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"Have you been eating properly? Who's been feeding you? Have you had breakfast, shall I put the kettle on? How was the boat over, did you feel sick or..."

Nana Beelia is the Player's nan in the game! She is a retired Beekeeper who lives in Port APICO. She was one of the first beekeeper's to start bringing back lost species. Nana is the second NPC the Player meets, as the game introduction starts with you talking to her after chatting with Skipper.

Like most NPCs, Nana Beelia can be picked up with a link={{{link}}} to be moved to other places.

Nana Beelia


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When you speak to Nana, they'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Introduction - Oh {PLAYER} it's so wonderful to see you, let me get a good look at you!

Have you been eating properly? Who's been feeding you? Have you had breakfast, shall I put the kettle on? How was the boat over, did you feel sick or...

Sorry! There's me getting carried away, it's just so good to see you again! I was so excited when I got your letter!

When you said you wanted to get into Beekeeping I was so pleased! It's been a while since we've had a Keeper in the family - your father never cared much for it!

I was looking through Grandpa's old things and found the Guidebook he was writing. There seems to be quite a lot missing so maybe you can fill in the rest! It would mean a lot to us both.

You can view the Guide at any time with ◐! If you ever get stuck just have a look through and I'm sure some of Grandpa's wisdom will guide the way!

Well, anyway, look at me! I'd talk the ear off a bee. I better let you get settled - you probably want to go and explore the island!

If you need anything I'll be back at the house, bee safe!
Greeting - Oh hello dear, how are you getting on?
Default Dialogue Hello, Nana! It's just so good to see you again after all this time! Don't forget to check your Grandpa's Guide with ◐!
After discovering 4 bee species I found some bees! I see you're settling in just fine with the bees, just as I knew you would!
After discovering 6 bee species I think I discovered a new species! You've already rediscovered a few hybrid species? That's amazing news {PLAYER}
After discovering the Dream Bee Nana, I fell asleep near the hives and found this? They say that the Dream Bees are little blessings from Hivemother herself, you should consider yourself very lucky!
After meeting Dr Codey Mathive BD Did you and Granddad ever look into solitary bees? I’m afraid not – between your Grandpa and I, he was the expert. When we were first sent here, we were both supposed to be focussing on the Hives, but he was such a curious man. I guess that was one reason why I loved him.

The Mainlanders cut our funding in half, in the end, and kicked him out of the Apicademy. They thought he was wasting their money and couldn’t see the value in his work – well! Look at them now.

Oh! I am so sorry, dear, to burden you with that – just forget I said anything!
After discovering the Rocky Bee I found a bee inside a rock! Oh, you're doing so so well {PLAYER} - your Grandpa would be so proud of you!
After discovering 10 bee species and a swamp species I went to one of the other islands - it was very muddy! You went to the Swamps? All by yourself?? Oh Hivemother, why didn't you tell me, you poor thing!
After discovering the Glowing Bee I discovered a bee that glows in the dark! Oh this is just incredible news {PLAYER} - you remind me of myself when I was young! I'm so proud of you! I think maybee it's time we talked... ah! Actually, nevermind me, dear, I'm just being silly.

Now, if it was up to me, I'd never let you go to such a dangerous place, but have you been to the Tundra yet?
After discovering 16 bee species I went to one of the other islands - it was so cold! You're looking a bit pale, my dear? ...oh, the Tundra, you say? Well, that explains a lot! Why don't you come on in and I'll put the kettle on. You can tell me about your adventures!
After discovering the Twilight Bee I found a bee from your bedtime stories, Nana! Heavens to Betsy! The Twilight Bee! Oh, isn't it adorable?

Well, that settles it then. SHE has CHOSEN you! Praise the Hivemother! Do Her proud, {PLAYER}!
After meeting the Merchant I keep seeing a strange hooded figure in the forest... This is very serious, {PLAYER.NAME}, what did they look like? Did they try to sell you anything?

Oh my. She certainly works in mysterious and... mercantile ways.
All Hivemother Gates activated What's wrong, Nana? I never dared to dream you might follow in our family's footsteps... but how silly of me - you're a Keeper through and through, {PLAYER}! Now that all of the gates have been reopened you'll be able to head to a new place - don't look at me like that, of course I know all about them! Go on now, get ready, and I'll meet you there.
First time visiting The Dream Wow... what is this place, Nana?
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
Oh, I know dear - it's wonderful isn't it?

I haven't stepped foot in here since... Hivemother look at all this dust!

Hmm? OH, your grandfather and I found this place a long time ago. My, my, how times have changed since then - they used to call us 'beekeeping legends'!

Legends'... and we only found twelve! Well, you and I both know there are a fair few more than twelve, eh dear?

Oh, look at you standing here! I’m so proud of you, {PLAYER}! I always knew you had it in you, that little spark of the Hivemother. I always worried the Mainland would stamp it out of you.

Yet here you are! Apiculture is in your blood - but that comes with a price... well, a responsibility, I should say. Over on that other island you’ll find a shrine to the Hivemother - you’ll understand when you see it.

Go on, now. It doesn’t pay to keep Her waiting. I’ll be back home when you’re ready for a nice cup of tea and those naughty biscuits you like that Skipper gets from the Mainland.


...oh, {PLAYER}?

Don’t lose track of time. It works differently here compared to the real world. Seconds here can be days in the real world. Don’t spend too long in here, my love.
Hivemother's Door opened I think the Hivemother spoke to me!
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
Oh, I know dear, I know - I felt it too! She stopped by for a moment.. I didn't expect... it was gracious of Her, considering I never finished my task.

The world has been waiting a long time for someone like you, and She's been waiting even longer! We are so proud of you, {PLAYER}. The peace you've brought to these Islands... you've changed history.

This is a new Era for the Archipelago, one wrapped in the love of the Hivemother and her little helpers - and it's all thanks to you!

Now, you're not too good to help your old nan with some baking are you? I want to make that old rascal a rum and raisin cake. Come on, take those dirty overalls off and wash your hands.


  • Ell has mentioned Beelia is based off his best friend's actual Nan
  • It is heavily implied that the Player's Grandpa, Tom, has passed away from various NPC dialogue.
  • A picture of Beelia and Tom can be found on the Noticeboard in the bottom-right corner.