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"Used to breed bees and produce Honeycomb. Bees in a natural hive cannot be crossbred."

Beehives are naturally occurring hives that the player can find in the world! Different colours of beehives can be found in different Biomes, but ultimately the functionality of beehives are the same regardless.


Beekeeping Machine

Item Sprite

OID beehive1

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Beehive Menu.png

Book1 Item.pngGeneral Info

Beehives are the starting point for beekeeping in the game, and act as an introduction to the concept of making queens and getting produce from bees. Two bees can be put in the input slots to be bred into a Queen, which will then slowly produce Honeycomb based on their Productivity trait.

When the Queen's Lifespan comes to an end, offspring will be produced in the output slots. In natural beehives, these offspring will be genetically identical to the Queen.

Natural beehives are useful in the fact that you cannot Cross-Breed bees in them, meaning whatever bee is put in the first slot of a beehive will essentially be "cloned" from a genetics standpoint. This is good for producing more of a specific type of bee without risking it being changed due to Trait inheritence.

Workbench Item.pngMenu Help

Beehive Menu Help.png

  • 1. Queen Slot
  • 2. Breeding Slot
  • 3. Honeycomb Slots
  • 4. Offspring Slots
  • 5. Extra Storage

Stone Hammer Item.pngCrafting

This item can be crafted with the following recipe:

Honeycomb Item.png

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Beehive Item.png

Mainlander Money Item.pngMoney

This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.

Common Bee.pngVariants

There are 13 different variations of the beehive found naturally in the world, each one has a different species that spawns inside it:

Beehive Species Location
Beehive1 Item.png Common Bee Found commonly on grass in the Forest
Beehive2 Item.png Forest Bee Found commonly on grass in the Forest
Beehive3 Item.png Verge Bee Found commonly on shores in the Forest
Beehive4 Item.png Murky Bee Found commonly on grass in the Swamp
Beehive5 Item.png Frosty Bee Found commonly on grass in the Tundra
Beehive6 Item.png Uncommon Bee A single hive is found in the east of the Forest
Beehive7 Item.png Muggy Bee Found commonly on shores in the Swamp
Beehive8 Item.png Glowing Bee A single hive is found in the Swamp
Beehive9 Item.png Fiery Bee Found commonly on grass in the Tundra
Beehive10 Item.png Jurassic Bee A single hive is found frozen on the ice of the Tundra
Beehive11 Item.png Hallowed Bee Found commonly in the Hallows
Beehive12 Item.png Rocky Bee Found inside large rocks in all biomes
Beehive13 Item.png Glitched Bee Only found in the Dev's Hideout

Sign Item.pngTrivia

  • There are 12 different beehive sprites listed in the game, but only "beehive1" can be crafted at the moment
  • Ell has mentioned that he will make the Dye Station able to dye beehives in future to let people get the other natural beehive variants