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"Oh, hello lovely! I'm Dr. Beelit - but everyone calls me Sto!"

Sto is a conservation researcher working for MPCO that can be found in a small house to the west of the Forest. Sto specialises in butterfly research, and so is the first introduction to Butterflies the player has, and gives them Sto's Journal which lets them track their progress in collecting butterflies.

Sto has come from the Mainland with her partner Dr Codey Mathive BD.!

Like most NPCs, Dr Sto Beelit BhD can be picked up with a link={{{link}}} to be moved to other places.

Dr Sto Beelit BhD


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You can buy the following items from Dr Sto Beelit BhD at any time:

You can also buy the following special items from the "specials" section, that is always on a rotation every 10 minutes:


When you speak to Sto, they'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Greeting - Good day, {PLAYER.NAME}!
Default Dialogue Hello! Have we met before? Oh, hello lovely! I'm Dr. Beelit - but everyone calls me Sto!

I'm a conservation scientist with the Mainland Preservation and Conservation Organisation...you're right - a bit of a mouthful, eh!

With a big name comes a big responsibility! I'm here to study the Archipelago's butterflies and hopefully learn how to repopulate the species back home. Say, as an Islander, I bet you know loads of cool stuff - would you mind helping me?

That's great! Thank you so much. It was starting to look very daunting on my own... here. This is a copy of my journal - you can open it with Ψ.

I've read everything we have on butterflies - but books are no match for the real thing. You'll also need to buy one of my nets - whoops! Sorry about that.

Once you've caught a butterfly, you'll be able to observe and learn more about it. Don't forget to note down anything you find in that journal! Good luck - and come back if you need any help.
After initially speaking to Sto Where do I find butterflies? Anywhere there are flowers, there should be butterflies. Different species have different preferences though, so it might not be easy to find them all at once! If you get stuck, check my journal by pressing Ψ.
After initially speaking to Sto How do butterfly hotels work? If you catch a butterfly, you can transfer it to a butterfly hotel where it can be safe and comfortable.

I've read that your new guests can cause the flowers they visit to evolve into rare, unique variants!

I also hypothesise that some species have an additional positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem - including bees - but that's still a work in progress theory!
After initially speaking to Sto and getting a butterfly hotel or nursery How do nurseries work? When butterflies come to the end of their lifecycle, they'll lay some eggs. You might have seen them left behind in butterfly hotels?

Well, you can take those eggs - carefully! - and put them inside a nursery, and eventually, they'll hatch into hungry, hungry caterpillars!

Now, each type of caterpillar has a preferred type of food - I've made a note of the different flora they like in my journal.

When they've eaten enough, they will spin themselves a comfortable chrysalis, ready for their beautiful transformation!

After a little while, they'll hatch into a new, fully formed butterfly, ready to begin the cycle again. Oh, and each time this happens, we'll be one step closer to helping repopulate the Mainland!
After having met Dr Codey Mathive BD Do you know Dr Mathive? Oh, of course I do! Codey is my partner - we travelled all the way from the Mainland together.

She's our expert on solitary bees - which are just as important as their more social cousins!

I'm sure she'd be delighted to tell you more about them. Why don't you two have a chat? Tell her I said hi! <3
After 3 butterflies discovered I've discovered a few butterflies! Marvelous! Let me see what you've discovered!
After 7 butterflies discovered I've discovered half the butterflies! Oh, I wish we had come sooner! These are all fascinating data - so many exciting new species!
After 15 butterflies discovered I've discovered all the butterflies! I knew coming here was the right choice! Wait a moment... where is it...

...ah! We made, especially for you. A token of our appreciation and gratitude! You can claim it with Ψ!
After 1 butterfly repopulated I've repopulated a butterfly! Thank you for your dedication! I know how much time and care it must have taken, and we are very grateful!
After 7 butterfly repopulated I've repopulated half the butterflies! Amazing! This will make such a difference to my people back on the Mainland. I daresay you might even be saving lives!
After 15 butterfly repopulated I've repopulated all the butterflies! Oh, lovely, you've done so well... the Mainland is indebted to you. Now the healing can begin! When things are a bit more... stable, we'd love it if you came and visited us!
Having met the Merchant I keep seeing a strange hooded figure in the forest... I wouldn't say I'd call Skipper strange - he's just a little rough around the edges, that's all!
Hivemother's Door opened I think I've met the Hivemother...
Spoilers - Show Dialogue
...who's the Hivemother, lovely?


  • Sto is based off of real-life friend of the developers, Sto Helit
  • Sto's response to the Hivemother implies that it's not a wider known thing outside the world of bees, as Codey is aware of Her so it's not just restricted to the islands.