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"Used to uncap Filled Frames for use in an Extractor."

The Uncapper is a semi-automatic upgrade of the Uncapping Bench, allowing filled Frames to be uncapped ready to use in an Extractor or Centrifuge.


Beekeeping Machine

Item Sprite

OID uncapper

Buy 0 Rubees | Sell 0 Rubees

Uncapper Menu.png

Book1 Item.pngGeneral Info

The Uncapper functions the same as the Uncapping Bench, however it is semi-automatic and the player can "wind-up" the machine to let it run on it's own for a while.

The Uncapper has 3 extra input and output frames, meaning that up to 6 frames can be processed at one time (vs only 3 frames in the Uncapping Bench).

Workbench Item.pngMenu Help

Uncapper Menu Help.png

  • 1. Filled Frame Slots
  • 2. Scraped Propolis Slot
  • 3. Uncapped Frame Slots
  • 4. Extra Storage

Stone Hammer Item.pngCrafting

This item can be crafted with the following recipe:

Infused Wood Planks Item.png
Symbol Plus.png
Wooden Cog Item.png
Symbol Plus.png
Uncapping Bench Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

Uncapper Item.png

Mainlander Money Item.pngMoney

This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.

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