaries and Advanced Apiaries in that they have no Frame input slots and no production meter - instead they have 9 offspring slots.

This means that when a queen dies there is more space to produce offspring (usually capped by the apiaries available slots), however the Swarmer also increased the amount of offspring by a random amount between 1-3. This will give most species a much larger pool of offspring, which means more chances of a hybrid offspring forming and therefore more chances of a mutation to occur in the hybrid offspring.

Using a Swarmer helps to reduce the amount of time needed to get new species, so is recommended to be used when specifically trying to get mutations.

Menu Help

  • 1. Queen Slot
  • 2. Breeding Slot
  • 3. Offspring Slots
  • 4. Extra Storage


This item can be crafted with the following recipe:




This item can be bought for 100 Rubees from Dr Beenjamin BhD.

This item can be sold for 0 Rubees.