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"All sorts of books around beekeeping!"

Bookshelves are a special sort of decoration item that provide extra information about the progress of the player. There are two bookshelves found in-game, one at Nana Beelia's house and one at Dr Beenjamin BhD's place.


Decoration Machine

Item Sprite

OID bookshelf1, bookshelf2

Buy 20 Rubees | Sell 15 Rubees

General Info

The bookshelf at Nana's house shows a list of all the player's "stats". These are different values that are tracked while the game is played, like the number of bees created or the number of trees planted down.

Some of these stats are then used to calculate meeting the requirements for certain Achievements, others are just for fun.

The second bookshelf at Beenjamin's place shows the current player's progress broken down across quest progress, bee progress, and flower progress, with an overall % shown for the current game.

The overall % shown here is the same thats shown on the file select screen.


This item can be bought for 20 Rubees from Beetrix.

This item can be sold for 15 Rubees.